CEO defends his company !

Well… Steven Samblis, IC Punch Media CEO was posting on the LieHub board today.  We count 13 posts today as of about 8:00p (eastern).  The difference today was Mr. Samblis appeared to have defending his company in mind instead of promoting his shows, or instigating controversy.  He addressed a few of the incorrect statements (favorite bashing techniques of the hard-core bashers), like dilution, no revenue ever, association of VU Television Network to IC Punch Media, and yesterday he also put to rest the controversy over his ownership of the infamous Bentley he was pictured driving (stated it was a friends, and he does not own a Bentley).

We have to give it Mr. Samblis… he came to the fight with facts, and laid them out in a professional, coherent, and logical manor.  The bashers on the other hand brought spitballs to a gun fight.  While Mr. Samblis posted facts, the bashers could only deflect and pivot to other unsubstantiated accusations and childish name calling.  Not that anyone should feel sorry that the bashers got beat up, bad, it was also very funny to watch.  Its a shame it wasn’t a recorded conversation, everyone could have heard the bashers stuttering.

Mr. Samblis made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that; a) he is not selling stock, and b) for him to sell ANY stock, even the conversion stock… he needs to follow the rule #144, i.e. give notice and sell according to a limited allowable schedule.  Keep in mind… even though this may only be a message board, it qualifies as public statements by a CEO of a public company.  Any misleading statements could have grave consequences for Mr. Samblis personally, as well as his company.  i.e. you can believe what he says publically.

Although we have made our views about LieHub known numerous times here on this blog, we reluctantly encourage you to take a trip over to LieHub and follow the posts starting about here.  We think it will be worth your time to see the PNCH CEO defend some of the many lies the bashers post 24/7/365.

Mr. Samblis… thank you for addressing some of the bashers accusations head on.  We still wish you would have done so on the Hangout, but investors can be satisfied you at least did it somewhere rather than just ignore the constant bashing in hopes it will just go away on its own.  At least now potential investors can see what an unsubstantiated accusation looks like in the face of facts and public statements by the CEO of the company.

Thank You !


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