PNCH holding its own…

Been quiet lately !  Bashers still bashing and pumpers still pumping, yet the PPS remains steady, hovering around .005.  Looks like its putting in a pretty solid bottom around the .005 mark.

Bashers on LieHub still bashing, using the same old tired lies and scare tactics they have been using forever, only it looks like finally such is becoming ineffective at pushing the PPS down.  They need new material, but with the company steadily progressing, they are finding it harder and harder to find new things to distort and lie about.  They are so boring posting the same trash over and over, and over again.  Pathetic… just pathetic.  Maybe they don’t know that within 5 minutes using any search engine their lame tactics can be rebutted with real facts and documents.  Oh well… such is the pathetic life of a basher.

So,,, its a waiting game till the 10-Q, or release of a PR.  In the meantime investors are likely buying a few shares here and there when they get a few extra bucks.  It was a slow trading day today with less than 500K shares traded.  As we have said previously… until some catalyst awakens this sleeping giant, this will be a boring stock.  Stay tuned !

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