4-days to “Launch”.

Yes folks, there are only 4-days to “Launch” day for the VU Television Network.  Does anyone (including the investment community) know this ?  Well, if they follow the IC Places Facebook page they might (see the attached graphic).  Other than that, it’s doubtful anyone knows, because there has been very little released about the launch or network in general in traditional press releases. Given the lack of promotional activity surrounding the impending launch, some have begun to question the motives behind the network.  Is the network a real business venture, or simply a self-indulging ego trip for the CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis.  Some have suggested Mr. Samblis is more focused on socializing with movie stars and playmates, then creating share value for investors.  Some suggest the company being public is simply the vehicle that allows Mr. Samblis to maintain his fantasy of being a movie star himself.  There certainly is enough data to support this suggestion.


Will the network “launch” as published this time?  It looks as though it might, based on the Facebook posts to date.  There has been slightly more activity leading up to this launch date over the last (missed) launch date.  However the activity level (at least the public activity) is insufficient to create any excitement about the launch.  And, as mentioned above, given that the public promotional activity has been limited to Facebook, what little there has been is likely seen by very few.

We suspect there might be a (traditional) public press release either the day of, or the day following the actual public broadcasting of the content.  However, as we have previously commented on in this blog, we feel this critical time leading up to the launch has been squandered with regard to creating public awareness and excitement over the new network.  Think of it this way… if you have a new business venture of making a new car… you better be spending some capital and energy telling people what is different about YOUR car over the many other cars already out there.  Broadcasting is a very crowded business.  VU Television will simply be a grain of sand on the beach.  What is VU going to offer viewers that they can’t get in any of the hundreds of other broadcasters out there already?  This question has not been answered, and certainly not publicized.

Could VU Televison Network be successful… well, as a concept yes, but in practice, given the business decisions that have been previously made by this CEO… its questionable at this point.  And therein lays the problem for current investors holding large amounts of company stock.  Most CEO’s could have by this time in the business cycle created enough buzz about the business venture (stock) to have created a run up in the share price purely on speculative revenue generation, future profitability, and probable success.  However this CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis, has squandered opportunities to do such, and has made previous decisions that have negatively impacted any “good will” value the business had.  Many now question his abilities, and his creditability, to be able to deliver future revenue and growth.

In spite of Mr. Samblis’s previous history, can he make this network successful?  No one knows, and that is why the PPS is where it’s at (.0003 as we write this article).  The current PPS should be an embarrassment for any CEO worth their salt.  Most CEO’s would have faced their investors, apologized profusely for the PPS, and laid out their plans to improve such.  What have the investors received from Mr. Samblis… excuses, finger pointing, abuse in some cases, and overall silence.  Not exactly actions that investors expect from the CEO of the company where they have their hard earned dollars invested in.

So… the launch will likely not produce the rise in PPS to a level most investors hope for.  There will likely be no new investors until such time that revenue can be documented, and the CEO can redeem himself in the eyes of the investment community by producing solid documentable performance and results.

At this point, the only thing remaining is hope.  And you know what they say… hope is not a plan !


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