LieHub basher gang begging for posters… lol !

It appears the vast majority of the investors of VU Television Network have figured out that LieHub is simply a bashing haven for PNCH bashers… and they no longer post there.  There are a few pro-pnch holdouts that think posting on LieHub has some merit, however it is, and has been, obvious to the majority that it is a colossal waste of time doing so.  All posting on LieHub does is give the bashers more fuel to burn pnch with.  Our suggestion is to just forget about that board… it is way beyond any hope of equality and fairness.   The supreme rulers over there have absolutely no intention of letting anyone post factual rebuttals to the garbage they post.

Apparently the bashers are starting to realize they are all alone there because recently there has been a push to encourage pro-pnch posters to again post there.  Here is a quote from a LieHub poster… “We invite anyone to challenge us. ANYONE can come on this board,whether you agree with us or not.

Yes, that is indeed a fact… anyone CAN come on the LieHub board and post… even if you disagree with the bashers…HOWEVER ==> you get immediately deleted… lol !

Just take a look at all the gaps in the post numbers.  Then look at the basher’s responses to the deleted posts.  Its obvious that the pro-pnch post was deleted, and although responses to deleted posts are supposed to be deleted also… they are not.  What conclusion would any reasonable person draw to those FACTS ???   The FACTS are… pro-pnch posters immediately get deleted.  The rules for deletion are only enforced on pro-pnch posters.

Folks… don’t take the bait.  If you post… there is a 99.9% chance it will get immediately deleted.  If they don’t delete it, it likely wasn’t doing any good for support of the company.  Don’t waste your time or increase your frustration level by posting over there and having your post deleted.  Let the bashers have conversation with themselves.  Any visitors will quickly see LieHub’s true motive for existence.


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