“Because I don’t need to.”

Yup… that was the quote from Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media when asked why he had not released any information about the launch so close to the launch date.  Its been over 2-weeks since we posted comments about that situation… and nothing has changed.  Oh wait, yes there have been changes… the PPS is now lower, closing today at .0010, after recovering somewhat from a daily low of .0008, where there was a 25.6 million share transaction.

Well… in less than 3-weeks investors will see if they have all been scammed, or his silence was the smartest move in modern times.  Silence from Steven Samblis at a time like this takes huge brass ones.   Friends wonders how this will turn out.  Samblis should get CEO of the year if he can pull this off.  He will either be a hero… or a zero in about 3-weeks time !

Not much else to say at this point… it has all been said.  Its a waiting game at this point.  Investors that have hung in there from the mufti-penney range (i.e. trapped) are holding their breath and hoping for a miracle.  The bashers are laughing because it appears Mr. Samblis has played right into their hands by not releasing updates on the progress and plans, for fear the bashers would derail those plans.    However as it turns out they didn’t need to lift a finger in their effort to drive down the PPS, because the very thing Samblis tried to avoid, played a significant role in the ongoing destruction of the PPS.  The silence kept the PPS falling, and Samblis kept silent because of the bashers.  Brilliant work by the bashers… a tactic that will likely be revisited on other vulnerable companies.

So folks… stay tuned.  This is either going to be a rocket headed for the moon… or a lead weight that falls to the ocean floor.  If you have already purchased your tickets for the ride… hang on, and good luck.  We should know something by the 23rd. of this month.  We have waited this long, what’s a few more days.  Enjoy the show !


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