Yet another worthless press release !

Yes folks, we just wrote about this last night, and here is the latest example of such.  The press release is here.  Please take a look at it.  Here is an excerpt:

First, I know that shareholders are concerned about the Company’s debt existing prior to me coming aboard and this is a Company priority. I understand the concern and I have successfully secured an amended note with respect to one note holder. I am attempting to negotiate new debt terms with other note holders.

Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni states he successfully negotiated an amended note – with 1 of the many note holders.  Big deal… what about the other half-dozen or more notes???  AND… does he state any debt was forgiven???  No, he does not !  Does he state any less shares were pledged?  No, he does not !  So… where’s the big news ?  OK… so your credit card company says you can skip a payment on the outstanding balance… what does that do for you?

You gotta love this next line…

We also plan on establishing new business units within the cannabis industry.

Here we go with the “plan” again.  A plan, if there is one, is simply a grain of sand on the beach of failed plans from this company.  Oh, what’s that you say… those failed plans were under the leadership of Mr. Steven Samblis, and Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni is a completely different CEO?  ROTFLMAO… produce the documentation that Mr. Steven Samblis is not still involved.  There is zero evidence that he is not, and much to indicate he is.  Ask yourself, WHY was there a need to have a “Private Transaction” between the two?  What don’t they want you to know ???  You can bet whatever it is… it’s not in the investors best interest or they would have been eager to publish it, AND, file a copy with the SEC.

And finally, there is this…

Mr. Areco has been working closely with our developers to build out the platform.

Wait… isn’t this the same website that Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni said on March 29th 2017 that the websites would be up and running in the next 45-days?  Now come to find out they are still “developing” it.  AND… by the looks of the one website they did develop, it looks like they spent about an hour on it.  You can download FREE websites that look better than that one.

Folks… don’t fall for the hype from some anonymous poster on a message board.  Those pumping the IMTV company are likely trying to sell those 50+ BILLION shares still remaining to be sold from the toxic financiers.   Or, those that bought the shares at the height of the pump and now are trying to unload them to limit their losses.  Do some simple Due Diligence… Google IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis and decide based on facts and documents… not a paid pumper’s deception.


Mr. Samblis surfaces !

Hello folks.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… a dorsal fin has been spotted.  Yes… Mr. Samblis is still around, and still surfing our sites.  HOW do we know this… see below the exchange Mr. Samblis had with Friends over some images on our sites, and his mug-shot photo.

As you may know, Mr. Samblis has apparently been spending investor funds to have his name trademarked.  Apparently he thinks his name is so valuable it needs to be trademarked.  See the application here. (use the search term Steven Samblis)

Now, the application has not been approved yet, and in our opinion it’s unlikely it will, but that hasn’t stopped Mr. Samblis from taking actions as though it were already approved.  Sort of like his press releases… he seems to believe that if he thinks it, it is real.  One only needs to look no farther then the success of his press release info to forecast the future of the Samblis name being trademarked.

Back to the contact by Mr. Samblis.  The graphic below is the email we received from Mr. Samblis.


Notice how he insists his name is trademarked.  Well here is the actual application, and status.  As you can see… the status is pending (pending public comment in opposition to granting approval).


Here is our response to his demands:


Also take note that the picture of him he refers to is the mug-shot picture.  Mr. Samblis appears to take a position that since it’s a picture of him – it’s copyrighted.  Someone should tell Mr. Samblis that the picture was taken by law enforcement, and as such was paid for by tax dollars, and therefore belongs to the public.

Additionally, as they say, once on the Internet – always on the Internet.  HERE is a Google cached copy of the page.  You may notice, Mr. Samblis has been busy trying to erase his past, and, silence his critics (Friends).  Mr. Samblis has apparently successfully had the reproduction of the page deleted by Investors Hub, and also from as well as  However… the page lives on, and copies are available should Google decide to delete the cached page.

And finally, below, in true Samblis form, is how he ends the exchange:


 Yes… a real role model for CEO’s worldwide !  So much so his name needs to be copyrighted !   Folks… you just can’t make this stuff up.  It’s just amazing what one man can do with millions of other people’s money and an attitude, and aptitude, like Mr. Steven Samblis.

Debt, Debt, and more Debt !

The long awaited (and long overdue) IC Places, Inc. SEC 10-Q filing has finally been filed.  Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Places, Inc and ImaginationTV certainly must be proud!

WOW… a quick read of the most recent quarterly filing, seen here, is quite a scary read.  These are just a few of the many items that appeared to jump off the page as you read through the document.

First up… Revenue and Operating Loss.  As you can see by the graphic below (click to enlarge), this is yet another filing (in a long line) that reports NO revenue… not even $1.00.  And… it also reports… drum-roll please… a 10-million dollar operating LOSS !  WOW… sure makes an investor want to run right out and throw some hard-earned money at this company !  One has to ask themselves… what kind of talent does it take to work for 2-years and make no money, and, run up a 10-Million dollar operating loss ???


Next up… $14,250 wasted on a “late filing” fee due to the late filing of the report.  Must be nice to have that kind of money to throw down the toilet because you were too busy doing something else to get the report in on time.  Oh wait… it’s not your money… it’s INVESTOR money !


Next up… and you’re going to love this… the Flagship effort of the company of late, namely the ImaginationTV endeavor, was GIVEN to IC Places, Inc for “no consideration“.  As stated in the document, the assets were “given” to the company “given the nominal value of these assets“.    Weren’t investors told that the ImaginationTV effort was going to lead this company back on the road to profitability?  Seems like investors were sold a bill of goods that was, now admittedly, worthless.


Next up… debt, debt, and more debt !  The company issued so much convertible debt, that if/when sold into the market, would exceed the authorized share count (which investors thought was way too high anyway),  by a little over 40-Billion shares.  Yes folks… that a “B” for BILLION !  Wait, what… 40-BILLION over?  How do you miss a hard stop by 10-fold ???  Truly amazing.  It takes a special kind of CEO to accomplish a feat like that !  Way to go Mr. Steven Samblis !


As Meadow2009 points out in his post below… that would make the company have a market cap of over 52-Million dollars.  WOW… 52-million for a company who’s primary focus of late is admittedly worth “nominal value“.   Seems like a slight disconnect there, wouldn’t you agree?

09_14_2014_10_q_Meadow2009So folks, there you have it.  Read the report yourself and you will be amazed how any investor could, even in their wildest dreams, consider this company a viable investment.  In fact Mr. Samblis admits in the document that the issues raised in the report “raise substantial doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”.  These are just heartwarming and reassuring words, coming from the CEO himself, that would make an investor run right out and plunk down some hard earned cash for a few shares of the company stock.  Oh wait… a few shares would only cost you about a penny at the current PPS.

Samblis to sue ClearVision…

WOW… what a hot mess this Steven Samblis situation is !   Yes folks, Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of ImaginationTV (previously IC Places, Inc) now states in a public press release ( here ) that he has retained the Law Office of Greg Loomis for the “preservation” of Imagination TV’s rights under a written Content Agreement entered into on March 12, 2012 with ConnectiVISION / ClearVision Networks. 

Wait… what ???  Preservation of rights ???  Doesn’t a written legally binding contract do that?  Could he mean “enforce” his rights?  Are they using a play on words again in an attempt to entice shareholders, and more importantly potential investors, to have an increased level of confidence that revenue is at hand?  Well, that’s for you to judge, but based on Mr. Samblis’s business history, we suggest you research Mr. Samblis’s many previous press releases prior to making your final decision.  It also wouldn’t hurt to read through a few previous posts on this blog  for more information related to Mr. Sambli’s integrity.  The “search” function at the top of the page comes in handy when searching for previously posted information.

In another matter related to Mr. Samblis… it appears that after a period of silence Mr. Samblis made an appearance on a message board dedicated to matters related to Mr. Collins, and what appears to be his new public company Urban Television Network ( link to board here), trading under the ticker symbol URBT.

In an ironic twist of events, it appears Mr. Samblis makes no attempt to disguise his real identity… but gets the boot anyway.  (click to enlarge)


After 3 posts, he get the boot.  Reason is unknown, however it would be a reasonable assumption that it may have something to do with his previous online message board activity.

Now, in his first post (shown below, or available here) Mr. Samblis states that Mr. Collins “by lying to the public in fake press releases saying he was now CEO and Chairman of the company when in fact he was not.”  Well… it would appear, if one believes their lying eyes, that Mr. Collins was acting on the provisions in his contract of sale.  Complete details are listed here and here.

Samblis_2014_URBT_1 You will also find information related to Mr. Samblis’s assertion that Mr. Collins had a copy of the Samblis Employment Contract prior to the sale.  You will see in the documentation listed that the employment contract was not listed in the SEC filings (prior to Mr. Collins pointing that fact out), so, it is reasonable to believe that if Mr. Samblis did not disclose such to the SEC, that he gave a copy to Mr. Collins?   It’s possible, but any reasonable person would likely conclude he did not.

So… after multiple reverse stock splits (effectively wiping out the investments of scores of investors), a few company name changes, multiple promotion efforts, and multiple public press releases… the stock now sits at .008 as we write this post.  AND… the current PPS comes just 2 days after a massive promotional effort (details here).

PNCHD_NewslettersSo folks… the saga continues…

Never a dull day with Mr. Samblis.

Late, and now REAL late, filing !

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the missing 2nd quarter report from IC Places, Inc.  The CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis is, as usual, not providing any details on it’s whereabouts, or, when investors might expect it to be filed – if ever.  This of course leaves investors to wonder and speculate on the “why” behind the late/missing report.

Meadow2009, a poster on Investors Hub, as usual, has introduced some very compelling theories as to why the report may be late.  Several of Meadow’s theories involve speculations regarding the new accounting firm, Hartley Moore Accountancy Corporation, and their review of IC Places, Inc.prior to creating the report.  Meadow speculates that the new firm may be taking extra time to thoroughly review IC Places, Inc., and all their related financial activities.

Although Meadow’s theory may be accurate, may we suggest another theory… namely Mr. Samblis is broke and can no longer afford to endure the costs of preparing these reports.  Not only the normal cost of preparing the report, but as Meadow suggests, the new accountancy firm may be requiring more fees because of the more extensive review that should be done in order for the new firm to sign off on the report.  I am reminded of the principle – Occam’s Razor… to paraphrase, the theory with the least assumptions is likely the most accurate, i.e. the simplest explanation is usually the best.

One needs to remember some history here.  In this recent post we outlined some thoughts about the Hartley Moore Accountancy Corporation announcement.  It’s worth a read, or re-read if you have already seen it.  In this post we remind readers that Mr. Samblis now has some history regarding terminations within the company, namely the previous president.  You may also be reminded that Mr. Steven Samblis has a documented history of making grandiose press releases, only to find out later that the information put forth in the press release wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.  Many, and some would say all, of those press releases turned out to be misrepresentations, and/or failures.  Some would say that Mr. Samblis simply puts out the press release in an attempt to move stock for his financiers, with no intention of following through on the subject of the press release.

So… could the Hartley Moore Accountancy Corporation announcement have been simply another failed or fraudulent effort to mislead investors into thinking Mr. Steven Samblis was moving forward with the rebuilding of the company?   Given that there have been documented situations, namely the past president’s “firing”, which documents would support, turned out to be a gross misrepresentation at best, and, previous press releases announcing shows and initiatives that failed to materialize… it would be easy to conclude that the press release about Hartley Moore was nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and that it is unlikely they are working on anything for Mr. Samblis.  Although they may have been “engaged” to do work, it is unlikely they will actually do any work until paid.  If they have followed any of the readily available information about Mr. Samblis and his Company, IC Places, Inc., perhaps they are requesting payment in advance.

Also, it is a viable theory that Mr. Samblis is broke.  At least broke in the terms that he previously was accustomed to.  There was a time when the PPS of the stock was over a penny, and it was easy to pledge shares to the likes of Asher to acquire operating funds, and to fund his personal expenses.  However, of late, the PPS is in the dumper, reverse split after reverse split has failed to breathe new life into the PPS, and, there appears to be a concerted effort by those previously burned by Mr. Samblis to inform any perspective investors of the history of this company and it’s CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis.  At some point even Asher will be reluctant to purchase convertibles for fear of not being able to move the shares in the open market in order to make a return on their investment.  Asher may have already shown resistance in the form of higher conversion requirements.  Increased risk always demands higher initial costs, and there is certainly increased risk with IC Places, Inc. of late.

On the subject of operating funds… the above begs the question, what is Mr. Samblis using for operating funds, as well as supporting himself on the personal level.  There is a huge controversy over revenue… as in where is it going if there is any.  To date, of late, the filings have shown NO revenue.  It seems unbelievable, and perhaps fraudulent, that advertising is being shown on Mr. Samblis’s websites, the company is well into the contract with ClearVision, and there is ZERO revenue.  Not talking “profit” here, simply talking “revenue”.  Many have asked the question… WHERE is the revenue being recorded, because it’s a reasonable assumption that there is in fact some revenue.  Seems simply unbelievable that Mr. Samblis works months and years and cannot generate even $1.00 of revenue.  Hopefully Mr. Samblis is not doing something illegal with the revenue if there is any.

So folks, there you have it.  Many, many questions, and no answers from the CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis.  From time to time Mr. Samblis posts on the message boards, many say using bogus and misrepresenting aliases, however he chooses to use the time to attack posters and investors (i.e. shoot the messengers) instead of addressing these very important issues.  What does that tell you ???