Will VU Television succeed in spite of…

That IS the big question !  Will VU Television Network succeed in spite of the CEO’s ( Steven Samblis ) personality ???

Now some may say yes, and point to the side of his personality that is able to influence others around him to believe in him.  However, there are others who say no, and point to his abrasive and antagonistic actions to those that don’t fall in line and simply blindly believe in him and his vision and dreams, or, question his actions and in-actions in running the company.

Case in point is a post on Investors Hangout which questions his people skills when dealing with investors.  See it here.  And a follow up here.  And then Steve responds here by saying he will “deeply consider everything” said.

Now, lets fast forward to today, when a poster comments on Steven Samblis posting over on LieHub (which he said he would never do, and for them to delete his account over there).  See the post here.  Now granted, the post is somewhat harsh, and perhaps not accurate, however Mr. Samblis’s response seems to be right back to to his habitual abrasiveness that he indicated he would try to correct.  He followed up a few posts later, and if you follow along starting at his reply linked above you can see his responses.  We report… you decide if the reply was harsh.

Although many enjoy the CEO of the company they are invested in coming on to the message board to communicate activities with the company, it appears some (and some may say many) of his responses are less than professional.  Some say if he can’t respond in a professional manor as the spokesperson of the company… he should refrain from posting at all.  Although at one time we believed the unprofessional responses were just the price to pay for the bits of useful information… we now think the price is getting too high to pay for the little information currently being provided.

We believe the alternative would be for the CEO to either hire a professional spokesperson, or, limit his dissemination of information to formal press releases… i.e. stay off the message boards if he can not respond in a professional manor.  We are not sure who writes the press releases, but we feel the press releases of late, and historically, have been very professionally written, and serve to proudly portray the company in a professional manor.

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