11.5 BILLION shares sold since 1/1/17

Yes folks… you read that right… over 11 BILLION shares sold since 1/1/2017.  AND… the PPS is at a whopping .0004 !!!  But hey… that’s just those in the know scooping up shares because they know something BIG is about to happen, right?

But wait… according to the OTC (see below (click to enlarge)), the Outstanding shares are only slightly over 2-billion.  What’s up with that?  Certainly the historical sales record as listed on the Investors Hub Website must be wrong?  Um… NO, it’s not.  This company has a super-duper share printing press – on steroids, cranking out the new shares to sell.  Well actually, it’s likely the 60-BILLION that the debt financiers hold that are being sold.

And… speaking of those 60 BILLION shares that they own… do you think it would be unthinkable of them to hire some sales people to sell those shares?  What would be the best way to sell those shares?  Maybe hire some people to get on the stock message boards, under fake aliases, to plant the idea into unsuspecting and novice buyers that this stock is ready to explode and you better load the boat or you will wish you had.  What better way to accomplish this but to point to all the sales as evidence of this interest.  Folks… its hogwash !  Anyone pumping this stock is either working for the financiers, likely under a commission basis, or, someone who was duped by the hype and now owns a ton of worthless stock and is looking for some other fool to buy it from him.

Ever notice how each time the stock has a surge of sales… there is a new crop of aliases that appear?  You rarely see the same names appear more than one pump.  However you DO see some of the same aliases time and time again… those are the ones who have learned the valuable lesson and are trying to warn you what you are in for if you buy some IMTV stock.  These folks have been involved with the company for quite some time, and they have seen… and remember, how this company operates.  You might want to head their warnings.

Here’s the good news… there are only 49-BILLION or so shares left to be sold !  That’s better than 60-BILLION… right ???  So… you will likely see a few more pumps to move the remaining 49-BILLION shares.  Then… it’s very likely they will do a Reverse-Split to clean up the trash left over from the earlier party.  It would be hard for company to promote themselves with an outstanding share count of over 60-BILLION shares.  They are going to need to get that down to a respectable level so they can do it all over again.  The ONLY way to do that would be to do a Reverse-Split.  After all, IMTV is a pro at it, having done it 4 times in the past.  They probably have the paperwork in their files and all they need to do is change the dates and amounts and put a stamp on it and let-r-go.

Folks… as always… do your own homework before making a buying decision.  Let Mr. Google walk you through the history of this company.

IMTV… who’s really in charge ???

Folks, it’s up to you what to believe.  Only YOU can make that decision.

There has been speculation even since the “Private Transaction” that Mr. Steven Samblis is still in charge of IMTV.  Many believe that Mr. Joseph Sirianni is simply a figurehead that has been installed to remove the negative connotations of the past actions of Mr. Steven Samblis and his running the company.  Some say running the company into the ground.

IMTV has had a history of what many call “pumping and dumping”.  It’s a very common practice in what’s called the “stinky pinky” public company world.  Some think the “Private Transaction” was just that, a pump and dump scheme to sell stock.  The concept is… put out grandiose press releases (written by the company but made to look like news), then the stock sales will significantly increase based on irrational exuberance by naive investors.  Nowadays most have come to know this practice as “fake news”.

It’s also well documented that IMTV is significantly oversubscribed with regard to shares pledged as collateral for previous cash advances by equity financiers, like Asher Enterprises.  Oversubscribed to the tune of 61-BILLION shares (yes, not a misprint – BILLION).  (see below – click to enlarge) and HERE.

Now, with this level of debt load it would be reasonable to assume that drastic measures would be needed to manage this debt.  That’s a whole lot of shares that need to be sold to the public to satisfy the equity financiers.  Do you really think those equity financiers would be forgiving any of this debt???  VERY doubtful.  They have already paid out the cash to IMTV, and they want to be paid back… wouldn’t you?  So, is it unreasonable to think that a tactic would or could be conceived to make it appear there is a new CEO heading the company, and to indicate this new CEO will move the company into the weed selling business?  Naive investors just lose their minds when a company mentions they will be associated with marijuana in any way.  And… if folks think that Mr. Steven Samblis is no longer involved, they will be more likely to take a (or another) chance by investing in the company.

Friends was contacted by none other than Mr. Steven Samblis on July 13, 2017.  Here is his quoted text:

“Now that I have nothing to do with IMTV and there is no reason to attack me anymore, can I have my name back?”

Larry and Mr. Steve Samblis had 59 more communications as a result of this initial contact, over the period of 7/13/2017 through 8/3/2017.  We mention the vast number of communications (emails) during this period to illustrate the apparent significant desire on the part of Mr. Samblis to have his namesake domains back.  It’s also noteworthy that he does have a domain in his namesake already.  If he has his own site, in his own name, why work so hard to get another one ?

So, in these 60 communications, his pleas ran the gamut of trying to appeal to Larry’s compassion, to crying poor mouth, and to finally a financial offer.  Larry’s initial response to Mr. Samblis’s inquiry was:

Provide me with the “Private Transaction” document supporting your statements that you have nothing to do with the company, and yes, you can.”.

What was the end result of these discussions… No deal.  Mr. Samblis stated Mr. Sirianni would not allow him to release the document.

So… you be the judge.  Why would Mr. Sirianni refuse to release this document?  At one point Larry offered to consummate the deal if Mr. Sirianni filed the document with the SEC.  The actual document was not really needed to be in-hand, simply available for the public to see.  That offer was refused also.  So, the reasonable question here is… WHY???  What is in that “Private Transaction” document, so important and confidential that IMTV doesn’t want the investing public to see?  As a public company, doesn’t the investing public have a right to view what’s in this document?  If IMTV really wanted to be up-front and transparent with important details about the company, wouldn’t they be eager to release the document?  One would think that if there really was a “sale”, Mr. Sirianni would be eager to disassociate himself, and IMTV, with Mr. Samblis.  Or, do they just want to put out grandiose press releases primarily designed to create irrational exuberance by naive investors?

Do we believe Mr. Samblis… not for one second!  And, because neither one of them would release the document, when any reasonable person could see it would be in both their best interest to do so, makes us believe ever stronger that something just doesn’t pass the smell test about the supposed “sale”.  We are certainly willing to believe there was really a sale, but it will take documentation in order for us to believe it.  If there is no documentation to support their claims, it’s just more fake news to us.

Feel free share your thoughts with the world about this by using the “Leave a Comment” functionality at the bottom of the page.  Mr. Samblis or Mr. Sirianni are free to respond also.  The world would love to hear why they will not release the document!

Note: We will not be publishing the verbatim email chain at this time.  If Mr. Samblis or Mr. Sirianni were to dispute these conversations, then we would certainly publish them all in order to document the truth.

Yet another worthless press release !

Yes folks, we just wrote about this last night, and here is the latest example of such.  The press release is here.  Please take a look at it.  Here is an excerpt:

First, I know that shareholders are concerned about the Company’s debt existing prior to me coming aboard and this is a Company priority. I understand the concern and I have successfully secured an amended note with respect to one note holder. I am attempting to negotiate new debt terms with other note holders.

Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni states he successfully negotiated an amended note – with 1 of the many note holders.  Big deal… what about the other half-dozen or more notes???  AND… does he state any debt was forgiven???  No, he does not !  Does he state any less shares were pledged?  No, he does not !  So… where’s the big news ?  OK… so your credit card company says you can skip a payment on the outstanding balance… what does that do for you?

You gotta love this next line…

We also plan on establishing new business units within the cannabis industry.

Here we go with the “plan” again.  A plan, if there is one, is simply a grain of sand on the beach of failed plans from this company.  Oh, what’s that you say… those failed plans were under the leadership of Mr. Steven Samblis, and Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni is a completely different CEO?  ROTFLMAO… produce the documentation that Mr. Steven Samblis is not still involved.  There is zero evidence that he is not, and much to indicate he is.  Ask yourself, WHY was there a need to have a “Private Transaction” between the two?  What don’t they want you to know ???  You can bet whatever it is… it’s not in the investors best interest or they would have been eager to publish it, AND, file a copy with the SEC.

And finally, there is this…

Mr. Areco has been working closely with our developers to build out the 808hitz.com platform.

Wait… isn’t this the same website that Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni said on March 29th 2017 that the websites would be up and running in the next 45-days?  Now come to find out they are still “developing” it.  AND… by the looks of the one website they did develop, it looks like they spent about an hour on it.  You can download FREE websites that look better than that one.

Folks… don’t fall for the hype from some anonymous poster on a message board.  Those pumping the IMTV company are likely trying to sell those 50+ BILLION shares still remaining to be sold from the toxic financiers.   Or, those that bought the shares at the height of the pump and now are trying to unload them to limit their losses.  Do some simple Due Diligence… Google IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis and decide based on facts and documents… not a paid pumper’s deception.


A really sweet deal !!!

WOW… if you read some of the folks on Investors Hub… this company is poised to overtake Google and Apple combined in size.  It seems obvious those folks have not read the most recent “filing” of Mr. Siriani.  In fact it appears they have been reading into the document some very creative wishes.  However, if you actually take a few minutes to read the document, you would likely be left with you jaw hanging open.  You just have to wonder how anyone can come on a message board and promote this company.  It’s a fair question to ask, given the above, what’s in it for them???

First off, you have to laugh about the company “Principal Executive Offices” being located in a “Virtual” office.  Yes folks… this company that some believe is on track to make them millions… appears to operate out of a location where “offices” start at $100.00 a month.  Yes folks, put the addresses in either of the filing documents into Google, and you will see that the last official filing with the SEC listed it’s “registrant’s principal executive offices” in a UPS store.  The address on the most recent “Annual Report” is a “Virtual” office.

You might want to take a peek at the section of the Annual Report entitled “Preferred Stock”.  Talk about a “golden parachute”… this is one sweet deal.

So this company that appears to operate out of a “Virtual” office… issues itself 240-MILLION shares of “Series-A” stock.  Now this “Series-A” stock is a real sweet deal.  First, these shares have a voting strength of 10-times what one normal share votes.  Second, holder(s) of these shares (could this be just 1 holder?) “will” (not might, not conditional on anything, like good performance, etc), receive $1.00 per share !  So folks… this company, from the git-go, is already $240-million dollars in debt !  It’s right there in black and white, go read it for yourself.  This action begs the question… do you think this company, or it’s “directors” have the investors best interest in mind ???

And if that’s now sweet enough for you, check out the first paragraph under “Preferred Stock”.

Check the section that reads as follows: “The Company has authorized five hundred million (500,000,000) shares of preferred stock, par value $.00001.”.  If you read a little further you can see that this “blank check” stock can be converted into anything the company wishes (section (e).  That appear to mean that these shares can be converted into Series-A shares also.  WOW… that appears to be 740-MILLION shares that can be worth $1.00 each, in addition to other benefits as the company deems fit.  Ask yourself…do you really think this company has the best interest of the investors in mind here???

If the above is not enough to turn your stomach, don’t forget the 61-Billion shares already pledged to creditors.  Some of the pumpers on Investors Hub seem to be dismissing this over-subscription issue.  Just ask yourself… if YOU were the creditor who loaned the company (be it past or present) this money… would you simply forgive this debt???  Of course you wouldn’t !   What would you do then ?  One thought would be to hire some boiler-room sales people to sell shares to recover your money.  You might even pay these folks a commission on sales goals achieved.  The owner of these shares, obtained via convertible loan conversions, would sell them at just about any price because even at .0001 they would be making a killing because they have so little invested.  Do you think it would be beneath some of these sales people to get on a message board, disguised as investors, and perhaps be reckless with the truth regarding how great of an investment this company is?  Some would say that is exactly what is happening when you see what some of these posters post.  You have to wonder… have they read the same documents you have???

If all the above is not enough for you to say, OK, I have seen enough… here is another quote from the most recent Annual Report.

This quote from that passage “The Company will most
likely be reliant on additional shareholder contributions…” just has to warm your heart.  Ask yourself what exactly that means?  Can you say… more dilution?

Folks… it appears no amount of “weed” will pull this company out from this financial hole they have dug for themselves.  There are those (perhaps the ones we spoke about above) that would like you to believe this company will move into the weed selling business and make investors a bunch of money.  What do you think given the above???  It appears the only thing this company has, and will sell, is shares of their stock, with a heaping side order of steaming BS.  That appears to be their only viable product right now.

Folks… do your own DD.  Read the document for yourselves before investing and decide for yourself..  Who are you going to believe, some posters on a message board, or your own eyes and your own common sense and gut !

Financials (UnAudited) out – 61 BILLION shares outstanding !

Well folks… financials are out, hot off the presses.  Investors might want to take a look at this section of the report, and ponder such when they are thinking about investing in the company. (click to enlarge)

Is there even a question as to who’s shares you are buying if you decide to make a purchase???

And the hits just keep coming… the company is almost 1-million in debt.

And… just to give you a little flavor as to the validity of the document, there is this piece about a lawsuit that they state “The company finds no merit in the allegations and will vigorously defend the suit.”  WOW… this appears to be the very same lawsuit we reported on here, AND, Mr. Steven Samblis AGREED to a settlement of it.

Folks, we spent about 10-minutes with the document, so more to come later, but we still see nothing that proves Mr. Steven Samblis does not own the company.  Investors might consider that a person can be CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board…without actually “owning” the company.  They are just titles.  Investors still have not seen the terms and conditions of the “Private Transaction” that was widely publicized as the “Sale” of the company to Mr. Siriani.  If either of these two gentleman really wanted you to know the truth… they would publicize the document, and file it with the SEC.

New investment strategy discovered… GUESSING !


Who knew?  Could it be true that Warren Buffet has been keeping this “Guessing”  investment strategy a secret all this time?  Investors worldwide need to hear this new strategy !  AND… the best part is, this strategy is justified by the theory of “all I can lose is 100% of my investment”.  WOW… just incredible !

Folks… you just can’t make this stuff up!  As insane as the above sounds, there are those who come on investment boards and profess such garbage, apparently in order to convince others to buy shares in worthless stocks.  One wonders if they actually believe such garbage.  Or… are they unscrupulous individuals attempting to pump a stock for their own personal gain, and don’t give a dam about other investors.  Perhaps they made a really bad decision to buy a ton of a worthless stock based on inaccurate and misleading information by CEO’s who come on message boards disguised as knowledgeable and enthusiastic investors touting how great the company and CEO is.

Fortunately, there are many who have first-hand experience with the IMTV stock, and, the CEO Mr. Steven Samblis who owns the company.  Fortunately, the world now has Google to easily search for creditable information about such.  These two sources alone can save many investors from making the same incredibly ill-informed decision that some of late have made.  Apparently they followed the investment strategy of Guessing.

Folks, with the volumes of information available with a simple Google search… WHY would anyone need to guess about something so precious as your hard earned money?

Now, the same group of individuals apparently subscribing to the Guessing concept of investing, suggest that NONE of the previous well-documented history of IMTV, as well as the history of the CEO Mr. Steven Samblis, have anything to do with the “new” CEO of the company, Mr. Joseph Sirianni.  Well… are you going to believe some ill-informed Guesser on a message board… or your lying eyes?

Folks… the history is ALWAYS important !  It’s critically important that you know the history of Mr. Steven Samblis before you jump to the conclusion that there was in fact a “sale” of the company to Mr. Joseph Sirianni.  The “sale” is the central aspect of the above mentioned investors beliefs… and it very well may be incorrect.  In order to make an informed decision on the validity of this central (and very critical) aspect of a “sale”, you must know the history of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Is he creditable and believable ???  If not, how can you trust ANYTHING surrounding his actions?

The very first thing you should do is read the Contract of Sale.  Oh wait… it was a “Private Transaction”, and, the document was not released to the investing public, or, filed with the SEC. WHY ???   MAJOR Red Flag !!!

WHAT IF… the “sale” was really not a sale at all.  WHAT IF… Mr. Samblis still owns the company, and simply installed Mr. Joseph Sirianni as a puppet figurehead to walk the company through a “re-branding”.   Many believe this is not only possible, they believe it’s most likely.  WHY do they believe this… because they did their research.  They are very familiar with the history of Mr. Steven Samblis.  They know how he operates, based on documented historical documents, and yes, personal experience.  Historical documents, and personal experience, have proven to be VERY reliable in predicting the future.  Is it 100% reliable… no, but is it 100% accurate… YES!  With those odds, do you really want to take a chance at “losing 100% of your investment”?  Some say yes, like the folks that think Guessing” as an investment strategy is a good strategy.  But many others say why take a chance with Guessing when there are so many other investments where the odds are far better.

Many investors would agree that if the company really was sold, and Mr. Steven Samblis was no longer involved in any way, then maybe, just maybe, there might be a chance something good might happen.  However one needs to disregard the VAST amount of history of Mr. Samblis’s actions with misinformation and misleading statements in order to believe there was in fact a sale.  No sale, and all other assumptions (and guesses) go right out the window.

Folks… don’t buy into the hype without first doing your research on Mr. Steven Samblis.  You may find yourself coming on a message board misleadingly pumping a stock, just so you can recover some part of your worthless investment.

“Guessing” as an investment strategy, without a shred of research, is the definition of insanity.  If you have 100% of your investment to throw away… why not find a good charity and donate the money to a worthy cause.  Donating to some unscrupulous CEO is not the best use of your available funds.

Good luck to all those who subscribe to the “Guessing” theory of investing.

Going Dark…

Looks like IMTV is “going dark”, with the filing of Form-15 today.  Although this is a distinction without a difference, since there has been no reporting for quite a while anyway.   Here is an article about the process.

Now… here is the most interesting part.  Given the huge controversy over Mr. Samblis having walked away from the company… notice the address of record listed on today’s filing.  Yes, that’s correct, its the very same address that has been used on many other SEC filings by Mr. Samblis.  i.e. although Mr. Steven Samblis states he has walked away from the company… the address of record has not changed.

Could the hyped new owner be using the very same office as Mr. Samblis… possible maybe, but not likely.  Here is the post we did about the location back in August of 2014.

So… you’re Joseph S. Serianni and you just took over the company, and A) it’s been over 5-months and no one has heard a peep from you, and B) both SEC filings that you filed have the same address as the previous owner, who doesn’t have the best reputation with running the company, and C) a new alias shows up on Investors Hub touting the resurgence of the company, just prior to filing the SEC Form-15, and the poster has all the hallmarks of the tactics Mr. Steven Samblis used to pump the company previously.  Did someone leave the hard boiled eggs out too long, because something just doesn’t smell right.

And… 60-milion shares traded today.

IMTV_Trades_061716Certainly looks like an Asher dump, given they are all within 5-6 minutes of one another.  Remember… Asher likely bought these shares at a 50-60% discount off the current PPS, AND… because of the reverse split, they likely have even less cost in the shares, as we indicated here.  WOW… .00001 pps.  Yes, that’s 4-zero’s and a 1.  So, they paid $600.00 for those shares, and sold them today for $6000.00.  Not bad for 5-minutes work !  How can an any retail investor compete with that ???

So folks… looks like Mr. Steven Samblis took any IMTV investor money that was in the couch cushions and started a private company, but investors will likely never know a true account of their money, given the Form-15 filing today.   As they say… let the buyer beware.  Do your homework FIRST !

Samblis surfacing again… incognito perhaps ???

Well folks… it’s been a while since we last posted.  Nothing to write about because Mr. Steven M. Samblis sold everything and retired from the CEO business, right?  Well, maybe not.

There was a recent press release for Fortune Road Media, Inc., (see it here) which, as many loyal followers might recognize, has all the writing styles frequently utilized by Mr. Steven M. Samblis during his ICPA/IMTV days.  In fact, it appears even the “new” company name is a recycle of days gone by.  The below graphic is an excerpt from an article written back in 1999 entitled “Saga of a fallen Internet Stock: Millionaire.com“.  See it here.

Samblis_FortuneMedia2Now, it’s interesting to notice that there appears to be a new “front-man” for the new initiative, Mr. Sean O’Riordan.  Check the “Contacts” name at the bottom of the above linked press release.  You may remember a similar (apparently failed) attempt to mask Mr. Samblis’s new efforts at continuing to create a network broadcasting empire, with the use of another “front-man”, namely Mr. Joseph S Sirriani.  Notice that Mr. Samblis’s name appears nowhere in or around the press release.  Yet, it’s well known, and documented, that Fortune Road Media, Inc. is a Mr. Steven M. Samblis entity.  (See below)  Apparently, Mr. Samblis thinks his name is so toxic that associating such with any new initiative would be counterproductive to its success.  Wait… didn’t Mr. Samblis spend investor funds to have his name trademarked ?  Why would anyone spend money to trademark a name that apparently they are ashamed to use?

FortuneRoadWhoIsNow… no one is, or should be, attempting to deny Mr. Samblis the right to make a living.  BUT… the question here is, were ICPA/IMTV investor funds used to create a revenue stream that benefits only Mr. Samblis.  Given that there has been no significant audited financial accounting of the public company finances, how can investors (who lost significant amounts of money on their investments) be assured assets, and/or revenue from the public company were not used to start the new Fortune Road Media, Inc. company?

Also, IF, there was some level of misrepresentation or co-mingling of any assets or funds, such would at the very least likely be considered unscrupulous behavior, and at worst, possible criminal behavior.   Additionally, IF questionable actions were taken by Mr. Samblis, one would wonder why others would associate themselves, or their name, with that of Mr. Samblis.  The history of Mr. Samblis’s actions related to business partners or associates are well documented, just ask Mr. Joseph Collins for one.

So folks… you have the data, you need to decide for yourself what you believe is going on with Mr. Samblis.  There doesn’t appear to be any creditable evidence that Mr. Samblis sold the public company, or isn’t still involved at the control level somehow (given the “Private Sale”).  The public company still currently trades, albeit barely, and the PPS is currently sitting at .0001.   It is very possible that soon, given the new press release of Fortune Road Media, Inc, that there will be another attempt to revive the public company.   Look for another push, possibly soon, and possibly by the Asher related folks, to start posting on message boards about “loading the boat” because this thing is “going to the moon”.  You may even see hyped PR’s that indicate IMTV bought this hugely popular financial powerhouse called Fortune Road Media, Inc.  And… it’s likely Mr. Samblis’s name will be nowhere to be found.  If successful at the “rebranding”… new investors will likely be unaware of what’s going on.  At least that will likely be the plan.

Investors should ask themselves this… WHY, when Fortune Road Media, Inc. (from all appearances, a private company) releases a press release, (like they did here) do they feel the need to display a “Envision TV Safe Harbor Statement” at the bottom, which includes the following statement: “A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the company’s business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.