Who is fooled… raise your hand !

Are you going to believe KHudson, or your lying eyes.  Take a look at the postings of mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, and of late KHudson (all on Investors Hub) and ask yourself… what do they ALL have in common.  Then ask yourself… WHY would the CEO of a public company come on a message board, disguised as a enthusiastic supporter of a company, and pull out all the stops to pump the company???  Can you say… “Private Sale” ???

So, Mr. Samblis… opps, we mean KHudson, states in a post on Investors Hub, (in response to our calling for the “Private Sale” contract to be released in order to silence all those that say Mr. Steven Samblis is still running the “new” IMTV)… “…and the terms are not required to be of public record.”   We suspect this will NEVER be released because it would likely reveal the truth as to who really owns the company.

Yes, we agree, the terms are not “required” to be released, but here again is the creative word choice Mr. Samblis is so famous for… “required” !   Not required, but with all the huge controversy over Mr. Samblis still being involved in running the company, one would think he would want to put this controversy to rest and release the contract.  But don’t hold your breath.

And ask yourself… why is Mr. Samblis… opps, here again we mean KHudson, trying so desperately to convince you that Mr. Samblis is no longer involved?  Because the “rebranding” is paramount to the resurrection  of IMTV.  If you, the potential stock buyer, can be swayed into believing Mr. Samblis is no longer involved… you may take a chance and buy some shares.  This is the plan… rebrand, pump, and dump. Remember, Mr. Samblis appears to have some huge legal judgements outstanding (seen here), so he needs to gin-up some interest in the stock so he can obtain some more convertible loan money.

Don’t be fooled… judge on the facts, and your own common sense.  The facts are plenty (except for the terms of the “Private Sale”), so take five minutes and Google for the facts prior to making a IMTV stock purchase.

Heeeeeeee’s Back !

Looks like Mr. Steven Samblis might be back to what many believe is his old tactics of using fake aliases to promote his company ( KHudson ).    Take a look at the following post that was posted on Investors Hub today.

Samblis_NeverGotAnyInvestorMoneyIn fact, as of this writing, 14 posts have appeared on Investors Hub, all in staunch support of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Now take a look at the profile:


Given Mr. Samblis’s history of having been highly suspected of using bogus aliases before, of which have the exact same tone, tenor and word choice, it appears the evidence is overwhelming… he is at it again.  Who else would know so much information, and be in such strong support, and not have had an account on Investors Hub previously.

Now… notice how the old tactics of creative word choice are used here.  This is a favorite tactic of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Notice how over several posts the poster makes statements about no investor gave the company, or Mr. Samblis, any money via the purchase of shares.  Well the truth is… that’s correct.  However, the dirty little secret is… many of the shares that hit the open market were Asher shares, as we detailed in this post here, and also detail in this post here.

Mr. Samblis would leverage the company shares to secure loans by Asher, that fitting the Asher business model, would never be paid back, and therefore Asher turned the pledged shares into retail shares, and unloaded them on the open market to unsuspecting buyers.  Mr. Samblis would in turn use the cash secured with these loans (called “convertible loans”) to do whatever he wanted.  So… using the creative word choice allows him to say such a ridiculous statement.  Its a ridiculous statement but he calls those that understand what went on… “dim witted”.  This is another very favorite tactic of Mr. Samblis.  He doesn’t like the message, so he attacks the messenger, something Friends knows well.

Folks… if you think this is a real poster, with the vast amount of evidence available everywhere, then perhaps you are just going to learn a hard lesson with your hard earned cash.  But, the wise move here would be to heed the advice of many who have traveled this road before you, and learned the hard way about IMTV, and Mr. Steven Samblis.

AND… the poster goes to great lengths to convince you Mr. Samblis has nothing to do with the public company, but all that is needed to convince everyone, would be to release the “Private Sale” contract.  It should have been filed with the 8K, but late is better than never.  Until you see the actual “Private Sale” contract, you would be well advised to be skeptical, like everyone else is.  Talk is cheap, but the contract will tell the truth.  We suspect that will never happen, and you would be wise to ask yourself… what is being hidden from you???

Incredibly UN-informed… or a paid pumper ???

Folks, take a look at this post that appeared on Investors Hub yesterday. (click to enlarge)


This person must be either incredibly UN-informed, or, some kind of plant for an upcoming pump of the stock.  With as much information that is available with a simple Google search, or, here on this site… how could anyone believe this company is anything other than a stock selling machine?

We pointed out here, that this 8K that was filed with the SEC states this was a “Private Sale“.  The poster states “Investors Hub is not stating the facts the way they should be stated“…well, there are NO facts because this was a “Private Sale“.  That means the parties involved did not want you to know what the agreement was.  Period !  ANY reasonable person would ask WHY were the terms of the sale not filed with the 8K if there is nothing to hide ???

This “sale” was over 5-months ago !  There was massive skepticism from the investment community when this “news” was released.  Mr. Samblis does not have the best reputation.  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the new management would want to distance themselves from the old management. i.e. Mr. Steven Samblis?  However, there has not been one word from this apparently phantom new CEO.  If it were YOU that just took over this company, and the investment community despised the previous owner, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to set the record straight… and quickly ???   Additionally… does anyone think Mr. Samblis just simply threw in the towel and walked away from the public company without any compensation?  Even the shell of a public company is worth something to a willing buyer seeking to get some more mileage out of a gravy train.

Folks, don’t be fooled by what appears to be either incredibility UN-informed individuals, or perhaps paid Asher staff,  trying to gin-up some renewed interest in this company.   Our last post detailed the level of debt Mr. Samblis apparently has with the outstanding legal judgements against him.  Additionally, working the math on the previous convertible debt would indicate there are still massive amounts of stock remaining to be sold in order to satisfy the loans.  All they need now is some UN-informed and highly gullible individuals to believe this ticker has potential, and boom, more free cash.

The information is available, and you have been warned, the decision is up to you if you fall for the deception.  As they say… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Let the buyer beware !   The sad and disgusting part is… if these posters are being paid to pump the stock… shame on them, but in the end no one forces anyone to buy the stock, so any losses that occur, its the buyer’s fault, no one else.

Samblis fails – AGAIN !

Well folks, Mr. Steven Samblis takes another shot at stealing our websites, but yet another judge says NO ! Case No: D2016-0579

On April 14, 2016 we received yet another complaint by Mr. Steven Samblis, asking the WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION CENTER (WIPO) to take another look at the case… an “Appeal” if you will.  The WIPO terms the procedure a “Refiled” case.  The documents are listed below, and the original case documents are here.

By our count, Mr. Samblis has attempted to silence Friends free speech rights no less then a dozen times.  Mr. Samblis has filed complaint after complaint and not once has he been successful.  Mr. Samblis has a hard time understanding that people are free to criticize his actions, and yes, use his copyrighted material in a Fair Use capacity.

Mr. Samblis also has a hard time understanding that a  person can not erase their past.  As we have suggested many times, Mr. Samblis would be far better served by attempting to do things right than wasting effort on erasing the past.  As was pointed out in the case Response, Mr. Samblis has his own website, in his own name now, but has he ever attempted to refute the information Friends has put forth.  Many will attest to the answer being a resounding NO !  Instead, Mr. Samblis wastes every bit of effort at shooting the messenger.  He attacks those that would speak unflattering about him, and if possible, attacks them personally.

One can only wonder how much of the investor money was spent on this futile attempt to erase his past, and attack those that would spread the truth about him.

Samblis Complaint

Friends Response


Déjà vu…

So folks… Mr. Steven Samblis is gone from IMTV and the public company world.  Well, maybe not.  As we indicated in our post from October 23rd of 2015, Mr. Samblis could install a straw CEO and carry on as normal.  Is that what is happening with the latest news?

Some say… the news was delivered via an 8K filing, how could it be bogus?  Well, Mr. Samblis is no stranger to inaccurate SEC filings.  Our post on November 17, 2014 lists several examples where the evidence points to Mr. Samblis having misled, or lied, to the investing public, (items 3 & 4 specifically).  So, those folks who have been involved with Mr. Samblis for many years would no doubt question the validity of this latest SEC filing.

And, this quote from the most recent filing tells the whole story:


The entire explanatory section starts out with “As a result of a private transaction…“.  So all that any concerned parties know is what the principal parties want you to know.  It is very likely that interested parties don’t know what the principals didn’t want you to know.   Experience folks like Maynerd understand the history behind Mr. Steven Samblis.   Maynerd’s posts, here and here,  put this latest news into perspective quite nicely.   As they say… the devil is in the details – and investors likely don’t have all the details.  This was a “private” transaction… who knows what the back story is.  Many long-time investors of Mr. Samblis would say, it is HIGHLY unlikely Mr. Samblis has completely removed himself from all aspects of IMTV.

MilesBlue42 also brings a historical perspective to this issue with his post here.  Asher influence very likely played a large role in not only the apparent change of leadership, but all the new aliases showing up today to pump the stock.  Asher very likely had a ton of shares to unload in order to recover, and profit, from the many convertible loans to Mr. Steven Samblis.    You know… all the shares Mr. Samblis never sold !   Sad to see so many uninformed investors take another bath on this company.  Of course there will be the pumpers who say they are in it big time, and suggest to others that they “load the boat” because under new leadership this company is going “to the moon”.   Ask a few of the previous investors if they have heard this before.  They could give you 10-years worth of pumped up hollow failures.

So folks… stay tuned.  As the quote states… “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“.   Well… a few minutes with Google will educate the curious potential investors thinking about “loading the boat” into getting the full story behind this company, and the man who ran it for over 10-years.  Oh wait… he is no longer involved.  Yea… riiiiiiiiiiiight !

Want some cheese with that wine ???

Perhaps you have seem Mr. Samblis’s personal Tumbler blog. He frequently uses this blog to wine and complain about how much of a victim he is, be it from our sites, or life in general. Recently he published an article on anonymity and how bad it is for the internet. An excerpt is quoted below. Many believe Mr. Samblis has used numerous aliases on message boards in an attempt to entice (and many would say, mislead) prospective investors into investing in his company. If true, (and again, many believe strongly this is accurate, and many could point to evidence to support such)… this article would certainly be the height of hypocrisy.

“If you have a real point to make and you use an alias, why should anyone take you seriously.  We don’t know who you are so why should we trust or believe what you write.  We don’t know your hidden agendas, so your words should be considered meaningless.”

While Mr. Samblis makes some good points, his overall concept is completely wrong. He simply ignores the larger point in his opinion piece about anonymity. Yes, at times, anonymity can be abused, but not just on the internet. Anonymity is a well-established option for voicing one’s opinion. While Mr. Samblis questions why should anyone believe a person who voices their opinion anonymously, the answer is, because most who use anonymity can voice their opinions without fear of reprisal. In fact, many believe when one is able to speak anonymously, their TRUE feelings and opinions are voiced. One of an American’s most precious rights is to vote in elections. When you vote, your vote is anonymous. Witnesses in crimes give tips that solve major crimes, anonymously. Criminals supply information to law enforcement, anonymously, that are critical to solving crimes.   Whistle blower identities are protected as well as there are protection for reprisals should their identities become known. Jurors in high profile cases may remain anonymous. The list goes on and on.

Mr. Samblis writes this opinion piece coming from a history of behavior of attacking the messenger when he doesn’t like the message (our previous article illustrates this point). This is a tactic frequently used by those that want to cloud the message, and distract the reader from that message. It stands to reason that Mr. Samblis does not like anonymity because he is unable to attack the messenger and draw the reader’s attention away from the message. Many would argue that people like Mr. Samblis are a primary example of why anonymity is important. It is very unlikely that the volumes of important information investors need when making a buying decision about investing in his company, would be available if it were not for anonymous providers. We have recently witnessed what appears to have been intimidation by Mr. Samblis toward an investor (hhi3) because Mr. Samblis didn’t like the opinions posted to the message board.

Many readers fall prey to this tactic, and frequently it is an effective tactic, and therefore its use is attempted frequently. However, the bottom line is… it doesn’t matter who the messenger is, their background, or even their agenda (hidden or otherwise), if the message is accurate, and supported with independent sources and/or documents, who cares who the messenger is. They could be the worst person on the face of the earth, but if the information is accurate – then the information is accurate, no matter who the messenger is. If for instance, you were the victim of a crime… would it matter to you if one of his criminal buddies turned him in? The informant is a criminal… should he be believed ?  Our guess is, you would welcome the anonymous tip.

This is the point Mr. Samblis misses, or, chooses to ignore. The message about his actions as CEO of his public and private companies are not flattering. Most of the information (very valid information – supported by documentation) has been presented anonymously. Yes, it is agreed that some have used the cover of anonymity to slander him (out of understandable anger at losing vast amounts of money investing in his company), however, the amount of information available about Mr. Samblis is vast, and an overwhelming amount of such is well supported by documents and independent verification – much of which was provided by anonymous sources. Just because the source chooses to remain anonymous, doesn’t reduce the validity of such information. The information provided should be able to stand on its own merits, regardless of the vehicle (person) used to present such.

It seems apparent Mr. Samblis makes every effort to shoot the messenger whenever possible. Mr. Samblis has likely spent enormous sums of investor funds attempting to stifle Larry and his Friends websites. This action is well documented in the public record.  He has attempted numerous times to stifle Larry’s free speech rights, all the while exercising his free speech rights to attack Larry.  Apparently Mr. Samblis believes only HE can exercise the use of free speech rights. Had he been successful, he would have removed YOUR right to this valuable and useful information. Ask yourself… do you want the Mr. Samblis’s of the world deciding what you can and cannot read ?

We have said many times previously that Mr. Samblis should spend any investor funds wisely, and use such in an effort to generate revenue for his investors. Not chase Larry, or attack other investors, and in turn waste the hard earned dollars of investors that invested in his company. Generating revenue would dispel much of the negative information about Mr. Samblis. As we indicated in yesterday’s post, Mr. Samblis is quite the prolific writer, yet we are unaware of ANY instance where Mr. Samblis has addressed the very serious issues raised by investors.   Instead Mr. Samblis chooses to shoot the messenger, just as he has attempted to do in his recent article, from which the above quote was taken.

Mr. Samblis… your road to recovery will commence the day you lay aside your voracious appetite for destroying those that voice their opposition to your failed efforts, and the day you come to the realization that no one is to blame but yourself for your downfall. Accept some personal responsibility, and maybe, just maybe, you will begin to rebuild some of the respect you think you should be afforded. Respect is not free, it needs to be earned.

Here’s the problem…

So… according to the hhi3 post over on Investors Hub, Mr. Samblis called this one-time loyal and apparently significant investor… and as a result of that call, the poster states he has ceased posting his opinions about IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis.  MilesBlue42, in a later post, rightfully asks the question… was this call of a threatening nature.  Common sense would conclude it must have been.  Here’s the facts… the investor was a supporter, then due to the actions of the CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis (i.e. reverse split after reverse split, and PPS dropping to point zero zero zero worthless), the investor apparently became disillusioned and had been voicing his opinion about the loss of his investment as a result of the bad decisions of the CEO.  Not unlike many many others.

This situation begs the question… what kind of CEO calls an investor at his home and, apparently, threatens him into ceasing to voice his opinion?  This situation appears to be the height of hypocrisy.  Mr. Samblis appears to like the idea of free speech when it applies to HIS free speech, as he has been fond of calling Larry (and others) just about every name in the book.  However, according to the hhi3 post, Mr. Samblis “doesn’t like to be called names“.  Many would say… when Mr. Samblis is responsible for the loss of their hard earned investment… he earned it.

hhi3, like Friends, and many others, were avid supporters of Mr. Samblis and his efforts… but things changed.  Investors believed bad and irresponsible decisions were made by Mr. Samblis that caused the company to crumble (and along with it, their investment), and, they began to voice their opinions about such.   As we have illustrated within this blog numerous times before, Mr. Samblis will attack the messenger when he doesn’t like the message.  Many use this tactic to distract from addressing the message.  Readers have seen the time and energy Mr. Samblis has devoted to attacking Larry and the Friends websites.  So much time devoted to attacking the messenger, and nothing devoted to addressing the message.

This shooting the messenger tactic, we believe, is part of Mr. Samblis’s personality.  For many of these types, the urge is instinctive, and uncontrollable.  We believe, the arrogance, and urge to be liked, is so strong in these types that they can not accept the reality that they are responsible for their own actions, hence these types frequently place blame on others for their situation.  It is inconceivable to them that they could ever be responsible for their situation, so it must be the actions of those that would speak ill of them and therefore they must be destroyed.  Readers have seen the lengths Mr. Samblis has gone to in his effort to shoot the messenger for voicing their opinion of him.

So… readers knowing the lengths Mr. Samblis will go to in order to silence his critics, it appears to be a reasonable conclusion, based on Mr. Samblis’s well documented history, that the call to hhi3 was threatening.

Apparently, according to Mr. Samblis, free speech is only a one-way street, and he has the right-of-way.

Folks, as always, read the information that is easily obtained with a simple Google search, and decide for yourself if the message is valid.  Also, read what Mr. Samblis writes (he is quite the prolific writer), and see how much time he devotes to addressing the message, and how much time he devotes to attacking anyone that would dare to post accurate and factual information which is unfavorable to him and his efforts.  See if he devotes any time whatsoever to accepting responsibility for his actions as CEO for the company’s downfall.  You may just discover that the vast majority of the negative information available about Mr. Samblis is accurate, and well supported by independent sources.    Look back through this blog… you will see that we were avid supporters also, at one time.  We have not removed any of the very favorable early posts.  You can follow the transition from supporter to realist, and we supply documentation and independent sources to support our  conclusions and opinions.  To borrow a well used phrase… we report – you decide!

And BTW… what’s with the IC Places website?  Looks like it’s been abandoned.

Wait… WHAT ???

Folks… did you happen to catch this little blurb at the bottom of the Imagination TV page?  It’s just unbelievable Mr. Steven Samblis would make a statement like this, let alone post it for the world to see.


The last sentence is the most ridiculous part of the statement… “The agreement was cancelled for non performance“.    Wait… is Mr. Samblis saying he cancelled the contract with himself, because he didn’t perform ???  Isn’t Mr. Samblis, as CEO of Imagination TV, (the public company), the one who decided what actions the public company was to take?

So… would it also be true that the funds used to start Imagination TV, (which was touted as part of the public company), now just gone, or could it be said confiscated (or perhaps forfeited), by the owner of Imagination TV – the non-public company, wholly owned by Mr. Samblis (who wholly owned the public company)?  This seems just bazaar !  If you’re scratching your head over this, you are likely not alone.

Investors could also ask… did Mr. Samblis just abscond with what little assets the public company may have had, and leave investors holding the bag?  Would this be some kind of punishment for any investors still invested in the company?  Or, did Mr. Samblis start the Imagination TV entity with “personal” funds, and therefore he considers Imagination TV (the non-public company) not, (or ever was) part of the public company?  Maybe Mr. Samblis used his salary as CEO of the public company to fund the Imagination TV endeavor, and therefore the public company has no claim to the “private” entity.  But wait… Mr. QueFine states Mr. Samblis never took a paycheck from the public company, so how does that work ???

Folks… this may need more investigation.  Something just doesn’t seem right, or as some may say… legal !  How does the CEO of the public company lead investors to believe he is working hard to start other revenue streams for the company, then just decide to divert any fruits of that labor to his “personal” company – then deem the public company did noting, and therefore deserves nothing ???  So, it appears that if investors had even a glimmer of hope this company would (or could) turn around, they now see the writing on the wall – the imaginary wall that investors were led to believe was real !

One thing seems for sure… Mr. Samblis does have a marvelous “Imagination” !

Uh-Oh… here we go again – #2 !

Yes folks… here we go again.  As we reported just a little over a year ago (9/3/2015) here, Mr. Steven Samblis appeared to be having some legal issues with paying his rent.  Well, it appears that issue has not been resolved.

SamblisCase Summary_d_110815

As can be seen by the above graphic (click to enlarge), or the full document here, there appears to be a new legal action resulting from last year’s issue.  One could assume by the “Case Type”: COLLECTIONS CASE” that perhaps either Mr. Samblis failed to live up to a previous agreement, or, he is behind in his rent again.  However in what may be a bazaar twist, it appears the attorney may have some issues collecting on the debt due to failure to file proof of service, and failure to file a default judgment.  Even if this is accurate, it is unlikely to cause the collections action to be dismissed.  If Mr. Samblis owes the money, the attorney will likely refile the action with the proper documents attached.  There also appears to be a typo in the future hearings date, as it is listed as being in 2018.  Common sense would indicate the court is not that far backed up on cases that they are scheduling cases 3-years out.

Now… why is this bit of news relevant and important?  Well, if Mr. Samblis is having problems paying his rent, how could he possibly have the funds to incur the cost of filing the company’s financial reports with the SEC?  How could he possible have the funds to fulfill any of the initiatives he has touted in his recent press releases (albeit on social media venues)?  How could he possibly have the funds to fulfill launching new networks, shows, or new anything ?  Perhaps a clue resides in this excerpt from one of our previous posts here.


Mr. QueFine (many believe strongly that this is Mr. Samblis) seems to indicate that they “clearly did not have the funds to follow through” on the publicized initiatives.  Mr. Samblis might be more accurate if he started calling the initiatives touted in his press releases, ideas, rather than lead the public to believe there is a likelihood, or even a possibility, that what is being touted could ever become a reality.  Perhaps then Mr. Samblis would not have the need to delete such announcements at a later date when it has become too obvious that the touted initiative will not be coming to fruition, as detailed in the MilesBlue42 post here.

So folks… do your homework on the history and facts on this company prior to investing in such.  There is a ton of information available to you with just a simple Google search.  Take the few minutes to Google the company, or the man behind the company, Mr. Steven Samblis – you will be glad you did.

Samblis “resigns” ???

So… if you believe the post Mr. Steven Samblis posted on his blog page (see below), one would think… that’s it, he’s gone !   Well folks, not so fast.


A few things to keep in mind… first and foremost… this is Mr. Samblis we’re talking about here.  Most will assume there is some sort of angle, or hidden agenda to the statement.  Many will suspect Mr. Samblis is simply hoping to quell all the negativity surrounding his company, by making an announcement he is no longer affiliated with it.   Perhaps hoping those that have been following his efforts and actions for years, will fade away and forget about him.  Then when the coast is clear, perhaps  in a few weeks or months, bam, here he comes again.

Also keep in mind, although the vague statement seems to suggest he is walking away from the public company… he still owns the majority shares of the company.  Which means… the Board of Directors (since there is, and has been, only one – Mr. Samblis himself) the “Board” could reject the offer of resignation.  OR… the Board of Directors (again, himself)  could simply hire him back at any time.  WOW… what a way to keep your options open, right?

Also keep in mind, (again, the statement was vague), it seemed to indicate he would focus on “movie reviews and interviews”.  Wait… wasn’t the Imagination TV efforts part of the public company?  How does that work… he walks away from the public company, but still focuses his efforts on one of the assets of the public company?  Wait… what ???   But, isn’t that what’s been happening for quite some time now?  Imagination TV has been in operation, and from all appearances it is likely making a few bucks… but none of those funds seemed to appear on the public company”s  financial reports.

Perhaps, if what many believe is true regarding Mr. Samblis misleading investors through the use of bogus aliases on a message board, would anyone really be surprised if Mr. Samblis installed a straw CEO in the company to be the public figurehead?  Given that Mr. Samblis is still the majority shareholder, and Mr. Samblis makes up 100% of the board of directors, such a straw CEO would be at the mercy of the Board of Directors… i.e. Mr. Samblis.  Mr. Samblis could parade the new CEO out as the savior of the company, and not have Mr. Samblis’s baggage in the limelight.  The new CEO would be free to pump the company as a fresh start, and oh yes, please by some stock now that Mr. Samblis is out of the picture.

So folks… what has really changed???  Does ANYONE really believe Mr. Samblis doesn’t have something up his sleeve???