An interview with Mr. Collins CEO of Punch TV.

Hello folks.  Mr. Collins has graciously taken the time to do another on-the-record interview with Friends.  We thank Mr. Collins for taking the time to answer some questions that may be on investor’s minds as he embarks on building the company he thought he was going to have the opportunity to build with his association with Mr. Steven Samblis.   See the verbatim questions/answers here.  (and by the way… we have offered the opportunity for Mr. Samblis to interview several times, however he has yet to agree)

We think the most important piece to understand about the new company, is the closing text Mr. Collins added in answer to question #7.  To paraphrase…. it’s important to understand that Mr. Collins never had the opportunity (i.e. power) to execute his vision and ideas when he was associated with Mr. Steven Samblis.  As many of you know, Mr. Samblis went to great lengths to maintain his absolute control over the company.  Given that Mr. Samblis had provided for himself majority control over all aspects of the company, the buck stopped with him, and him alone.  Mr. Collins could not make anything happen unless Mr. Samblis agreed, and approved.  Regardless of what you may believe about the defunct Samblis-controlled IC Punch Media, it appears Mr. Samblis called all the shots, not Mr. Collins.

We also think it’s important to understand that, unlike Mr. Samblis, Mr. Collins does not appear to dodge hard questions, and as he was aware he was on-the-record, he did not appear to parse his words like many of you believe Mr. Samblis did and still does.  Many think, that is certainly a refreshing change from Mr. Samblis.

Additionally, it appears Mr. Collins makes himself available to answer questions on message boards also… and he does so AS HIMSELF !   Again, many believe a refreshing change from Mr. Samblis.  Now there are some who see this as a negative, i.e. a CEO posting (pumping) information about his company’s stock, and we would agree to the extent pumping was involved.  However, when the CEO of the company comes on a message board to face his investors questions, for the purpose of addressing those questions… this is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, it can be a good thing for current investors, as well as prospective investors.  For it takes straightforward answers, straight from the CEO, to impress prospective investor’s to become current investors… and that’s a good thing for current investors.

Folks… read Mr. Collins’s responses to the questions put to him and decide for yourself if you believe they are sincere and have merit.   Also keep in mind that what he says about not having control over implementing his ideas when he was with Mr. Samblis, we all know to be accurate.  So… now that the buck stops with Mr. Collins, investors will be able to see the possibilities that could have existed had there been no association with Mr. Samblis.  It is now time for Mr. Collins to show investors what could have been had Mr. Samblis not stifled his creativity and energy.  It will be interesting to see once and for all, who is the proven leader, and who is the proven loser.

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