Tripps are here…

Yes, sadly, PNCH stock saw tripps today.   The PPS dipped briefly into .0009 today with a 12.1 million share purchase late in the day.  Someone followed that up with a 1k share purchase at .0011 to close the day (yes folks, that’s a $1.10 buy), with volume ending at 23.8 million.   It could be said that almost 1/2 the volume today was at .0009 because of the 12.1-million share buy.

The blame game is in full force regarding the PPS.  The blame for some is largely assigned to the bashers, while still others blame the CEO, Steven Samblis.   However overall it appears most blame Steven Samblis.

Mr. Samblis did come on the Investor Hangout board in an attempt to defend himself against accusations of lying, however little was accomplished except to regurgitate old accusations.  Mr. Samblis, rightfully so, requested specifics on the accusations of lying that were being levied against him, however the posts became nasty, and by the time the posters calmed down enough to posts specifics… Mr. Samblis had either left the board, or simply choose not to respond.   In short, noting was accomplished except to make it easier for those not familiar with the lying accusations to find them now in recent posts.

Its a shame… both sides need to calm down, post thoughtful and coherent posts, and forgo the personal insults.  Mr. Samblis needs to understand that investors are extremely frustrated at the falling PPS, and are seeking straightforward sincere answers to their questions.  For the most part, the questions the investors are asking are fair questions (albeit not respectfully worded).  Investors are not unlike most people in general, in that, they can be understanding and forgiving if they are given the information straightforwardly and honestly.   And yes, there have been times Mr. Samblis has been unequivocal  with his answers, and still some investors don’t believe him.  Could Mr. Samblis be lying in some of his answers… its possible, but unlikely.  Mr. Samblis, as CEO of a public company, can not be caught misleading investors by giving known false information.  The negative ramifications of doing so could be disastrous for both the company, and him personally.

The bashers over on LieHub are likely smiling and high-fiving one another over their self-assigned successful efforts at driving the stock into tripps.  In fact one rather prolific basher has single handily claimed sole credit for costing the company millions of dollars in worth by driving down the PPS with his scare tactics.   Also, another basher (who has now found a second vacation home so to speak over on Investors Hangout) today continues his unsupported accusations of dilution.  This brain donor calls all trades dilution, yet today states ” … and the TA being gagged its impossible to know how many shares are being diluted.”  Well, which is it… either you know the trades are dilution, or, its impossible to tell because of the gagged TA ?   But… that’s how bashers work their magic… they make unsupported accusations, and low information investors think its fact.  Well… don’t be fooled – do you own research.

Now, there appears to be a new group of bashers… the frustrated longs on Investors Hangout.  Their frustrations are understandable… but their bashing a stock they are supposedly invested in, is not.  It is just crazy to bash a stock you are invested in unless you are shorting the stock.  Their concept for their new found bashing posts appear to be an effort to force Mr. Samblis to make changes on how he runs the company, and to prompt Mr. Samblis to address the many open issues he has not addressed.  While their concept may have merit, its unlikely that tactic will be successful.  Such has not proven successful over on LieHub, in spite of several attempts by Mr. Samblis to address their concerns previously… and, the bashing doesn’t seem to help the PPS.  Thus, history demonstrates that bashing the stock, and Mr. Samblis, is not a successful method for getting him to address the issues.  Time to try another approach don’t you think ?

Now to be fair and balanced… its also time for Mr. Samblis to try another approach also.  Although frustrated posters can be very disrespectful in their questions… Mr. Samblis needs to get past that frustration and focus on the underlying root question.  Being rude and disrespectful in response to someone being rude and disrespectful to you, has not proven to be useful or productive either.  Mr. Samblis also needs to understand that anything he says will be twisted around by the hard-core bashers over on LieHub.  He also needs to understand that his silence and vague answers will also be twisted by the bashers.  He can not let the thought of those that don’t like him cloud his judgment on informing the hard-core investors in his company.  If he does his job as CEO and keeps his investors informed… they will set the record straight when bashers get out of line.   Loyal investors will carry the message forward if they are given the ammunition to do so.  However, no one can win a war with blanks.  Without useful information… the battle, and war, will be lost !

Volume up… longs getting nervous.

Today, as well as Friday, there was some rather significant volume (over 4 times the average daily volume).   There was also some rather significant sells/buys.  Today there was a 27.3 million share single transaction late in the day.  Many longs (a dwindling group now) are frustrated, and venting their frustration on message boards.  When people are at a high level of frustration, there is a tendency to think irrationally.

Folks… even though someone (maybe even Steven Samblis as some suspect) may have sold that block (and perhaps others recently)… someone bought them !   WHO bought them ???  WHY did they buy them ???

It is just beyond rational thinking to think the buyer bought them to lose money.  Its also beyond rational thinking to think someone bought them to short the stock.  Who in their right mind would short a stock selling for this low of a PPS ???  There are thousands of other stocks that could be shorted that offer far more potential to make money shorting them than PNCH.  The risk/reward justification math just doesn’t work out.   Rational thinking suggests someone bought the shares with the intent to make money when the stock recovers, via news or launch.

Folks, we feel someone is loading up leading up to the launch, or on perhaps speculation that significant news will soon be released.  Could we be wrong… of course.  However, just keep asking yourself WHY would someone buy that many shares?  Of course there are those that simply look at the sell side of the transaction and claim dumping, however if you have been trading stocks from more than a minute, you know that there can not be a sell without a buyer !

Now… is Steven Samblis selling shares ???  Many think he is.  However there is no supporting evidence to support such.  Again, thinking rationally, why would Samblis be selling at this low PPS ?  Rational thinking would support him BUYING at this low PPS.  There are those that think he owns a billion shares, and lets just say for argument sake he does… even if he sold every last share, that would net him a little over a million dollars.  Do you think he would actually sell all his shares ???  You may remember, in the last Q report he created provisions to guarantee that he owned, and maintained a controlling number of shares.  If he sold a billion shares, he would actually be selling the ownership of the business.  If you believe Samblis is selling the company, then it follows that you can believe he is selling all his shares.  However, if you believe he is working to turn around the detrimental effect Joseph Collins actions had on his company, than it follows that he is not selling his shares.

Perhaps Samblis is diluting ?  Maybe, could be… perhaps even likely.  However, even if he is selling in lieu of spending what little cash he has on hand in order to pay for good and/or services rendered, that kind of selling is not bad for business.  Its what is called a necessary evil.  He needs to grow the business, with little or no cash, so he uses the next best currency… stock.   A growing business benefits ALL shareholders.

As an investor you need to do your own research, and make a decision that is best for you.  Many longs are down, and many are down big.  If an investor is down big, does it make any sense to sell out now ?   Or… does it make any sense to start bashing the stock if you are still invested in it ?   Take some time off and reevaluate your investment with a non-frustrated mind.  Decisions to invest, or divest… should be made on FACTS, not unsubstantiated opinions of very frustrated investors.


Are we getting close ???

Is this thing about to run ???  Maybe !  Although this week brought a significant decline in the PPS (.0029 – .0013) to close out the week at .0016, the volume Friday (7/27) was almost 4 times the normal daily volume.  On Friday there was 1 buy of 18.1 million shares, with a total day volume of over 41 million shares.   Many of those 41 million were large purchases.  PNCH has what appears to be a super strong base in around the .0015 mark.  It could be that investors see the solid base, and now feel more confident in loading up going into the launch date which is in late September.   Although there hasn’t been any news in a while, the company is due for some shortly.  Next week might be interesting.

Bashers are still at it over on Liehub.  Its so funny to see their dedication to destroying IC Punch Media (soon to be VU Television Network ).  Their hatred is so great they will stop at nothing to bring down Steven Samblis and his company.

Any sane person would find their tactics simply childish and desperate.  The 2 main scare tactics they use constantly are dilution and reverse split.   Anyone with half a brain could see that they attempt to attribute ANY and ALL selling to dilution.  There is one brain donor over there that rings the dilution bell multiple times a day – every day.  If one were to believe his posts… the company has sold more shares than the Authorized Share count contains in total – 10-times over.  He claims every sale, everyday, is diluting by the CEO.   Of course, and thankfully, most investors know that in order for any insider to sell shares, they need to file 144 forms with the SEC.  It is simple to verify there have been no 144 forms filed in a long time.  AND… the Steven Samblis has gone on the public record to state numerous times, that he has not sold a single share in a long time (years).  So… who you going to believe, some anonymous poster with a vendetta against the company… or your own eyes after viewing SEC filings?

The next one is the reverse split scare tactic.  Here again, the CEO of the company, Steven Samblis, has said publically many times that there will be NO reverse split.  Its important to understand the ramifications of a CEO making public statements about his company.  If the CEO were to mislead investors about their company… he/she could go to jail.  The negative implications of a CEO disseminating inaccurate and/or misleading information could be devastating, both to the CEO and the company.   Here again, who you going to believe… some anonymous known basher on a message board known for supporting the bashing of stocks… or the CEO’s public statements?

As we have said here many times before… do your own Due Diligence (DD) !  Don’t believe us, and don’t believe the bashers (or the pumpers for that matter)… find out for yourself.  The internet is a wonderful tool for research.  A few minutes of research will yield vast amounts of reliable data you can use when making your investment decisions.  We are confident you will quickly uncover the lies and deceit perpetrated by the likes of many over on Liehub.

We feel… the greatest place to start your research is our companion web site.  There you will find documented links to support the information provided.  The best information is always information that is supported by documents and independent verification of the material.

Stay tuned folks… next week could be a game changer !   And as always… your comments are welcomed.  Simply click the comment link at the top-left of this (or any) post.

Growing increasingly concerned…

The “launch” (or debut) of VU Television Network is only about 2 months away.  One would think there would be more activity surrounding the big event.  To date, the only public information put forth is the announcements about their Chinese affiliation, and press releases announcing a few shows they plan to air.  One would think there would be more of a buildup to one of the largest business ventures of the company.  Given that its nemesis boasts “70% original programming”, one would think that with only 60 some days from the world launch, there would have been more public news or information concerning such things as a roster of programming to fill the time slots, perhaps a programming schedule, news of a planned public awareness event (such as the recent “Up Front”) that was held to announce and promote the previous network, planned promotional ad spots to promote the new network, etc., etc., etc.

Given that there appears to be little or no planning taking place… should investors anticipate a delay in the launch date?  Although we are certainly not experts in television network creation and operation, it just seems reasonable to expect there would be more public activity given the closeness of the previously announced launch date.  Most businesses vigorously promote their pending launch or opening with advertising, press releases, social media releases, etc. in order to create anticipation and therefore demand for their product.  There appears to be alarmingly little of that going on with VU Television given the proximity of the launch date.

Also… will VU Television launch using the company name of IC Punch Media?  One would think that would not only be confusing to the viewing public, but in essence free advertising for the company’s previous business partner, Punch TV.  VU Television, it would seem, would want to distance itself from that company, and network, given the history there.  Now would be a prudent time to change the company name… not after money is spent promoting the launch under a name they are trying to distance themselves from, and will change eventually.

Also, referencing networks like Punch TV… they have marketing slogans to complement the company name… where is VU Television’s ?  Slogan’s such as Punch TV… “Are you thirsty yet”, and a host of other business use slogans to enable the public to connect with their offerings (products).  Just watch any TV commercial and you will notice the slogans that accompany the business names.  Where is the VU Television slogan???

And one more very important issue… the web site.  There appears to have been nothing done to the web site since its inception.  It still displays boiler plate template text supplied by the template designer/supplier.  People (potential viewers, potential investors, etc) will navigate there to learn more about the network/company.  Will they find a representation of the company that will instill confidence, or will they find a representation that will cause concern that VU Television is a real company?  In today’s world, it is unacceptable for a company not to have an impressive web site that answers the many questions that viewers may have.  Like them, or hate them, Punch TV has a good web site (as do many other broadcasters).  If VU Television is to appear to be anything more than a kid with a smartphone video camera broadcasting on a YouTube type channel, they need to devote some energies to the web site… and quickly !

What could be worse than a delayed launch… a launch that no one knows about, and/or is a failure and an embarrassment due to lack of proper planning and follow through.  If these issues are already being addressed, great… let the world know about them, if not, Steven Samblis might consider delaying the launch until all the ducks are in a row.

Hard-core basher… or sick individual ?

A pro-PNCH poster posts this on LieHub:

“Why don’t we all talk about what we will do after the Launch and everyone is making money ? Wouldn’t that be more fun to do than talk negative stuff all the time ?”

And the response from a poster on LieHub replies:

Hell no! Taking Steve down is fun. It’s the same reason American greed is one of the most loved shows. We gawk at the audacity and we cheer the demise. Here we actually get to help the good guys bring this bastud to his knees. I for one love it. I had no idea until a scam became so cocky as to steal through open forums from the one he sees so beneath him. He’s a 2 bit cocky thief! That’s it. He needs to be stopped. It’s my duty as a law abiding tax paying citizen to help all I can”

Now… just reading this should give pause to every “law abiding tax paying citizen” thinking that there are people like this walking around on our streets.  This poster is just sick.  It gives you a feeling for the mentality and motives of their postings on LieHub (and we suggest this person is not the only one).  This poster should be banned permanently from LieHub.  LieHub is a misrepresentation of what a message board should be… but this post should be concerning to even them.  By not deleting this post, and permanently banning this individual (or anyone who posts like them), they are in fact supporting this behavior.

What does this say about LieHub that they allow this post to stand?  What it says is obvious… they exist to destroy PNCH and its CEO, Steven Samblis.   In our opinion there is a difference (a BIG difference) between posting one’s negative opinion about a company, and posting trash like the above.  It’s obvious the poster, and likewise LieHub, will stop at noting to destroy this company.  Every tool at their disposal is on the table for use… including lying, misuse of factual data, character assassination, and venomous personal attacks.  We previously posted a related article here on the subject.    And here are some must-read articles and links about LieHub themselves.  Be sure to click the 3rd link from the bottom as it will illustrate that others feel the same way we do about the fraudulent activity  on LieHub.

So… the moral of this story… visit LieHub at your own risk, and understand that:  a) most of what you read over there has been censored (i.e. the pro-PNCH postings have been deleted), and b)  what remains is a blatant attempt to mislead you and to try to turn you against the company, and the CEO, and c) a colossal waste of your time, because it is very unlikely they will change anytime soon.  LieHub survives and prospers by page views (and selling advertising based on the number of page views they get).  Even if you don’t post there, and simply go there to read the basher’s garbage… you are in fact helping LieHub continue to prosper.  Want to do your part in helping to send them a message that you don’t support their biased and fraudulent activity… stop going there and adding to their page views.  Hit them where it hurts… in their pocket book.  Maybe when LieHub (the company) understands the viewing public will not support their actions, they just might think about changing…. doubtful, but maybe.



Some quiet time…

The stock ( PNCH ) has been trading sideways for almost 2-months now.  Around the beginning of May the PPS was at .0026.  This past Friday it closed at .0016.  In our opinion, this is a very poor showing for a company getting ready to (re)launch into TV broadcasting.  There have been many missed opportunities.  One can only imagine where the PPS would be today had those opportunities been taken advantage of.

There have been some recent (mid to late June) press releases about new shows acquired, and also notice of a strategic affiliation announced, however those efforts failed to move the PPS north.  Its been well over a week now with no new news.  Also noticeably absent are any plans for general public notification of the impending launch of the new network, VU Television.  We would have thought there would at least plans for some sort of awareness/launch party similar to what was done (the “UpFront” gala) held when VU Television owned the other broadcast company Punch TV.  Events like these are not created in a week.  There are venues to be reserved, catering to be contracted for, notices to go out so that attendees can reserve time on their schedules to attend, etc, etc, etc.  Will the company wait till the last minute to throw something together haphazardly, or are they just keeping quiet about any plans.  Of course there are actions to keep under wraps until the right time… however an awareness campaign or event such as a lunch party is not one of them.

There has also been some controversy of late.  The CEO, Steven Samblis, published a photo on his Facebook page of what appeared to be him driving home in his car… a Bentley !  See it here.  Now, as of this writing, the picture has been removed from the Facebook page, but is still available at the link above.  Now, to be fair and balanced, there was never any comment from the CEO, Steven Samblis, that the car was his.  In fact we could find no comments by him about the picture anywhere.  However the caption read “Pulling up to the homestead for a brief interlude – at Casa Samblis Resort and Salon“.

The Bentley… its concerning, but there is not enough information to draw any conclusions, like… is it his, what’s the value based on year and condition, etc.    Yahoo Autos has a Rolls Royce for 26k, so in this case a picture is no indication the CEO of a company investors are underwater on, is living high on the hog as they say.  Having said that… we would sure like to know more details about the picture.

The picture could have been posted to cause controversy with the basher crew over on LieHub, this would be consistent with previous actions by the CEO in an attempt to increase traffic, and eyes, on the company.  However, we feel the posting of this picture, and the absence of an explanation, was simply poor judgment.  Although the action may have caused the intended controversy, it also created a huge red flag to underwater investors.  If the Bentley is his, and is worth what Bentleys are customarily worth,  it shows blatant disregard for investors who are currently losing money on investing in him, and his company.   This picture needs an explanation !

The second piece of controversy was the CEO’s posting of information about a well known basher.   The post we reference can be seen here.  Overall, there seemed to be a negative reaction to the post by current investors, such as this one here.  Some believe that while the information was an indication of the CEO’s efforts to combat the misinformation and outright lies being posted by this individual, they also believe that the CEO’s time would be better spent posting factual information in response to the many questions investors have about the company, and its plans moving forward.  The CEO has not posted in quite a while, and the first time he does, its an attempt to incite more anger within the basher community.   We, as well as the poster referenced above, feel that any attempts to silence the bashers simply increases their dedication to destroy the company, and maybe more importantly to the bashers, the man behind the company.   The bashers over on LieHub are hard-core !  Nothing short of legal action will stop them.  The best defense against them is to ignore them.  They will not go away, but at least they will be forced to engage themselves, and by doing so, anyone visiting the LieHub site will see how no one pays any attention to them, i.e. rendering them ineffective.

Mr. CEO… you may want to rethink your efforts at creating controversy to promote your company.  You may want to think about simply responding to investors questions in a straightforward manor, and with sincerity for the current losses they are experiencing under your leadership of the company.  The truth will never let you down !  Sometimes taking responsibility for the truth is difficult, but earns you respect and loyalty like nothing else.  This was a post about missed opportunities… have you seen any lately?