Are you being “Gruber’ed” ???

If you are not familiar with the term “Gruber’ed”, a short YouTube video here will provide a little refresher of what the term means.

We are reminded of late about this Obama Administration scandal over health care.  Remember… when they said Obama care was the best thing since sliced bread, AND… every American would see their health care costs go down by $2500.00, and, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor… period, etc., etc., etc. !  The American public got “Gruber’ed”.

Well folks… many believe Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Places, and founder of Imagination TV,  seems to be in high gear pumping his company up via bogus aliases and press releases regarding the fantastic initiatives with his company.  On the surface the press releases sound fantastic, however, when we read the press releases closely, they appear to be cleverly worded to sound more fantastic then they appear on the surface.   Are investors being “Gruber’ed” ???

We touched on this subject here, and again here.  Mr. Samblis is excellent at creative word choice.  Words have meaning, and many times could have several meanings.  Using tactics like this allows for wiggle room, and of course deception.  Don’t be fooled, i.e. don’t be Gruber’ed.

Keep in mind when you read these press releases… according to the SEC, “material events” must be accompanied with a form 8K.  Mr. Samblis has said many times that he complies with the SEC regulations.  So… if some company event is “material”, it stands to reason Mr. Samblis would follow SEC regulations and file a form 8K detailing the initiative.  So… given that Mr. Samblis has not filed any 8K’s over these recent press releases… it also stands to reason… the initiatives are not “material”, i.e they are not important, or Mr. Samblis would have filed an 8K.

Folks… it appears, (just like Mr. Gruber), that Mr. Samblis may think the public investor is stupid.  Mr. Samblis may think you are too stupid to know the difference between a valid initiative, and one consisting of a press release that was creatively worded, and primarily designed to deceive investors into buying stock, in the belief that the initiative is real and will be fruitful for the company.

Don’t let yourself be Gruber’ed.  Do your DD.  Research the web to see what percentage of Mr. Samblis’s previous fantastic press releases actually turned into what they said they were going to do.  Keep in mind also… if the initiative being pumped was “material”, it would need to be accompanied by an SEC 8K filing, and to date, none of the most recent have.  So… even Mr. Samblis apparently doesn’t think these new initiatives are “material”… then why should you !

Beware of the snake-oil salesman !

Folks… take a look at the below two posts.  This is EXACTLY why we produce this blog.


CEO’s that see posts like these, likely salivate, get aroused, and probably pleasure themselves when they see posts like this.

CEO’s that do reverse split after reverse split, name change after name change, have failed initiative after failed initiative, and fail to produce revenues and/or return on investment for their investors, are praying on good folks like this poster.  They are no different than any other predator or common criminal, in that they take hard working folk’s money and give them nothing in return except heartache.

Good CEO’s don’t ask for your money upfront.  Just like a good contractor or service provider that has confidence in their work doesn’t ask for money up front, because they know they will provide you with the goods or services you expect.

Good CEO’s produce first, then promote their results.

CEO’s that rely on novice and gullible investors who fail to do the necessary simple research  to see a CEO’s past performance (like this), and who ignore history when making investment decisions, are just the type investor that enables bad CEO’s to continue praying on other novice investors.   Invest with your head… not your heart !

Unfortunately, more good, honest, and sincere investors like this poster will fall prey to the underhanded actions of bad CEO’s.  Folks… it’s sad, but true… there is evil in this world !

Perhaps we can’t save every investor from falling prey to bad CEO’s… but we will never stop trying !

Who’s behind the curtain ???

So… yesterday, BZippy gets the boot from Investors Hub, IMTV board.  Today… a brand new alias shows up, HouseSmith, and starts posting grandiose promotional posts about Mr. Steve Samblis and the great initiatives of his company.  Hummm ???

BZippyBoot2   BBZippyBoot_4

Now what’s an investor to think???  Could it possibly just be a coincidence that mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, and of late, HouseSmith all have all followed the same pattern of posting?   Could there really be this many people that are so happy with their investment that they feel the need to come on the IMTV message board to strongly promote the company? 

Does anyone think these aliases are anyone other than Mr. Steve Samblis himself?  Many believe it is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis making these posts.  There have also been many who have commented about the differences in the posting behavior of what they strongly believe is Mr. Samblis, and that of Mr. Joseph Collins.  It is clearly evident that Mr. Collins does not hide behind a bogus alias when he posts on a message board.  In fact, Mr. Collins has done two “on the record” interviews with us in the past.  Many think this is the proper and professional way to face investors.  How long has it been since Mr. Samblis has faced his investors.  Perhaps long before the reverse splits that wiped out the investment of many investors.

Folks… do your homework on Mr. Steven Samblis, and the history of his performance as CEO of his companies, before making an investment decision.  There is plenty of information available with a simple Google search.  Many have thought they could make a quick buck in flipping stock like this, only to learn later they are competing with the likes of Asher trying to sell those shares later.  Shares are very easy to buy, but you may find them extremely difficult to sell because the competition for buyers is so overwhelming.  Remember… shares being sold by someone who may have acquired them through converting debt into shares, has purchased them for far less than the retail buyer could ever hope to pay.  They can undercut a retail seller every time.   If it is indeed Mr. Steven Samblis posting incognito on a message board as many believe…that’s a REAL BIG red flag.  Can you think of any other CEO that does that ?  And… WHY would a CEO do that ?

Rate the performance of Steven M Samblis !

Seems as though the CEO of IC Places Inc, and IMTV Founder Steven M. Samblis is trying desperately to save a company that appears to be not savable under the current leadership.  Take a look at the below graphic (click to enlarge).  The chart represents the performance results of IC Places, Inc. under the current leadership of Steven M. Samblis (adjusted for reverse splits).  This type of performance is likely one for the record books.  And when you couple this performance with the millions and millions of dollars of investor funds poured into IC Places, Inc. it just boggles the mind to think one man could be responsible for this type of performance.


Recently, investors are seeing more of the same promotion that caused many initial investors to lose big on their investment dollars, believing these recent type promotions like buying another company, and exclusive deals with broadcast rights, new shows, etc., etc., etc.  would increase the PPS of the stock.   What did that belief get them… a stock PPS that fell like a rock in a vacuum.  After 2 reverse splits of the stock in 2014 alone (4 total since 2007) the PPS closed yesterday at .0005.

Below you can see an excellent post by Meadow2009 which seems to recap the company status pretty well.  Looking at this post, coupled with the company’s past performance, it just boggles the mind how anyone could have confidence in this company, and it’s CEO, Mr. Steven M. Samblis.


One must ask themselves… how could this be?   After the millions and millions of investor dollars that have been poured into this company, how is it even possible for a CEO to squander millions trying to run a company, only to have the PPS perform this bad.  AND… on top of that, the company has not reported any revenue in about 2-years.  ZERO revenue… how is that even possible ???  That apparently means that whatever effort, and whatever amount of investor money spent pursuing return on investor funds… resulted in ZERO revenue.  That seems either impossible, or, something else is happening with either the revenue, or, the reporting of it.

Folks… view the latest round of promotion with a skeptical eye.  Do your homework !  If the past is any indication of the future, the results from the current promotional efforts will likely return the same results.   And remember… consider the data in Meadow’s post above regarding the potential shares that will be sold into the market as a result of the financing agreements and employment contract currently in force.  WOW… scary !