Beware of the snake-oil salesman !

Folks… take a look at the below two posts.  This is EXACTLY why we produce this blog.


CEO’s that see posts like these, likely salivate, get aroused, and probably pleasure themselves when they see posts like this.

CEO’s that do reverse split after reverse split, name change after name change, have failed initiative after failed initiative, and fail to produce revenues and/or return on investment for their investors, are praying on good folks like this poster.  They are no different than any other predator or common criminal, in that they take hard working folk’s money and give them nothing in return except heartache.

Good CEO’s don’t ask for your money upfront.  Just like a good contractor or service provider that has confidence in their work doesn’t ask for money up front, because they know they will provide you with the goods or services you expect.

Good CEO’s produce first, then promote their results.

CEO’s that rely on novice and gullible investors who fail to do the necessary simple research  to see a CEO’s past performance (like this), and who ignore history when making investment decisions, are just the type investor that enables bad CEO’s to continue praying on other novice investors.   Invest with your head… not your heart !

Unfortunately, more good, honest, and sincere investors like this poster will fall prey to the underhanded actions of bad CEO’s.  Folks… it’s sad, but true… there is evil in this world !

Perhaps we can’t save every investor from falling prey to bad CEO’s… but we will never stop trying !

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