Hard-core basher… or sick individual ?

A pro-PNCH poster posts this on LieHub:

“Why don’t we all talk about what we will do after the Launch and everyone is making money ? Wouldn’t that be more fun to do than talk negative stuff all the time ?”

And the response from a poster on LieHub replies:

Hell no! Taking Steve down is fun. It’s the same reason American greed is one of the most loved shows. We gawk at the audacity and we cheer the demise. Here we actually get to help the good guys bring this bastud to his knees. I for one love it. I had no idea until a scam became so cocky as to steal through open forums from the one he sees so beneath him. He’s a 2 bit cocky thief! That’s it. He needs to be stopped. It’s my duty as a law abiding tax paying citizen to help all I can”

Now… just reading this should give pause to every “law abiding tax paying citizen” thinking that there are people like this walking around on our streets.  This poster is just sick.  It gives you a feeling for the mentality and motives of their postings on LieHub (and we suggest this person is not the only one).  This poster should be banned permanently from LieHub.  LieHub is a misrepresentation of what a message board should be… but this post should be concerning to even them.  By not deleting this post, and permanently banning this individual (or anyone who posts like them), they are in fact supporting this behavior.

What does this say about LieHub that they allow this post to stand?  What it says is obvious… they exist to destroy PNCH and its CEO, Steven Samblis.   In our opinion there is a difference (a BIG difference) between posting one’s negative opinion about a company, and posting trash like the above.  It’s obvious the poster, and likewise LieHub, will stop at noting to destroy this company.  Every tool at their disposal is on the table for use… including lying, misuse of factual data, character assassination, and venomous personal attacks.  We previously posted a related article here on the subject.    And here are some must-read articles and links about LieHub themselves.  Be sure to click the 3rd link from the bottom as it will illustrate that others feel the same way we do about the fraudulent activity  on LieHub.

So… the moral of this story… visit LieHub at your own risk, and understand that:  a) most of what you read over there has been censored (i.e. the pro-PNCH postings have been deleted), and b)  what remains is a blatant attempt to mislead you and to try to turn you against the company, and the CEO, and c) a colossal waste of your time, because it is very unlikely they will change anytime soon.  LieHub survives and prospers by page views (and selling advertising based on the number of page views they get).  Even if you don’t post there, and simply go there to read the basher’s garbage… you are in fact helping LieHub continue to prosper.  Want to do your part in helping to send them a message that you don’t support their biased and fraudulent activity… stop going there and adding to their page views.  Hit them where it hurts… in their pocket book.  Maybe when LieHub (the company) understands the viewing public will not support their actions, they just might think about changing…. doubtful, but maybe.



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