Bashing ???

Unfortunately, it appears when an investor asks a valid, but unflattering, question about the company or the CEO… they are labeled a “basher”.  When did asking a valid question make a poster a basher ?   Labeling a poster who asks a very valid question, and/or giving their unflattering opinion about the company or CEO a basher,  is a tactic of the avid supporters of the company to discredit that poster.  Its a very effective tactic (if you let it) to silence the poster.  Its a “shoot the messenger” mentality for those who can not argue the merits of the issue being discussed.  If the poster’s question or comment is valid, even though at times maybe crudely stated, instead of supporting a response with alternative facts, the responding poster attacks the questioner personally in an attempt to convince others that because the questioning poster is somehow flawed personally… the question has no validity.  Many have seen this tactic utilized by Mr. Samblis also.  We say nonsense !

Using the tactic of attempting to discredit the messenger is tantamount to playing the race card in a discussion about political issues.  How many times have you seen those that would speak out in opposition of the policies of the president be labeled a racist.  The theory is… if you disagree with the president, then you must be a racist.  We say nonsense !   Placing a label on someone who disagrees with your position is an effective tactic (if you let it) at changing the subject.  The discussion at that point is not about the issue at hand, but the NEW issue of creditability of the questioner instead of the issue.  Don’t let yourself fall into this trap.  If you let the attempt to divert the discussion to unrelated issues like labeling, you fall prey to their trap.  They attempt to trap you because they are unable to argue the merits of the issue.  They have no defense, perhaps because the issue is indefensible, so therefore they attack the messenger instead of the message.  Pathetic and inexcusable in our opinion.

An additional tactic to quiet unflattering questions and/or opinions is the use of censorship.  Censorship is also a very effective tactic used by those who can not debate the issues and seek to simply make the issue invisible, or so they think.  LieHub is a prime example of the practice of censorship.  Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on the site will realize pro-PNCH comments are frequently deleted.  Those that support PNCH find this practice unfair and unacceptable.  Deleting an opposing view leaves the reader with an unrealistic, and perhaps an invalid view of the company.

The Investors Hangout message board is an example of the opposite of LieHub.  Investors Hangout frequently deletes negative comments about PNCH.  We ask… if the practice is wrong on LieHub… why is it not wrong on Investors Hangout?  Deleting posts, it could be argued, is a tactic by those that have the power to delete postings to influence what others see.  The deleted post is likely not flattering to their position or cause… so they delete it so that it can not become a discussion that may develop into something they don’t want brought to light.  Here again, its easier (and perhaps equally as effective as changing the subject by labeling) to divert the subject matter because they likely have no supporting information to debate the issue.

Censorship will likely reveal and result in hypocrisy.  Take for instance these 2 posts (click to enlarge):

Image   Image

And now take a look at this post:


See any hypocrisy ???

By reading those first 2 posts it would appear that attacking another poster will NOT be tolerated (and summarily deleted)… UNLESS (it would appear) the attack is in support of PNCH.  Most will agree… this example is obviously hypocrisy personified.   As we write this post, the personal attack seen above remains posted.

Folks… if you have a question or an opinion, don’t let the opposition curtail your voicing such.  Make your point, support such with facts or justification, and don’t let others divert your attention off the subject matter by labeling you, or censoring you.  There are far more outlets to express your opinion than message boards.  AND… if you feel the need to attack the messenger, then you likely have an unsupportable position on the subject, or, you don’t have enough knowledge about the issue to respond.  Do your homework, then respond.  Attacking the messenger only shows that you are unable to debate the issue effectively.  If you see a response that attacks the messenger, you know the responder has no ability to defend what they are attempting to defend.  And the same goes for those that have the power to delete posts… ask yourself…are you abusing your privilege as a moderator in an attempt to force your own agenda onto other readers?  If so… shame on you !



Tackling 2 issues tonight…

Number 1… lack of available information surrounding the shareholder meeting.  Take a look at this post on Investors Hangout.  I think this post sums up for many investors, the sentiment surrounding the PNCH shareholder meeting.  We think the company has a responsibility to inform the overwhelming majority of investors that did not, or could not, attend the meeting in person.  In our opinion there should be no difference in the level of information provided for investors that did attend, over those that did not attend.  We think its shameful, and irresponsible of the company to not keep their investors informed.

Additionally… it is also shameful and irresponsible (and we will add selfish, arrogant, and shortsighted to the description) for those that did attend, to not inform their fellow investors of any and all  information they received at the meeting – given that the company has not.  Those that attended call themselves supporters of the company, however to what purpose does withholding important information from other investors do to support the company???   We assume the views expressed by this poster are likely shared by many more investors, as well as potential investors.  We challenge anyone to explain, or justify, how withholding information like this helps the company.  If anyone truly supports this company, they would put their emotions and selfish feelings aside and provide as much information as possible to as many investors and potential investors as they could !

There was a post during the meeting that stated Joseph and Steve were addressing the attending investors, and that they were addressing the “hard” questions that many investors have been asking for quite some time (in fact one poster requested questions to ask during the meeting).  However, there was never any mention of the responses to those “hard” questions.  So… since no information was not provided regarding this Q&A session… are investors to assume that the information provided was not favorable, or, are they to assume that the “supporters” of the company are simply too selfish to distribute the information?

Now, there will be those that say… the attendees provided updates on the Facebook Longs page (supposedly so the bashers would not get the information).  Well, that’s true, but only to a minimal extent.  And, if you have used Facebook you will understand that the information is fragmented, and very hard to follow.  And also, there were many investors that stated they did not use Facebook and had no access to the information no matter how hard it was to follow.  Investors, in our opinion, were in effect, begging for more information than what was being provided via Facebook or relay posts on IH.

To the company, and to the attendee “supporters”… you are doing yourselves a disservice by not providing this information to investors.  In our opinion, we feel this withholding of information, to some degree, is responsible for the decline in the PPS immediately following the meeting.  Shameful… truly shameful !

Number 2… the notion that investors are excited to see the PPS drop (not counting those that may be short in the stock).  Really… are you serious ???  WHO… in their right mind, invests in a stock and wishes it goes down in value just so you can buy more ???  Are other investors equally excited to see the value of their investments go down just so you can buy more ?  The notion that investors are excited about a reduction in PPS is simply counter intuitive to investing in general.  The ones that post this garbage are the very ones overly excited when the PPS is rising.  Pick a hat and wear it… either you want the stock to go up, or you want it to say low forever so you can keep buying every payday.  Unless you’re quitting your job, I guess you want it to stay low forever so you can keep buying ?

Please people… you are doing a disservice to the stock by suggesting you’re happy about a low, undervalued PPS.  If you really felt confident in the company, you would be willing to buy at any price because you are confident the PPS will go up and you will make money on your investment no matter what you paid.  We suspect those that post these type of posts are really simply trying to instill confidence for other investors to buy the stock at these low prices… but all you are really doing is telling other investors to wait, and the price will go lower.  Is that really the message you want to send to potential investors???  If new investors are not willing to pay more than you did for the stock… how are YOU going to make any money.  Think about the message you are sending by saying you are happy about a falling PPS !

Ok… that probably made a lot of people mad, but so be it.  It needed to be said, and our mail indicates these are sentiments held by many more.  The next time the PPS falls… ask yourself if you could have done more to prevent such.  Or, maybe its just easier to blame it on the shorties, or the evil market makers, or… etc., etc., etc.

If you can’t help… at the very least, do no harm !

Another disappointing day !

Yes, its true, another disappointing day.  PPS fell almost 33% on over 35 million shares traded.  Conventional wisdom points to the Late Filing form that was filed today.  There was built-up anticipation for the 10-k form to be filed today, and when news hit that it would not be filed, the stock took a dive.

There is a lot of anger being exhibited on the message boards today over this action.  And who could blame them.  Many are upside down on their investments, and with the CEO dropping hints that this was going to be a really good 10-K (“the best he ever worked on”) they were looking forward to a significant rise in the PPS today.  It appears many feel not only disappointment, but also betrayal.  The CEO first stated that the K would be filed 3/29.  Then it was learned that due to the 29th being Good Friday, the K would be filed on 4/1.  Then today learning it was delayed again.  And, many still remember when it was initially thought that the K would be filed 2/15.

This may be much to-do about nothing.  The CEO posted on LieHub (snubbed the Investors Hangout board once again) to say the K would be filed later this week.  Here is the actual quote: “We filed an extension today because we need a few extra days to Edgarize the K with all the additional assets and other items fully listed. We are very excited to put this out later this week.“.  However, in light of the above, we can understand how some, maybe many, would be skeptical about that statement at this point.

Those that felt betrayed that Steve didn’t give investors a warning that the report might, or would be, late,  perhaps doesn’t understand the strict limitations a CEO has imposed on what, when, and how they can release information to the general public.  There have been some recent news that one CEO is under investigation by the SEC for making a statement on Facebook about some business aspects of his company.  The safest thing any CEO can do is speak through PR releases, and in the case today, SEC filings.  We feel… filing late is the last thing Steve wanted to do today.

HOWEVER… the filing of reports just doesn’t sneak up on you… as a CEO you know when they are due… months and years in advance.  So, although there may have been external circumstances that caused today’s late filing notice… good planning anticipates obstacles and allows for such.  Since this report is a detailed accounting of events that happened in the past, this report could have been completed long ago.  Theoretically this report could have been completed say in mid to late January.  If it takes 10 business days to complete the report, then a prudent planner doesn’t wait till 10 days before the due date to start the report.  This is a year-end report for 2012.  The year ended over 3 full months ago.  The financial data was established over 3-months ago and would have not changed no matter  how long you waited to start the reporting.  We feel, today’s issue could have been totally avoided had more priority been given toward this report.  And we feel, given the significance of this report, it should have been given a higher priority.

Now, having said that, we feel people overreacted at today’s news.  But… that’s investors for you.  They frequently get spooked at the slightest things.  The real reason many are upset over the late filing notice today is… greed.    The anger, frustration, and betrayal would have been minimized, and short lived had the PPS not taken a dive.  Why did the PPS take a dive… investors got spooked and sold.  People lost money today on their investment.   When they woke up this morning they thought they were going to see a substantial increase in their investment portfolio.  When that didn’t happen, they looked for someone and something to blame.

Did IC Punch Media change business strategies today, did they lose any affiliates today, did they announce they were having financial troubles… no, they announced the reporting – on 3-month old data, would be a few days late.  As one poster put it… “BFD”.  PNCH is still the same company today as it was yesterday.  The data will not change because it will be reported a few days late.  If the report was going to be great today, then it will be great later this week also.  Even after the notice of delay Steve still says… ” We are very excited to put this out later this week.“.

So… yes, we are disappointed also, but we did not sell today.  We will wait, because we believe the numbers will be good, and the company is good.  We also believe that the company is growing everyday, and our investment will grow along with the company.

Later this week we anticipate today’s activity will be a distant memory.  When the PPS starts back up, those that were extremely disappointed today, will be all smiles next week, next month, and next year.

What a WILD ride today was !

WOW… what a day !  PNCH gapped up this morning at open, then about 1.5 hours later crashed hard down to a low of .007.   That was a huge drop in the span of about 20 minutes.  It did start the recovery process about 11:45a, and the recovery took place over the span of about 45 minutes.  The stock stayed fairly flat the rest of the afternoon, closing at .012, for a 20% down day.  This is not what we expected to happen today !

We are not worried !  This volatility has to be expected in penny stocks.  That’s part of what makes them exciting, right !    The movers and shakers of the market makers needed to shake lose some shares, and we suspect this move today did the trick… lol.    Everyone is positioning for the 10-K release later this week… most likely Friday when the market is closed, and we suspect those holding any shares short needed to cover before what may be a big move upward if the news is good.  Certainly the flippers who bought in before the huge increase over the last 2 weeks were happy to take some profit today also.

So… everyone but the “longs” probably made some money today, however as longs we are not worried because the overall direction is up.  Remember, the trend is your friend !  And the trend with PNCH is still up, with the best news yet to come.  Today’s wild ride was not for the faint of heart, but all in all, just a blip on the screen of a great company !

In closing today we want to extend a special thanks to “SLICKRIC50” who is a MOD over on the Investors Hangout PNCH board.  He is keeping an eye on this blog and sets us straight in the proofreading area.  Thanks RIC… your efforts are appreciated !

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Back on track !

A gain of 7.14% today… we’ll take it !   We had a bit of a gap-down this morning, but we recovered nicely to close at .015.  Looks like the steady increase leading up to the release of the K report at the end of the month is still intact.  Go PNCH !

Tomorrow should be an exciting day.  Investors will be positioning for next week.  Hopefully the YTD K report will be released before next week ends.  And, just maybe we may see it early.  Who knows, Steve has released filings early before… he just may do it again.

So ask yourself this… IF you want to be a PNCH investor… do you want to be an investor Before, or After, the report is released.  All speculation points to this report being really good.  Yes, you will be able to buy (or buy more) after the report is released… but at what price.  We think… the sale prices will end either tomorrow, or early next week.  YOU make the call !

In closing, here is something that was posted on Investors Hangout today.  We liked it, so we are posting it here also in case you missed it.  Other than the questionable spelling of “Thursty”, we thought it was a classy poster.  No one seems to know if the spelling was intentional or not… whatever, we get the point !