Can it get any worse ???

VU Television launched yesterday… and today the PPS closed at .0002.  That is down 50% from yesterday.  This is not good !  Last week we had news that the ClearVision airport deal was only going to bring in 19 thousand a year/airport instead of the much publicized 192 thousand year/airport.  This difference is not chump change as they say.  Now, yesterday, there is a post on Investors Hangout that indicates Mr. Samblis will not be growing the business any more than it already is.  Are you serious???  What kind if business owner states he is done growing the business?



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If this information that was posted about the airport deal is accurate, one needs to ask themselves… why, after multiple opportunities to correct the amount, did Mr. Samblis remain silent on the issue.  Mr. Samblis has posted about specifics on the airport deal numerous times, and long after that figure was widely publicized and posted about, yet he remains silent even now about the figure.  He has not confirmed or denied either figure.  This is misrepresentation of material facts pure and simple.  One needs to assume by his silence on this issue that the 19k figure is the correct one, or he certainly would have refuted the posting suggesting the 19k amount was accurate.

Some time ago Mr. Samblis stated he would not post on message boards any longer, we suspect, because he thinks information can be misrepresented, and his words twisted against him.  He now only posts on his Facebook page… the one he controls!  From recent reports, many of the less-than-favorable comments posted on Facebook are being removed.  So, it appears Mr. Samblis favors censorship over letting posters voice their opinions.   If someone were to post a question about the discrepancy in figures on the airport deal, such would likely be deleted, along with any other less-than-favorable information.  Does Mr. Samblis think that by deleting the tough questions and criticism that  people will think everything is rosy ?  Does Mr. Samblis think that potential investors use Facebook as their first and only vehicle for DD on companies?   Mr. Samblis… running from, and hiding the truth, is not a winning strategy for a successful business !

The newest revelation that Mr. Samblis will no longer expand the business is the most troubling statement.  Again, what kind of business owner makes a statement like that ?  His company’s PPS closed at .0002 today… and he states he has no intentions of expanding the business.  That statement, in our opinion, is simply irresponsible.  The company has not shown a profit, ever, and for the last 2 quarterly reports has shown no revenue…. and Mr. Samblis makes a statement indicating he will no longer pursue company growth.  This is just inexcusable !  Its likely the worst statement he has, or could ever make.

We, along with many others, have said Mr. Samblis needs to stop making public statements and hire a professional public relations professional.   He likely thinks he can’t afford to do such, but its obvious his public statements are costing the company a lot more than hiring a professional would cost.  In fact, a professional would likely earn their salary many times over, and be the best investment this company could make at this point.

As they say… when you’re in a hole… stop digging !  Mr. Samblis… you need to stop digging !


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