Misleading… or outright lie ???

So folks… many have likely seen this before, however it bears revisiting given the recent public comments of Mr. Steven Samblis concerning the loss of his namesake website, StevenSamblis.com.

One aspect of the Friends successful defense of the UDRP action brought by Mr. Samblis in his failed effort to forcefully obtain his site back, was his attempt to play the victim (most will agree, a tactic Mr. Samblis uses often).  Mr. Steven Samblis attempts to convince the judge that it was not his fault that he failed to renew the site because he was just so busy it “fell through the cracks“.  Now he tries to convince the public at large, and most likely the investing public, via his social media accounts. (see graphic below)


Well, here is the real truth, supported with documentation.  The full transcript, with documents, are located here, but below is the main excerpt from the Friends response submitted to the UDRP review board concerning this topic. (click to enlarge)


As one can see, the notion that the renewal simply “fell through the cracks” is ludicrous at best, and more than likely meant entirely to mislead.  Mr. Steven Samblis is a seasoned expert at playing the victim.  As many have pointed out numerous time before… nothing is ever his fault !

And now on to the next issue that could be considered misleading, or an outright lie… the sale of the ICPlaces website.

Mr. QueFine indicates in one of his recent posts, that because there is no evidence of the sale, such never took place.


Well… here is the actual post from Mr. Samblis on or about May 12, 2015:


And here is the graphic of the ICPlaces website page footer after the sale:


So… who you going to believe, Mr. QueFine, or your lying eyes when you view the documentation?

Folks, this is one more failed press release in the long line of previous failed press releases, that given the history of such, and the eventual outcome, most would conclude they were designed for no other purpose other then to mislead the investing public into buying stock in what has turned out to be a worthless company, headed by a CEO that has been proven (documented) to mislead readers.  See documented examples of such here.

And finally… you will enjoy this post from Mr. QueFine over on the High Performance Beverages Comp. (TBEV) board.  Classic, just classic when you consider the alias !


ANOTHER one ???

Well folks… seems like loyal readers of the Investors Hub IMTV board are scratching their heads on yet another mysterious new alias showing up on the board to seemingly pump the IMTV stock.  “QueFine“.


So how is it that Mr. QueFine knows how to navigate to Investors Hub, create an alias, then navigate to the IMTV board,  then post a message asking for the website address for Imagination TV – yet Mr. QueFine doesn’t know enough to simply Google the company name???  Then, when the tactic didn’t work, Mr. QueFine returns and posts the link on the board (of course for the benefit of all those readers that also didn’t know about the Google thing !)

WOW… these aliases like mrighttrade, dotd, zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, and now QueFine sure have a rough time searching for information on the IMTV stock… yet they seem to be very quick responding to posters who for years have followed the company, and CEO Mr. Steven Samblis.  Funny how the folks who have followed the stock, and CEO Mr. Steven Samblis, for years, have told readers multiple times to simply Google the CEO Steven Samblis if they want to know (and see) facts and documentation regarding the company and the CEO’s history.

The aliases mentioned above might want to seriously think about buying some mutual funds instead of trading in penny stocks if they are not intelligent enough to use the Google search engine to do their DD.  Folks would have to have been living under a rock for the last 10-15 years to not have heard of Google.  Could they be the ones who still have a rotary phone, or perhaps a Commodore 64 with dial-up internet service ?

Anyway folks… don’t be fooled by an brand new alias on a message board… do your own DD, and Google (or ANY search engine) to do your homework on this company, and it’s CEO Mr. Steven Samblis.  Who you going to believe, a new alias on a message board, or, actual documents posted on reference sites?  It is amazing, and frankly highly suspect, that a new alias comes on to a message board and promotes a stock that has been sitting at what amounts to  point zero, zero, zero worthless, and has not filed financial reports for quite some time.  Just ask yourself… WHO would promote such a stock ???   WHO has the most to gain from doing so ???  Follow the money – or in this company’s case – the lack of it !

Predictable or what !

So… below is a quote from last night’s article:


Mr. CVeradero is as predictable as Mr. Steven Samblis.  What a coincidence.  There were multiple posts from Mr. CVeradero since our article last night (many of his posts appear to have been deleted), and not once did Mr. CVeradero respond to any of the examples we provided in our Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire post.  Just in case Mr. CVeradero misplaced the link, here it is again.  So… Mr. CVeradero has the time to post multiple times, but does he make ANY attempt to rebut the examples provided in the post ???  No… he takes the predictable action of attempting to shoot the messenger, in hopes to distract readers from picking up on the fact that he choose not to address the examples.  What does THAT tell you ?

Now… as if anyone needed more proof of who Mr. CVeradero may be… check these next 2 graphics out.



Notice the times.  At 5:10:55 MilesBlue42 posts a message challenging Mr. CVeradero to explain where the 350+ million IMTV shares went.  Then at 5:21:20 Mr. CVeradero responds saying … “I just looked at the information on the SEC websites.

So… are readers to believe a new poster, (who’s alias was just created on 9/12/2015, fell in love with IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis and started posting promotional posts about the company), then read MilesBlue42’s post, then  navigated to the Edgar website, searched through all the documents until he found the specific one that addressed the sale of the shares, read through it, then flipped back over to IHub, drafted the response, and posted it… all in under 11 minutes?

WOW… does Mr. CVeradero really think people are that stupid ???  Or, is Mr. CVeradero simply trying to garner some movement in a stock that appears to be dead, and worthless.

Also WOW… it’s a good thing this isn’t Mr. Samblis, because some governmental agency may just think it’s stock manipulation by deception.

So… now Mr. CVeradero can get back to the business of shooting the messenger for pointing out these examples, because it sure seems like he has plenty of time on his hands not having to address the REAL issues !

He resurfaces ???

CVeradero !  SO… let’s see a show of hands… is there anyone, ANYONE, who believes this is NOT Mr. Steven M. Samblis, CEO of Imagination TV ???

Looking…… looking….. looking… nope, don’t see any hands !

If you should have any doubts… go back and look at the content, context, word selection, and overall writing style of any of these aliases – mrighttrade, dotd, zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, and HouseSmith.  Look at the posts, look at the content.  Who else would come on a message board that for several years has been nothing but negative (and many would say rightfully so) towards Mr. Samblis and his company.  Who else would come on a message board and promote a stock that has not sold a single share in quite a while, AND… is currently sitting at a PPS of .000001 (yes folks, that’s 5 zero’s and a 1.  Additionally, the company has not reported ANY revenue in almost 2-years, after having been in business for over 10-years – AND… has done 4-reverse splits (2 within one year in 2014).


Mr. CVeradero asks in this post below for proof of lies.  Well… this subject has been addressed previously.  See our post here.  This is a post where we detail, WITH documentation, the many lies Mr. Samblis has told.  (BTW… it was the SunTzueyes alias mentioned above that asked the same question previously).

SamblisNewAlias_2Folks, read the posts of the aliases listed above and decide for yourself who Mr. CVeradero really is.  It is more than likely, given the epic fall of the PPS, that message boards will soon see many strange aliases showing up to pump the stock.  The PPS has been SO low for such a long time, it’s likely more funds will be needed to pay the CEO the hefty salary he has provided for himself in his employment contract.

Folks… do your Due-Diligence and research this company, and this CEO.  There is no shortage of information with a simple Google search.  As they say, talk is cheap, but facts and documents don’t lie !  Who are you going to believe, someone on a message board, or, your lying eyes when you see the documentation !

Now… sure as the sun will come up tomorrow… Mr. CVeradero will be back on the message board attempting to shoot-the-messenger of anyone who presents facts and documents.  It’s the oldest tactic in the books… if you can’t rebut the message – shoot the messenger.   Try to distract the reader, and convince the reader that the  messenger is to blame.  Once these types start to shoot the messenger, you can assume if the message were invalid, they would be proving why.