Speculation running rampant !

Another week passes… and it’s another week wasted, because there has been no formal comprehensive press release explaining the company’s dispute between the principals.  The PPS is stagnant, the rumors and innuendos are ridiculous, and the message board posters take the smallest tidbit of information and spin it to suite their agenda and/or imagination.  No one knows anything because nothing has been formally released to the public.  There was an excellent post here that describes the issue and suggests a remedy, however it likely fell on deaf ears.

Oh yes, there have been bits and pieces of information released by the disputing parties, however nothing formal has been released explaining the disputed issues, and what, if any, steps are being taken to remedy the situation.  Until such is released, we believe, the PPS will languish around the .002’s where it has been since the early days after the dispute news hit the media and message boards.  Without formal facts… just about everything you may read is purely wild speculation and uninformed opinion.

We implore Mr. Samblis to release a formal document to the investors and general public detailing the dispute and the remedies sought.  He has already missed the only opportunity to get out in front of this in order to preserve the investors confidence.  Our hope is, he doesn’t wait until its too late for any chance of recovery before realizing he needs to release a statement.  We feel he has an obligation to report the issues thoroughly and honestly… and as soon as possible, given the current declining state of the PPS.

Where penny stocks are concerned… silence is NOT golden !


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