PNCH appears to have found its legs !

Up another 15% today (Thursday 3/14), on decent volume, closing at .0081.  This uptrend started on 2/25 at .0028, and if our calculations are correct, that’s almost 300%.  WOW !

Do we still think there is room for more… of course.  Will there be dips along the way… of course.  We think that given the growth this company has made up to this point, and the growth potential in the future, coupled with the anticipated good news within the pending YTD and 1st quarter reports due out shortly… there is PLENTY of room for improvement in shareholder value.

Also, there is news out that PNCH will be moving their corporate HQ to Sunset Grower Studios in Los Angeles, CA (see graphic below from Steve’s Facebook page).  Check out Sunset Grower Studios website here.  This will be an exciting move for the fast moving and constantly expanding IC Punch Media, Inc.

PNCH is on the move !   This is a company that is breaking the stereotype of pennystocks !

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PNCH closed UP again today !

WOW… PNCH is on a run !  PNCH closed up almost 13% at .0070, on over 7-million shares traded.  This is a good thing !  Although some are saying its a little too fast… we don’t believe so.

Of course, as we posted last night, the message boards are lit up with all kinds of opinions and rhetoric about the increase in PPS.  Some say the stock is now due for a correction, while others say this IS the correction.  Although corrections are customarily thought of as downward, we agree that this is the rare correction upward.  Just about everyone but the bashers believed PNCH was undervalued as sub-penny, and is therefore simply moving toward its true value now.  Where will the PPS go from here… who knows, we certainly don’t.   Of course there will be some profit taking along the way, but we think the general trend will continue up into the release of the K and Q reports later this month.

There was an incident today that deserves some attention.  Late this afternoon Steve Samblis, CEO, posted a response over on LieHub – that was deleted !  Steve was responding to a basher’s contention that the outstanding shares have been steadily increasing to an amount in the neighborhood of 1.8 billion (up from 1.2 billion as of the last quarterly report).  Steve responded point blank that this was not true… and LieHub deleted the post (and as of this writing, has not been reinstated).  Steve’s post was short, truthful, and on point, and gave them NO reason to delete it, but they did.  We will let you judge for yourself why this deletion happened.  That action was simply shameful in our opinion, and yet but one more reason drastic changes need to be made over there for that board to have a shred of creditability.

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PNCH going hyperbolic !

WOW… after last weeks almost 50% gain, PNCH was at it again today (Monday 3/11) with a 25% gain again today, closing at .0062 from a high-of-day of .0066 on over 13-million shares traded.  PNCH started this climb on February 25th. at .0028.  A respectable and admirable increase no matter how you look at it.

So… now the message boards are alive with so many “experts”.  There are the “told-ya-so” experts who predicted this increase based on the technical analysis and who knows what else.  Then there are the basher experts saying the increase is only temporary, and the PPS will “correct” next week back to trip-zero’s.  Then there are the pumper experts that say the PPS will continue its climb until at least a dollar, based on tea leaves we guess.  There are also the “longs” that have a zillion shares, and have been holding them since back in the day, who no one recognizes their alias and in fact their alias was established just a few days ago.   The list goes on and on !  There are soooooooo many experts now.

In reality, anyone who really knows PNCH knows it does not trade like normal OTC Pink stocks.  For anyone to say they know, or can predict where the PPS will be in 3-days or 3-weeks, is simply embarrassing themselves.  If all these “experts” really knew where the PPS would be in 3-days or 3-weeks, they certainly wouldn’t be on a message board telling others, they would be making millions on other stocks, or, at the very least, working for Warren Buffet.

Friends Of PNCH believes… we have no idea where the PPS will be in 3-weeks or 3-months.  What we DO know is… PunchTV is a real company, with real achievements, and a real dedicated team of individuals that are working hard to build the company and bring value to shareholders.   The financials will be out shortly, and that will be the report card for the PNCH team.  We believe the numbers will be good.  Will the numbers satisfy the bashers… you know they won’t.  No matter how large the revenue growth turns out to be, the bashers will say its not enough, or the numbers are fraudulent.

So… for those of you who are truly “longs” like the Friends of PNCH and PunchTV… sit back and enjoy the fireworks.  We have waited patiently for PNCH to find its rightful PPS, and it appears it has found its legs and is on its way.  You see… although we are unable to predict the PPS as well as the so-called “experts”… we were confident PNCH would acquire a respectable PPS in due time.  The REAL longs are smiling silently… all the way to the bank as they say !


“Steve Samblis and PNCH are a scam”

Yes… ripped from the headlines of LieHub are sentiments like… PNCH is a scam company, and that PNCH stock is manipulated, and PNCH has “toxic” financing, etc, etc, etc.

Well, in order to believe that PNCH is a scam company, one would need to disregard the vast amount of documented evidence to the contrary.  Documented evidence like audited financial statements, press releases from affiliated companies stating associations with IC Punch Media, Inc., independently verifiable affiliations with over 40 local broadcast stations, live broadcasting of PunchTV available for viewing on several websites, etc, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on.

Do a simple Google search on PunchTV, PNCH, or IC Punch Media, Inc. and you will find links and independently verifiable documentation supporting the validity of PNCH.   Compare those finding with the unsupported and unverifiable opinions of the bashers that attempt to get you to believe that PNCH is a scam.  Which is more believable ?

Bashers know that even IF you don’t fully believe their unsupported opinions (i.e. lies), the mere controversy surrounding their statements will be enough to cause a potential investor to shy away from investing in the stock.  The extremeness and sheer volume of their statements will make some think that although the basher’s statements seem extreme, there may be some truth in such… why else would they say something like that.  The sad truth is… bashing is effective.  No question about it.   However, investors that do their homework prior to investing, or while they are invested, will be able to learn the truth… the real truth.

There are some that think bashing is all fun and games, and just part of the world of investing.  However, HERE is some documentation to support otherwise.  You will see just how evil bashers can be, and how they will stop at nothing in their efforts at ruining a good company.

Be it PNCH, or any other company you may be thinking about investing in… do your homework, and keep up to date with the company’s press releases and any supporting documentation.  You owe it to yourself to not let someone else influence what you can determine to be the truth, by your very own research.

If you’re looking for great Due Diligence (DD) on PNCH, start by visiting our website HERE.  On our website you will find a lot of information (via links and documents) to get you started.  However, we would urge you to follow our own advice… research PNCH for yourself, don’t simply take our word for anything.  We are confident that after doing your own research, you will be able to determine the difference between fact and evil minded harmful bashing.

Is PunchTV really viewable by the average household?

Here is a common quote from a message board (basher) poster commenting on who, or the type of people, that watch, or can watch PunchTV.

[“Yes if every one gets a set of rabbit ears and a box of foil from their grandparents attic then yes you may be able to grab an airborne signal flying over the roof top. But who the heck would do that?“]

We believe, this poster, and others who think like this poster, are simply not in tune with today’s technology, and those that utilize today’s technology to make their lives easier, and less costly.  They apparently still think that if a household does not subscribe to cable TV, then those households are somehow not real viewers, or their numbers are so small as to be insignificant.

In a Hollywood  Reporter article about the Nielsen Co., it shows that even the big-daddy of ratings companies has come to realize the vast numbers of households that have “cut the cable” and are now viewing their favorite shows via “devices that deliver video from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, from so-called over-the-top services and from TV enabled game systems like the X-Box and PlayStation.”

The article goes on to say “While some use of iPads and other tablets that receive broadband in the home will be included in the first phase of measurement improvements, a second phase is envisioned to include such devices in a more comprehensive fashion.

So, it seems obvious that if Nielson is paying attention to those viewers (the term used was “ecstatic at the prospect of expanded measurement tools“), it would seem apparent that the numbers are larger than most realize (especially the above mentioned poster), and that these numbers will be increasing significantly as cable prices increase.

As you may know, PunchTV can be viewed over-the-air, as well as streaming via the internet at, and/or IC  Viewers can also watch via their smartphones with the FilmOn app.

Please be sure to visit our website for extensive DD on PNCH.  Also, feel free to “Leave a Comment” utilizing the link at the top-right of this (or any) post on this site.

“ is a scam company…”

As you may have seen by the posts here, we are not fans of Investors Hub.  Having said that, the header quote was taken from a website that has even stronger views than ours.  Visit their site here.

Within the site you will see links to documents, articles and other verifiable information about Investors Hub.  A few of the links are broken, however there is extensive documentation about the company and their operations within the working links.   Please be sure to explore all the tabs at the top of the main page, as those page contain valuable information also.

Read, and judge for yourself, if you think Investors Hub, and their bashers are there to help you avoid bad companies, or, are they there to promote an agenda.  For help in spotting a basher, review this document.  Once you review the Basher Handbook, you will be able to easily spot a poster that has a hidden agenda to promote.

Remember… bashers post unsubstantiated opinions, while true and valid information contains supporting documentation to back up the statements.