It’s the company you keep…

Well folks… ever heard the saying, you are the company you keep?   To those that may still have an open mind about the controversy over there having been a “sale” of IMTV… here is an interesting exercise in casting a huge doubt that there was ever such a “sale”.  Mr. Steven Samblis (opps, we mean KHudson) uses the term…   “prove it” frequently.  Well Mr. Samblis, if you want people to believe there really was a sale… file the “private sale” agreement with the SEC.  It’s as simple as that.  Filing that document with the SEC would put to rest, once and for all, the controversy of sale or scam.   If you’re serious about dispelling the rumors and accusations… FILE THE DOCUMENT !  i.e PROVE IT !!!  You apparently want everyone else to “prove it”… now it’s time to put up or shut up as they say !

So… back to the company you keep.  What do the names Steven Samblis, Lloyd Lapidus, Peter Messineo, Terence Byrne, and Joseph Sirianni all have in common?  Well… it appears they all know one another, and possibly have for some time.  Isn’t that an interesting group of individuals.   Each name has a link associated with it, and the link will take you to information about the individual.  All these name are listed as “In his circles”.  In fact, the page lists 119 people in his circle.  Readers may recognize other names as well.  But, view fast, as it is likely to be deleted soon (but we grabbed a copy just in case).

Now, while you’re on the GDAR site, check out a few of the “Recent News” articles, specifically this one.  The entire article (and site) are interesting given the business they are in.  Specifically GDAR states:

GDAR, organized as a Nevada Company, provides project development; medium and long-term finance solutions and investments into high growth industries that build shareholder value over a long period of time.” 

Sounds like they specialize in creative financing deals.  Maybe sort of like Asher provides “finance solutions”.  But here is the interesting text…

During the previous fiscal year the overall revenue of the two companies was in excess of $3.5 million dollars with a combined net earnings of $325,000.”

If one of these companies referenced in the LOI Press Release is IMTV… where is the money they site???  Did Mr. Steven Samblis withhold this revenue cited from Investors???

Anyway… the associations seem to be too much of a coincidence to be meaningless.  The facts are what they are, and there appears to be too many questionable associations, coupled with the “private sale” controversy, and the apparent refusal of the parties in the “Private sale” agreement to file and release the document to the SEC… leads many to conclude it’s not what they are telling you.  You have plenty of empty rhetoric by the pumpers (KHudson the biggest pumper), and then you have the facts available with a simple Google search.  Are you going to believe the pumpers… or you lying eyes ?

Connecting the scams.  (thanks to “thelionwarrior”)

Do your DD folks… it could save you money you could invest elsewhere.

A “sale”… really ???

Folks see what they want to see… and pumpers post what they are told to post… and those that own IMTV stock are about now likely thinking that for all the shares that have been sold over the last 3-days with only a .0001 increase in PPS (which is not likely to hold), they are posting to in an effort to gin up support so they can hope to correct their probable purchase error.

The ongoing controversy over Mr. Steven Samblis still owning the company seems to have some self-serving efforts at foot.  Those with experience in all things Samblis and his previous actions are confident KHudson is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis. Given the evidence, there are likely 100% correct.  There is no evidence KHudson is NOT Mr. Steven Samblis !

So… does Mr. Steven Samblis still own IMTV as the experienced watchers think… or, are they just so angry at having lost huge sums of money believing in Mr. Steven Samblis’s previous failed efforts, that they can not accept the truth???

Well… lets have a look at the evidence.  yes, guessing is fun, but should you really be guessing with your hard earned money ???  And although its a pretty stupid statement that all you can lose is 100%, who wants to lose anything if they don’t have to?

So… the pumpers make a big deal about the SEC filing.  Their statements seem to indicate a naive mindset that because it was filed with the SEC… it has to be true.  Well, not so fast, at least in the case of Mr. Steven Samblis.  We have documented previously that Mr. Samblis has filed inaccurate, and misleading, and some say illegal filings with the SEC.  See the proof here.  Not simply speculation, but actual documented proof.

Now… lets have a look at the 8K again… someone please point out where it says there was a “sale”.  We see the words “transaction“… but not “sale“.  Is it possible that the parties to the agreement did not understand the difference between a transaction, and a sale?  Do you really want to invest in a company where the parties to the agreement did not know the difference between a transaction and a sale ???  OR… was the word “transaction” used specifically to mislead readers?  Transaction does not mean sale.  AND… even if there was a “sale”… why not use the word SALE ???

Now… most folks who are trading stocks understand the basic structure of a company… at least they should.  Most know that the title of CEO doe not necessarily mean “owner”.  A person can be CEO of a company, and not “own” the company.  Then there is the other troublesome choice of words used in the filing…”JOE SIRIANNI has consented to act …”  Use of the words “consented to act” seems to be purposefully chosen here also.   Is the “consent” based on something in the “private transaction” perhaps???

Now… for all the pumpers out there (likely in the employ of Asher), this is a common sense alert !  What you are about to see is the use of common sense, and since you are likely not interested in any common sense, you should skip over this part.  WHY were those specific words chosen, when there are other words that leave no uncertainty as to the actions ?  When one connects the dots (facts as they have been published – and there are many !), it makes a very strong case for there being a willingness to mislead.

Also, when investors look at about 100-million shares being sold in the last few days… with no significant PPS increase, that appears to be another indication of something not being right, or normal.  Usually, the PPS moves up as the volume moves up.  Significant increase in volume without a PPS increase, strongly indicates dilution… i.e. someone ginning up false interest to unload shares into the market.   Remember folks… if it’s Asher selling off the shares they were unable to unload previously (as a result of the toxic financing Mr. Steven Samblis entered into), their cost is likely 50% of current PPS, or, perhaps the “private transaction” involved Mr. Steven Samblis getting shares in exchange for something in the “private transaction” that he did not want you to know about, at likely a huge discounted price (i.e both could sell at .0001 and still make a bundle).  There must be something in there that they don’t want you to know about, otherwise they would have filed the agreement with the 8k.

Folks, nothing stands alone, specially when it comes to understanding Mr. Steven Samblis’s actions.  One needs to look at the ENTIRE picture.  To point to the 8K alone and conclude there was a “sale” of the company, is simply to ignore your common sense.  We have documented time and time again how Mr. Steven Samblis uses creative word choice in order to give himself deniability at some later date, and you should be asking yourself… WHY were those specific words chosen in the 8K when other words, more common words, more direct words, were available for use.

Also, go back a read the KHudson posts, only this time read them thinking it is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis.  Ask yourself… WHY and HOW does a brand new alias know so much about the inner working of IMTV, and why is that person pumping the stock so feverishly ?  Then, if you still have any doubts that the poster is Mr. Steven Samblis, go back and read the posts of mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero.  While you are reading those posts, ask yourself the same questions.  Also, take a look at this post outlining the same thoughts.

Folks, read the material and decide for yourself, but if you do read the material it will be difficult to come to any other conclusion than Mr. Steven Samblis still owns IMTV, and is still calling the shots.  Other than the 8K, which has some serious concerns… there is no other evidence indicating Mr. Steven Samblis is not in charge of IMTV.  Common sense alert here… if there really was a sale (and again the facts point to otherwise) does anyone think Mr. Steven Samblis simply walked away from the company without some form of compensation ???  Ask yourself… what is a “shell” worth, and then divide that by .0001, and you should have a handle on the number of shares coming to the market.

Still think “guessing is fun” ???  It likely depends on you owning shares of IMTV or not !

Turning lemons into lemonade !

WOW !!!  Gotta hand it to Samblis… he did it again.  In spite of tons of evidence indicating KHudson is Mr. Steven Samblis, he has managed to fool some into buying more shares, in spite of tons of evidence indicating Mr. Steven Samblis is still involved in IMTV.

Although he has to share some credit with the scummy pumpers that assisted in luring the low-information buyer into the deception.  However, no one forced them to hit the buy button, so they are as much to blame as the deceivers.  The unfortunate, but beneficial aspect of these new marks is they will now be added to the scores of those that went before them.  They will show up on the boards soon repeating what others before them have repeated,  i.e. stay away from this one.

Well… it’s time for a “told you so !”.  There was tons of information for those new buyers to read, but as they say… you can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make them drink.

Perhaps, soon, Mr. Samblis will get a visit from the IRS and or the SEC regarding his current and previous actions as CEO.  But then again, maybe Mr. Samblis has outsmarted them.  If he can find new buyers for IMTV stock, maybe he CAN outsmart the IRS and SEC.  Time will tell.

P.T. Barnum may have been right !

Yes folks… P.T. Barnum may have been right when he said “There is a sucker born every minute“.  For anyone believing the deception of KHudson over on Investors Hub, must truly be in the class of individuals susceptible to the BS of con-men.

KHudson, (who by the way many, if not most, believe is Mr. Steven Samblis deceiving low-information investors), states in one of his latest posts… “The new CEO has made a cool move with his latest filing.”   “Cool” is not how most would put it.  What the move has done is let IMTV operate without the investing public seeing the very information they should be looking at when deciding weather to purchase shares in the company.  “Cool”… no, most would call it deceptive and devious.

We have written about the overwhelming amount of information that points to Mr. Samblis still being involved in IMTV.  KHudson’s posts are an excellent example of this evidence.  Ask yourself… WHY would a brand new poster come on a message board that has historically been warning against the actions of Mr. Steven Samblis for years, and try to convince readers that there is a new CEO???  Many would point to the Samblis name being so toxic that no matter what it is associated with would be detrimental to the well being of that entity.  It has now become imperative that the Samblis name be removed from any and all aspects of IMTV if it is to be revived, and able to convince investors to buy more shares.  Be reminded here of the “Private Sale”.

Take a look at the below graphic, (the full copy is here), where in it Mr. Samblis (when he was still using his real name), states in no unambiguous way, that he is no longer involved with IMTV in any way – THEN HE DELETES THE POST !.   Then he sends Friends the following email (seen here).  Then he tries to get the reference to the document removed from the Friends site by filing a DMCA complaint, (seen here).

Samblis_AreYouKiddingMe_cAnd here is why this post is so important that he tried everything he could to get it deleted.  In that post he states… “… I don’t own or control a single share.” (in fact the complete text of the paragraph is significant !)  So why is KHudson, who again many believe is Mr. Steven Samblis, trying so desperately to convince you that Mr. Samblis is not involved with IMTV ?  Maybe the next graphic provides further evidence Mr. Samblis is still involved.


IF, in fact, KHudson is Mr. Steven Samblis, OR, you simply believe it’s Mr. Samblis creating these posts, you now see the importance.  And further why it is so important that readers (or the SEC for that matter) do not discover that KHudson is Mr. Steven Samblis.  We told you here why the SEC would be concerned.  If at some point the SEC would investigate IMTV and Mr. Samblis’s activities as CEO, Mr. Samblis could be in for some real tough days.  Perhaps Mr. Samblis thinks that his use of the TOR application shields him from the SEC discovering any misrepresentation, he might want to consider those that have gone before him that were busted thinking they could outsmart the Federal Government.  No one knows if such an investigation is currently underway (they take their good-ole-time investigating anything, and are never public about such), but what do you think would happen to the PPS of your shares if any such investigation becomes public?  So, as you can see, Mr. Samblis has a lot a stake here.

There is a great quote in the signature line of the below graphic… don’t be among “the deceived”… do your homework before investing and make up your own mind if you think IMTV is a safe investment.


Going Dark…

Looks like IMTV is “going dark”, with the filing of Form-15 today.  Although this is a distinction without a difference, since there has been no reporting for quite a while anyway.   Here is an article about the process.

Now… here is the most interesting part.  Given the huge controversy over Mr. Samblis having walked away from the company… notice the address of record listed on today’s filing.  Yes, that’s correct, its the very same address that has been used on many other SEC filings by Mr. Samblis.  i.e. although Mr. Steven Samblis states he has walked away from the company… the address of record has not changed.

Could the hyped new owner be using the very same office as Mr. Samblis… possible maybe, but not likely.  Here is the post we did about the location back in August of 2014.

So… you’re Joseph S. Serianni and you just took over the company, and A) it’s been over 5-months and no one has heard a peep from you, and B) both SEC filings that you filed have the same address as the previous owner, who doesn’t have the best reputation with running the company, and C) a new alias shows up on Investors Hub touting the resurgence of the company, just prior to filing the SEC Form-15, and the poster has all the hallmarks of the tactics Mr. Steven Samblis used to pump the company previously.  Did someone leave the hard boiled eggs out too long, because something just doesn’t smell right.

And… 60-milion shares traded today.

IMTV_Trades_061716Certainly looks like an Asher dump, given they are all within 5-6 minutes of one another.  Remember… Asher likely bought these shares at a 50-60% discount off the current PPS, AND… because of the reverse split, they likely have even less cost in the shares, as we indicated here.  WOW… .00001 pps.  Yes, that’s 4-zero’s and a 1.  So, they paid $600.00 for those shares, and sold them today for $6000.00.  Not bad for 5-minutes work !  How can an any retail investor compete with that ???

So folks… looks like Mr. Steven Samblis took any IMTV investor money that was in the couch cushions and started a private company, but investors will likely never know a true account of their money, given the Form-15 filing today.   As they say… let the buyer beware.  Do your homework FIRST !

Absolutely NO proof…

SO… let’s use a Samblis tactic here… there is absolutely NO proof that KHudson is NOT Mr. Steve Samblis !  However, there is plenty of evidence that he is.


Look at the above post by “KHudson”.  This is just one example of what many would call evidence of KHudson (and mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero) being Mr. Steven Samblis.  Ask yourself… if Mr. Steven Samblis was not still involved with IMTV, WHY would KHudson come on a message board and in essence profess his love for Mr. Samblis ???

You may remember that right after Mr. Samblis filed the infamous 8K that indicated the change in leadership of IMTV, Mr. Samblis posted a long and basically an incoherent rant against those that would disbelieve Mr. Samblis’s departure from IMTV – then, he deleted the post.  See the Tumbler post here.

But again… Mr. Samblis would have you focus on what hasn’t happened yet, and ask you to ignore his long and controversial past.  In essence he is saying he is a completely changed man now, and can only make excellent decisions going forward.  People make mistakes, but they learn from them and hopefully correct such in the future, however with such an extensive history of bad decisions that Mr. Samblis has, there is now a clear and consistent pattern of bad decisions to predict the future with.

As they say…. those that ignore the past are condemned to repeat it.  That is certainly something to remember when dealing with Mr. Steven Samblis.

Again folks… do your homework before investing.

“Consented to act”…

“Private Sale”… and “Consented to act”… who here believes that equals “SALE” ???  Why wasn’t the word “Sale” used instead of “Consented to act” ???


We have told you (and showed, with supporting evidence) time and time again how Mr. Steven Samblis lies (see here) and uses creative word choice, so what in the words “Private Sale”… and “Consented to act” convinces you Mr. Steven Samblis has sold and  truly walked away from IMTV ???

If you really believe there is a new owner, then load the boat.  Why post on a message board that its a great deal.  Why give everyone a heads up so they can buy shares that YOU could be buying?  Just load the boat and make a killing.

Or… could it be that the pumpers are luring in unsuspecting potential buyers, so they can unload the shares they own that are currently sitting at a loss.  Or… are they paid pumpers from Asher that are commissioned based on the shares they move.

If you think Asher isn’t sitting on a ton of shares, then you likely believe Mr. Samblis… opps, we mean KHudson when he says he would “bet” Asher doesn’t own a single share.  And… notice again, the creative word choice… “there is no proof of that anywhere“.  Well, just because no one (except Asher) knows the amount they hold… doesn’t mean they don’t own a boatload still.  AND… if the re-branding and pump goes as planned, Asher will likely own a ton more if Mr. Samblis follows his previous actions of leveraging shares for loan cash.

Folks… do your homework before investing.  If something stinks, it’s likely spoiled.  A zebra doesn’t change its stripes.  Mr. Samblis has a long history of deception and misleading statements, and 5-minutes with Google will prove that.  That’s why they are trying to convince you that history doesn’t matter, just the future.  You know better !

Who is fooled… raise your hand !

Are you going to believe KHudson, or your lying eyes.  Take a look at the postings of mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, and of late KHudson (all on Investors Hub) and ask yourself… what do they ALL have in common.  Then ask yourself… WHY would the CEO of a public company come on a message board, disguised as a enthusiastic supporter of a company, and pull out all the stops to pump the company???  Can you say… “Private Sale” ???

So, Mr. Samblis… opps, we mean KHudson, states in a post on Investors Hub, (in response to our calling for the “Private Sale” contract to be released in order to silence all those that say Mr. Steven Samblis is still running the “new” IMTV)… “…and the terms are not required to be of public record.”   We suspect this will NEVER be released because it would likely reveal the truth as to who really owns the company.

Yes, we agree, the terms are not “required” to be released, but here again is the creative word choice Mr. Samblis is so famous for… “required” !   Not required, but with all the huge controversy over Mr. Samblis still being involved in running the company, one would think he would want to put this controversy to rest and release the contract.  But don’t hold your breath.

And ask yourself… why is Mr. Samblis… opps, here again we mean KHudson, trying so desperately to convince you that Mr. Samblis is no longer involved?  Because the “rebranding” is paramount to the resurrection  of IMTV.  If you, the potential stock buyer, can be swayed into believing Mr. Samblis is no longer involved… you may take a chance and buy some shares.  This is the plan… rebrand, pump, and dump. Remember, Mr. Samblis appears to have some huge legal judgements outstanding (seen here), so he needs to gin-up some interest in the stock so he can obtain some more convertible loan money.

Don’t be fooled… judge on the facts, and your own common sense.  The facts are plenty (except for the terms of the “Private Sale”), so take five minutes and Google for the facts prior to making a IMTV stock purchase.

Heeeeeeee’s Back !

Looks like Mr. Steven Samblis might be back to what many believe is his old tactics of using fake aliases to promote his company ( KHudson ).    Take a look at the following post that was posted on Investors Hub today.

Samblis_NeverGotAnyInvestorMoneyIn fact, as of this writing, 14 posts have appeared on Investors Hub, all in staunch support of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Now take a look at the profile:


Given Mr. Samblis’s history of having been highly suspected of using bogus aliases before, of which have the exact same tone, tenor and word choice, it appears the evidence is overwhelming… he is at it again.  Who else would know so much information, and be in such strong support, and not have had an account on Investors Hub previously.

Now… notice how the old tactics of creative word choice are used here.  This is a favorite tactic of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Notice how over several posts the poster makes statements about no investor gave the company, or Mr. Samblis, any money via the purchase of shares.  Well the truth is… that’s correct.  However, the dirty little secret is… many of the shares that hit the open market were Asher shares, as we detailed in this post here, and also detail in this post here.

Mr. Samblis would leverage the company shares to secure loans by Asher, that fitting the Asher business model, would never be paid back, and therefore Asher turned the pledged shares into retail shares, and unloaded them on the open market to unsuspecting buyers.  Mr. Samblis would in turn use the cash secured with these loans (called “convertible loans”) to do whatever he wanted.  So… using the creative word choice allows him to say such a ridiculous statement.  Its a ridiculous statement but he calls those that understand what went on… “dim witted”.  This is another very favorite tactic of Mr. Samblis.  He doesn’t like the message, so he attacks the messenger, something Friends knows well.

Folks… if you think this is a real poster, with the vast amount of evidence available everywhere, then perhaps you are just going to learn a hard lesson with your hard earned cash.  But, the wise move here would be to heed the advice of many who have traveled this road before you, and learned the hard way about IMTV, and Mr. Steven Samblis.

AND… the poster goes to great lengths to convince you Mr. Samblis has nothing to do with the public company, but all that is needed to convince everyone, would be to release the “Private Sale” contract.  It should have been filed with the 8K, but late is better than never.  Until you see the actual “Private Sale” contract, you would be well advised to be skeptical, like everyone else is.  Talk is cheap, but the contract will tell the truth.  We suspect that will never happen, and you would be wise to ask yourself… what is being hidden from you???

Incredibly UN-informed… or a paid pumper ???

Folks, take a look at this post that appeared on Investors Hub yesterday. (click to enlarge)


This person must be either incredibly UN-informed, or, some kind of plant for an upcoming pump of the stock.  With as much information that is available with a simple Google search, or, here on this site… how could anyone believe this company is anything other than a stock selling machine?

We pointed out here, that this 8K that was filed with the SEC states this was a “Private Sale“.  The poster states “Investors Hub is not stating the facts the way they should be stated“…well, there are NO facts because this was a “Private Sale“.  That means the parties involved did not want you to know what the agreement was.  Period !  ANY reasonable person would ask WHY were the terms of the sale not filed with the 8K if there is nothing to hide ???

This “sale” was over 5-months ago !  There was massive skepticism from the investment community when this “news” was released.  Mr. Samblis does not have the best reputation.  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the new management would want to distance themselves from the old management. i.e. Mr. Steven Samblis?  However, there has not been one word from this apparently phantom new CEO.  If it were YOU that just took over this company, and the investment community despised the previous owner, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to set the record straight… and quickly ???   Additionally… does anyone think Mr. Samblis just simply threw in the towel and walked away from the public company without any compensation?  Even the shell of a public company is worth something to a willing buyer seeking to get some more mileage out of a gravy train.

Folks, don’t be fooled by what appears to be either incredibility UN-informed individuals, or perhaps paid Asher staff,  trying to gin-up some renewed interest in this company.   Our last post detailed the level of debt Mr. Samblis apparently has with the outstanding legal judgements against him.  Additionally, working the math on the previous convertible debt would indicate there are still massive amounts of stock remaining to be sold in order to satisfy the loans.  All they need now is some UN-informed and highly gullible individuals to believe this ticker has potential, and boom, more free cash.

The information is available, and you have been warned, the decision is up to you if you fall for the deception.  As they say… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Let the buyer beware !   The sad and disgusting part is… if these posters are being paid to pump the stock… shame on them, but in the end no one forces anyone to buy the stock, so any losses that occur, its the buyer’s fault, no one else.