Great day… up 35% !

Yes. a great day today.  PNCH up 35% on about average volume.  Investors seem to be buying, in anticipation of the impending 10-K release, as well as the shareholder and up-front meeting this Sunday.   Still no news on the release of the 10-K.  We anticipate its release before the shareholder meeting, but time is running out.  If its not out tomorrow or Wednesday, then its likely to be released Friday after market close.  However, we would not rule out its release AT the shareholder meeting.  Releasing it during the shareholder meeting would allow for maximum impact on shareholders (who attend the meeting).  I can just hear the excitement and applause from the crowd as Steve reads the highlights from the “best 10-K he’s ever worked on“.   But remember, he has till the following Monday to release it and still be compliant with the extension filed, however we feel that would be extremely unlikely.

Hopefully, a gap up tomorrow and maybe we see the PPS break through a penny again tomorrow.  Remember, it reached a high of .016 just a little over 2-weeks ago.  Hopefully this week we can break through that resistance and set a new record in this overall recovery climb back up and through the 5-cent area set last June.  A great 10-K, and some good news released during the shareholder meeting… and its a real possibility !

Another disappointing day !

Yes, its true, another disappointing day.  PPS fell almost 33% on over 35 million shares traded.  Conventional wisdom points to the Late Filing form that was filed today.  There was built-up anticipation for the 10-k form to be filed today, and when news hit that it would not be filed, the stock took a dive.

There is a lot of anger being exhibited on the message boards today over this action.  And who could blame them.  Many are upside down on their investments, and with the CEO dropping hints that this was going to be a really good 10-K (“the best he ever worked on”) they were looking forward to a significant rise in the PPS today.  It appears many feel not only disappointment, but also betrayal.  The CEO first stated that the K would be filed 3/29.  Then it was learned that due to the 29th being Good Friday, the K would be filed on 4/1.  Then today learning it was delayed again.  And, many still remember when it was initially thought that the K would be filed 2/15.

This may be much to-do about nothing.  The CEO posted on LieHub (snubbed the Investors Hangout board once again) to say the K would be filed later this week.  Here is the actual quote: “We filed an extension today because we need a few extra days to Edgarize the K with all the additional assets and other items fully listed. We are very excited to put this out later this week.“.  However, in light of the above, we can understand how some, maybe many, would be skeptical about that statement at this point.

Those that felt betrayed that Steve didn’t give investors a warning that the report might, or would be, late,  perhaps doesn’t understand the strict limitations a CEO has imposed on what, when, and how they can release information to the general public.  There have been some recent news that one CEO is under investigation by the SEC for making a statement on Facebook about some business aspects of his company.  The safest thing any CEO can do is speak through PR releases, and in the case today, SEC filings.  We feel… filing late is the last thing Steve wanted to do today.

HOWEVER… the filing of reports just doesn’t sneak up on you… as a CEO you know when they are due… months and years in advance.  So, although there may have been external circumstances that caused today’s late filing notice… good planning anticipates obstacles and allows for such.  Since this report is a detailed accounting of events that happened in the past, this report could have been completed long ago.  Theoretically this report could have been completed say in mid to late January.  If it takes 10 business days to complete the report, then a prudent planner doesn’t wait till 10 days before the due date to start the report.  This is a year-end report for 2012.  The year ended over 3 full months ago.  The financial data was established over 3-months ago and would have not changed no matter  how long you waited to start the reporting.  We feel, today’s issue could have been totally avoided had more priority been given toward this report.  And we feel, given the significance of this report, it should have been given a higher priority.

Now, having said that, we feel people overreacted at today’s news.  But… that’s investors for you.  They frequently get spooked at the slightest things.  The real reason many are upset over the late filing notice today is… greed.    The anger, frustration, and betrayal would have been minimized, and short lived had the PPS not taken a dive.  Why did the PPS take a dive… investors got spooked and sold.  People lost money today on their investment.   When they woke up this morning they thought they were going to see a substantial increase in their investment portfolio.  When that didn’t happen, they looked for someone and something to blame.

Did IC Punch Media change business strategies today, did they lose any affiliates today, did they announce they were having financial troubles… no, they announced the reporting – on 3-month old data, would be a few days late.  As one poster put it… “BFD”.  PNCH is still the same company today as it was yesterday.  The data will not change because it will be reported a few days late.  If the report was going to be great today, then it will be great later this week also.  Even after the notice of delay Steve still says… ” We are very excited to put this out later this week.“.

So… yes, we are disappointed also, but we did not sell today.  We will wait, because we believe the numbers will be good, and the company is good.  We also believe that the company is growing everyday, and our investment will grow along with the company.

Later this week we anticipate today’s activity will be a distant memory.  When the PPS starts back up, those that were extremely disappointed today, will be all smiles next week, next month, and next year.

Another (big) down day !

WOW… today caught us off guard.  PNCH down 49%.  We can’t explain it, other than to say there was panic selling triggered by who knows what.  The PPS recovered to close at .0061, which is still almost 100% above where we began the month at… but today’s loss still stings.

Tomorrow is another day, and we are optimistic that the PPS will recover, hopefully somewhere near Friday’s close of .015.  There was some good news posted by the CEO today which stated he was working on the “the best K I have ever worked on.“.   We like the sound of that !!!

A RED day… oh no !

Yes, its true, the bashers can now say the bull run is over for PNCH.   LOL… closed down today 1.4% (.0002).  Oh my… the sky is falling, run for cover !

Really folks… this was actually a good day for PNCH.  We tested a High-of-day (HOD) of .0161, that’s a good thing.  We had a swing today from .0131 to .0161, settling in at the end of day at .014 on almost 7-million shares traded.

Remember… this recent activity is in preparation for the [expected] good news being reported on 3/29 when the year-end report is released.  However, keep in mind that the shareholder meeting is being held shortly thereafter (see here)… and then not long after that the 1st. quarter results will be reported.  We think… if you like what you see on the YTD reporting, you will love what you may see on the 1st. quarter report.  Keep in mind that as time moves forward, so does PNCH.  We anticipate better and better quarterly reports from here on out.  PNCH is growing like gangbusters and the revenue will show it.

And finally… we wanted to leave you with this tweet that was posted today.  We think its one of the greatest tweets (and slogans) we have seen in quite a while.


Although the link in the tweet does not link you to the PunchTV site, (we think) it should have.  So here is the link to the PunchTV “How to Invest in Punch TV” page.

Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow and Friday.

PNCH appears to have found its legs !

Up another 15% today (Thursday 3/14), on decent volume, closing at .0081.  This uptrend started on 2/25 at .0028, and if our calculations are correct, that’s almost 300%.  WOW !

Do we still think there is room for more… of course.  Will there be dips along the way… of course.  We think that given the growth this company has made up to this point, and the growth potential in the future, coupled with the anticipated good news within the pending YTD and 1st quarter reports due out shortly… there is PLENTY of room for improvement in shareholder value.

Also, there is news out that PNCH will be moving their corporate HQ to Sunset Grower Studios in Los Angeles, CA (see graphic below from Steve’s Facebook page).  Check out Sunset Grower Studios website here.  This will be an exciting move for the fast moving and constantly expanding IC Punch Media, Inc.

PNCH is on the move !   This is a company that is breaking the stereotype of pennystocks !

(click on graphic to enlarge)


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PNCH going hyperbolic !

WOW… after last weeks almost 50% gain, PNCH was at it again today (Monday 3/11) with a 25% gain again today, closing at .0062 from a high-of-day of .0066 on over 13-million shares traded.  PNCH started this climb on February 25th. at .0028.  A respectable and admirable increase no matter how you look at it.

So… now the message boards are alive with so many “experts”.  There are the “told-ya-so” experts who predicted this increase based on the technical analysis and who knows what else.  Then there are the basher experts saying the increase is only temporary, and the PPS will “correct” next week back to trip-zero’s.  Then there are the pumper experts that say the PPS will continue its climb until at least a dollar, based on tea leaves we guess.  There are also the “longs” that have a zillion shares, and have been holding them since back in the day, who no one recognizes their alias and in fact their alias was established just a few days ago.   The list goes on and on !  There are soooooooo many experts now.

In reality, anyone who really knows PNCH knows it does not trade like normal OTC Pink stocks.  For anyone to say they know, or can predict where the PPS will be in 3-days or 3-weeks, is simply embarrassing themselves.  If all these “experts” really knew where the PPS would be in 3-days or 3-weeks, they certainly wouldn’t be on a message board telling others, they would be making millions on other stocks, or, at the very least, working for Warren Buffet.

Friends Of PNCH believes… we have no idea where the PPS will be in 3-weeks or 3-months.  What we DO know is… PunchTV is a real company, with real achievements, and a real dedicated team of individuals that are working hard to build the company and bring value to shareholders.   The financials will be out shortly, and that will be the report card for the PNCH team.  We believe the numbers will be good.  Will the numbers satisfy the bashers… you know they won’t.  No matter how large the revenue growth turns out to be, the bashers will say its not enough, or the numbers are fraudulent.

So… for those of you who are truly “longs” like the Friends of PNCH and PunchTV… sit back and enjoy the fireworks.  We have waited patiently for PNCH to find its rightful PPS, and it appears it has found its legs and is on its way.  You see… although we are unable to predict the PPS as well as the so-called “experts”… we were confident PNCH would acquire a respectable PPS in due time.  The REAL longs are smiling silently… all the way to the bank as they say !


Is PunchTV really viewable by the average household?

Here is a common quote from a message board (basher) poster commenting on who, or the type of people, that watch, or can watch PunchTV.

[“Yes if every one gets a set of rabbit ears and a box of foil from their grandparents attic then yes you may be able to grab an airborne signal flying over the roof top. But who the heck would do that?“]

We believe, this poster, and others who think like this poster, are simply not in tune with today’s technology, and those that utilize today’s technology to make their lives easier, and less costly.  They apparently still think that if a household does not subscribe to cable TV, then those households are somehow not real viewers, or their numbers are so small as to be insignificant.

In a Hollywood  Reporter article about the Nielsen Co., it shows that even the big-daddy of ratings companies has come to realize the vast numbers of households that have “cut the cable” and are now viewing their favorite shows via “devices that deliver video from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, from so-called over-the-top services and from TV enabled game systems like the X-Box and PlayStation.”

The article goes on to say “While some use of iPads and other tablets that receive broadband in the home will be included in the first phase of measurement improvements, a second phase is envisioned to include such devices in a more comprehensive fashion.

So, it seems obvious that if Nielson is paying attention to those viewers (the term used was “ecstatic at the prospect of expanded measurement tools“), it would seem apparent that the numbers are larger than most realize (especially the above mentioned poster), and that these numbers will be increasing significantly as cable prices increase.

As you may know, PunchTV can be viewed over-the-air, as well as streaming via the internet at, and/or IC  Viewers can also watch via their smartphones with the FilmOn app.

Please be sure to visit our website for extensive DD on PNCH.  Also, feel free to “Leave a Comment” utilizing the link at the top-right of this (or any) post on this site.

“ is a scam company…”

As you may have seen by the posts here, we are not fans of Investors Hub.  Having said that, the header quote was taken from a website that has even stronger views than ours.  Visit their site here.

Within the site you will see links to documents, articles and other verifiable information about Investors Hub.  A few of the links are broken, however there is extensive documentation about the company and their operations within the working links.   Please be sure to explore all the tabs at the top of the main page, as those page contain valuable information also.

Read, and judge for yourself, if you think Investors Hub, and their bashers are there to help you avoid bad companies, or, are they there to promote an agenda.  For help in spotting a basher, review this document.  Once you review the Basher Handbook, you will be able to easily spot a poster that has a hidden agenda to promote.

Remember… bashers post unsubstantiated opinions, while true and valid information contains supporting documentation to back up the statements.