“Consented to act”…

“Private Sale”… and “Consented to act”… who here believes that equals “SALE” ???  Why wasn’t the word “Sale” used instead of “Consented to act” ???


We have told you (and showed, with supporting evidence) time and time again how Mr. Steven Samblis lies (see here) and uses creative word choice, so what in the words “Private Sale”… and “Consented to act” convinces you Mr. Steven Samblis has sold and  truly walked away from IMTV ???

If you really believe there is a new owner, then load the boat.  Why post on a message board that its a great deal.  Why give everyone a heads up so they can buy shares that YOU could be buying?  Just load the boat and make a killing.

Or… could it be that the pumpers are luring in unsuspecting potential buyers, so they can unload the shares they own that are currently sitting at a loss.  Or… are they paid pumpers from Asher that are commissioned based on the shares they move.

If you think Asher isn’t sitting on a ton of shares, then you likely believe Mr. Samblis… opps, we mean KHudson when he says he would “bet” Asher doesn’t own a single share.  And… notice again, the creative word choice… “there is no proof of that anywhere“.  Well, just because no one (except Asher) knows the amount they hold… doesn’t mean they don’t own a boatload still.  AND… if the re-branding and pump goes as planned, Asher will likely own a ton more if Mr. Samblis follows his previous actions of leveraging shares for loan cash.

Folks… do your homework before investing.  If something stinks, it’s likely spoiled.  A zebra doesn’t change its stripes.  Mr. Samblis has a long history of deception and misleading statements, and 5-minutes with Google will prove that.  That’s why they are trying to convince you that history doesn’t matter, just the future.  You know better !