Growing increasingly concerned…

The “launch” (or debut) of VU Television Network is only about 2 months away.  One would think there would be more activity surrounding the big event.  To date, the only public information put forth is the announcements about their Chinese affiliation, and press releases announcing a few shows they plan to air.  One would think there would be more of a buildup to one of the largest business ventures of the company.  Given that its nemesis boasts “70% original programming”, one would think that with only 60 some days from the world launch, there would have been more public news or information concerning such things as a roster of programming to fill the time slots, perhaps a programming schedule, news of a planned public awareness event (such as the recent “Up Front”) that was held to announce and promote the previous network, planned promotional ad spots to promote the new network, etc., etc., etc.

Given that there appears to be little or no planning taking place… should investors anticipate a delay in the launch date?  Although we are certainly not experts in television network creation and operation, it just seems reasonable to expect there would be more public activity given the closeness of the previously announced launch date.  Most businesses vigorously promote their pending launch or opening with advertising, press releases, social media releases, etc. in order to create anticipation and therefore demand for their product.  There appears to be alarmingly little of that going on with VU Television given the proximity of the launch date.

Also… will VU Television launch using the company name of IC Punch Media?  One would think that would not only be confusing to the viewing public, but in essence free advertising for the company’s previous business partner, Punch TV.  VU Television, it would seem, would want to distance itself from that company, and network, given the history there.  Now would be a prudent time to change the company name… not after money is spent promoting the launch under a name they are trying to distance themselves from, and will change eventually.

Also, referencing networks like Punch TV… they have marketing slogans to complement the company name… where is VU Television’s ?  Slogan’s such as Punch TV… “Are you thirsty yet”, and a host of other business use slogans to enable the public to connect with their offerings (products).  Just watch any TV commercial and you will notice the slogans that accompany the business names.  Where is the VU Television slogan???

And one more very important issue… the web site.  There appears to have been nothing done to the web site since its inception.  It still displays boiler plate template text supplied by the template designer/supplier.  People (potential viewers, potential investors, etc) will navigate there to learn more about the network/company.  Will they find a representation of the company that will instill confidence, or will they find a representation that will cause concern that VU Television is a real company?  In today’s world, it is unacceptable for a company not to have an impressive web site that answers the many questions that viewers may have.  Like them, or hate them, Punch TV has a good web site (as do many other broadcasters).  If VU Television is to appear to be anything more than a kid with a smartphone video camera broadcasting on a YouTube type channel, they need to devote some energies to the web site… and quickly !

What could be worse than a delayed launch… a launch that no one knows about, and/or is a failure and an embarrassment due to lack of proper planning and follow through.  If these issues are already being addressed, great… let the world know about them, if not, Steven Samblis might consider delaying the launch until all the ducks are in a row.

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