More bad news…

Oh my… even more bad news for Mr. Steven M. Samblis.  It appears Mr. Samblis is having a string of bad luck with the courts.  Now it appears Mr. Samblis owes his landlord over 7-thousand dollars.  See court document here.

SamblisDefaultJudgement3We have previously reported on this here.  Could it be that Mr. Samblis has squandered so much money attacking messengers that he ran IMTV into zero worth, and couldn’t even pay his rent?  How much of this was investor money?

However, it appears perhaps that there was enough money salvaged from the public company that Mr. Samblis was able to invest into his current efforts at becoming a media mogul and wannabe movie star.  He has several new websites touting his self described expertise in the movie business.  See below.

EnvisionPropertiesSo, investors are likely asking themselves… how much return on investment will these sites be giving back to those that lost tons of money investing in Mr. Samblis and his public company???  Since Mr. Samblis appears to have taken all his business private… likely NONE of it will be returned !   Is this how Mr. Samblis treats those that go into business with him?  No wonder it appears he can’t pay his rent.  Its possible we will be seeing a new corporate address on his websites soon.

Folks… before investing in any of Mr. Samblis’s grandiose plans and promises, do your homework and research the man’s past, and specifically his dealing with those that did business with him in the past.  Five minutes Googling the man could possibly save you a lot of problems.

Samblis fails – AGAIN !

Well folks, Mr. Steven Samblis takes another shot at stealing our websites, but yet another judge says NO ! Case No: D2016-0579

On April 14, 2016 we received yet another complaint by Mr. Steven Samblis, asking the WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION CENTER (WIPO) to take another look at the case… an “Appeal” if you will.  The WIPO terms the procedure a “Refiled” case.  The documents are listed below, and the original case documents are here.

By our count, Mr. Samblis has attempted to silence Friends free speech rights no less then a dozen times.  Mr. Samblis has filed complaint after complaint and not once has he been successful.  Mr. Samblis has a hard time understanding that people are free to criticize his actions, and yes, use his copyrighted material in a Fair Use capacity.

Mr. Samblis also has a hard time understanding that a  person can not erase their past.  As we have suggested many times, Mr. Samblis would be far better served by attempting to do things right than wasting effort on erasing the past.  As was pointed out in the case Response, Mr. Samblis has his own website, in his own name now, but has he ever attempted to refute the information Friends has put forth.  Many will attest to the answer being a resounding NO !  Instead, Mr. Samblis wastes every bit of effort at shooting the messenger.  He attacks those that would speak unflattering about him, and if possible, attacks them personally.

One can only wonder how much of the investor money was spent on this futile attempt to erase his past, and attack those that would spread the truth about him.

Samblis Complaint

Friends Response