Tackling 2 issues tonight…

Number 1… lack of available information surrounding the shareholder meeting.  Take a look at this post on Investors Hangout.  I think this post sums up for many investors, the sentiment surrounding the PNCH shareholder meeting.  We think the company has a responsibility to inform the overwhelming majority of investors that did not, or could not, attend the meeting in person.  In our opinion there should be no difference in the level of information provided for investors that did attend, over those that did not attend.  We think its shameful, and irresponsible of the company to not keep their investors informed.

Additionally… it is also shameful and irresponsible (and we will add selfish, arrogant, and shortsighted to the description) for those that did attend, to not inform their fellow investors of any and all  information they received at the meeting – given that the company has not.  Those that attended call themselves supporters of the company, however to what purpose does withholding important information from other investors do to support the company???   We assume the views expressed by this poster are likely shared by many more investors, as well as potential investors.  We challenge anyone to explain, or justify, how withholding information like this helps the company.  If anyone truly supports this company, they would put their emotions and selfish feelings aside and provide as much information as possible to as many investors and potential investors as they could !

There was a post during the meeting that stated Joseph and Steve were addressing the attending investors, and that they were addressing the “hard” questions that many investors have been asking for quite some time (in fact one poster requested questions to ask during the meeting).  However, there was never any mention of the responses to those “hard” questions.  So… since no information was not provided regarding this Q&A session… are investors to assume that the information provided was not favorable, or, are they to assume that the “supporters” of the company are simply too selfish to distribute the information?

Now, there will be those that say… the attendees provided updates on the Facebook Longs page (supposedly so the bashers would not get the information).  Well, that’s true, but only to a minimal extent.  And, if you have used Facebook you will understand that the information is fragmented, and very hard to follow.  And also, there were many investors that stated they did not use Facebook and had no access to the information no matter how hard it was to follow.  Investors, in our opinion, were in effect, begging for more information than what was being provided via Facebook or relay posts on IH.

To the company, and to the attendee “supporters”… you are doing yourselves a disservice by not providing this information to investors.  In our opinion, we feel this withholding of information, to some degree, is responsible for the decline in the PPS immediately following the meeting.  Shameful… truly shameful !

Number 2… the notion that investors are excited to see the PPS drop (not counting those that may be short in the stock).  Really… are you serious ???  WHO… in their right mind, invests in a stock and wishes it goes down in value just so you can buy more ???  Are other investors equally excited to see the value of their investments go down just so you can buy more ?  The notion that investors are excited about a reduction in PPS is simply counter intuitive to investing in general.  The ones that post this garbage are the very ones overly excited when the PPS is rising.  Pick a hat and wear it… either you want the stock to go up, or you want it to say low forever so you can keep buying every payday.  Unless you’re quitting your job, I guess you want it to stay low forever so you can keep buying ?

Please people… you are doing a disservice to the stock by suggesting you’re happy about a low, undervalued PPS.  If you really felt confident in the company, you would be willing to buy at any price because you are confident the PPS will go up and you will make money on your investment no matter what you paid.  We suspect those that post these type of posts are really simply trying to instill confidence for other investors to buy the stock at these low prices… but all you are really doing is telling other investors to wait, and the price will go lower.  Is that really the message you want to send to potential investors???  If new investors are not willing to pay more than you did for the stock… how are YOU going to make any money.  Think about the message you are sending by saying you are happy about a falling PPS !

Ok… that probably made a lot of people mad, but so be it.  It needed to be said, and our mail indicates these are sentiments held by many more.  The next time the PPS falls… ask yourself if you could have done more to prevent such.  Or, maybe its just easier to blame it on the shorties, or the evil market makers, or… etc., etc., etc.

If you can’t help… at the very least, do no harm !

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