Who is fooled… raise your hand !

Are you going to believe KHudson, or your lying eyes.  Take a look at the postings of mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, and of late KHudson (all on Investors Hub) and ask yourself… what do they ALL have in common.  Then ask yourself… WHY would the CEO of a public company come on a message board, disguised as a enthusiastic supporter of a company, and pull out all the stops to pump the company???  Can you say… “Private Sale” ???

So, Mr. Samblis… opps, we mean KHudson, states in a post on Investors Hub, (in response to our calling for the “Private Sale” contract to be released in order to silence all those that say Mr. Steven Samblis is still running the “new” IMTV)… “…and the terms are not required to be of public record.”   We suspect this will NEVER be released because it would likely reveal the truth as to who really owns the company.

Yes, we agree, the terms are not “required” to be released, but here again is the creative word choice Mr. Samblis is so famous for… “required” !   Not required, but with all the huge controversy over Mr. Samblis still being involved in running the company, one would think he would want to put this controversy to rest and release the contract.  But don’t hold your breath.

And ask yourself… why is Mr. Samblis… opps, here again we mean KHudson, trying so desperately to convince you that Mr. Samblis is no longer involved?  Because the “rebranding” is paramount to the resurrection  of IMTV.  If you, the potential stock buyer, can be swayed into believing Mr. Samblis is no longer involved… you may take a chance and buy some shares.  This is the plan… rebrand, pump, and dump. Remember, Mr. Samblis appears to have some huge legal judgements outstanding (seen here), so he needs to gin-up some interest in the stock so he can obtain some more convertible loan money.

Don’t be fooled… judge on the facts, and your own common sense.  The facts are plenty (except for the terms of the “Private Sale”), so take five minutes and Google for the facts prior to making a IMTV stock purchase.

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