Bashers are desperate !

After a quick peek over on LieHub I see that the bashers have wiped their tears away and caught a second breath.  They are back at it again… just like a rash you can never seem to kick.   The bashers are just pathetic at their efforts to smear PNCH and anyone affiliated with PNCH.   They will stop at nothing in their efforts to bring down the company… including lies, repetition of old lies, repetition of older lies, fabrications of unsupported accusations and distortions of truthful data.   We all wonder what skeletons are in their closets, but who really cares about these idiots… their motives are glaringly evident.   But, here is the positive benefit of their shameful actions… for every bashing post on what is the most deceitful message board of all time… there are 5 to10 positive posts demonstrating the trash they post is just that… trash. (we offer a big Thank You to those that consistently fight the basher’s futile efforts).   Its apparent they are now desperate given the increase in PPS of late.  Their efforts were effective early on, but now they have become irrelevant.  PNCH’s growth cannot be stopped !

An example of how transparent the bashers efforts are… there is one basher over there that tells so many lies he/she/it can’t keep them straight.   Months ago they posted they lost big on their investment, so they got out (hence the spewing of venom).  Then they said they were flipping the stock to gain back some of their loss.  Then they were saying they were shorting the stock (even while the PPS was raising… lol).  Then of late they say they are making a “ton” of money on the stock by buying the dips and selling the highs.  Yet they continue to bash the stock and CEO by telling readers that the company is a POS.  So, let us get this straight… the pathetic basher buys the stock then proceeds to bash it even though in order for his investment to make money he needs to have an increasing PPS to make any money.   Also, on days when volume was low, the basher states he made an amount of money that day that was mathematically impossible to make.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.   There is an old saying… if you think everyone in the world is stupid… then maybe its you that is the stupid one.  I suspect the basher seriously thinks readers are so stupid that they believe the lies he posts.  Look up the definition of pathetic in the dictionary and you will find this basher’s picture.

Bashers can be effective on weak companies, or companies with inexperienced investors, however with PNCH, it’s a strong company with a viable product and a niche market, and a dedicated management team, as well as intelligent investors.  Intelligent because they are able to do their own Due Diligence and determine the potential of this company.   Bashing will no longer hold this company back,  as the long time investors are more influenced by real DD over unsupported trash posted by disgruntled bad investors that could not see the potential, and sold too early, for a loss.   The bashers made a stupid move and now they are looking for someone to blame for their stupidity.  Our suggestion… look in the mirror and they will find the source of all their problems.

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