P.T. Barnum may have been right !

Yes folks… P.T. Barnum may have been right when he said “There is a sucker born every minute“.  For anyone believing the deception of KHudson over on Investors Hub, must truly be in the class of individuals susceptible to the BS of con-men.

KHudson, (who by the way many, if not most, believe is Mr. Steven Samblis deceiving low-information investors), states in one of his latest posts… “The new CEO has made a cool move with his latest filing.”   “Cool” is not how most would put it.  What the move has done is let IMTV operate without the investing public seeing the very information they should be looking at when deciding weather to purchase shares in the company.  “Cool”… no, most would call it deceptive and devious.

We have written about the overwhelming amount of information that points to Mr. Samblis still being involved in IMTV.  KHudson’s posts are an excellent example of this evidence.  Ask yourself… WHY would a brand new poster come on a message board that has historically been warning against the actions of Mr. Steven Samblis for years, and try to convince readers that there is a new CEO???  Many would point to the Samblis name being so toxic that no matter what it is associated with would be detrimental to the well being of that entity.  It has now become imperative that the Samblis name be removed from any and all aspects of IMTV if it is to be revived, and able to convince investors to buy more shares.  Be reminded here of the “Private Sale”.

Take a look at the below graphic, (the full copy is here), where in it Mr. Samblis (when he was still using his real name), states in no unambiguous way, that he is no longer involved with IMTV in any way – THEN HE DELETES THE POST !.   Then he sends Friends the following email (seen here).  Then he tries to get the reference to the document removed from the Friends site by filing a DMCA complaint, (seen here).

Samblis_AreYouKiddingMe_cAnd here is why this post is so important that he tried everything he could to get it deleted.  In that post he states… “… I don’t own or control a single share.” (in fact the complete text of the paragraph is significant !)  So why is KHudson, who again many believe is Mr. Steven Samblis, trying so desperately to convince you that Mr. Samblis is not involved with IMTV ?  Maybe the next graphic provides further evidence Mr. Samblis is still involved.


IF, in fact, KHudson is Mr. Steven Samblis, OR, you simply believe it’s Mr. Samblis creating these posts, you now see the importance.  And further why it is so important that readers (or the SEC for that matter) do not discover that KHudson is Mr. Steven Samblis.  We told you here why the SEC would be concerned.  If at some point the SEC would investigate IMTV and Mr. Samblis’s activities as CEO, Mr. Samblis could be in for some real tough days.  Perhaps Mr. Samblis thinks that his use of the TOR application shields him from the SEC discovering any misrepresentation, he might want to consider those that have gone before him that were busted thinking they could outsmart the Federal Government.  No one knows if such an investigation is currently underway (they take their good-ole-time investigating anything, and are never public about such), but what do you think would happen to the PPS of your shares if any such investigation becomes public?  So, as you can see, Mr. Samblis has a lot a stake here.

There is a great quote in the signature line of the below graphic… don’t be among “the deceived”… do your homework before investing and make up your own mind if you think IMTV is a safe investment.


Heeeeeeee’s Back !

Looks like Mr. Steven Samblis might be back to what many believe is his old tactics of using fake aliases to promote his company ( KHudson ).    Take a look at the following post that was posted on Investors Hub today.

Samblis_NeverGotAnyInvestorMoneyIn fact, as of this writing, 14 posts have appeared on Investors Hub, all in staunch support of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Now take a look at the profile:


Given Mr. Samblis’s history of having been highly suspected of using bogus aliases before, of which have the exact same tone, tenor and word choice, it appears the evidence is overwhelming… he is at it again.  Who else would know so much information, and be in such strong support, and not have had an account on Investors Hub previously.

Now… notice how the old tactics of creative word choice are used here.  This is a favorite tactic of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Notice how over several posts the poster makes statements about no investor gave the company, or Mr. Samblis, any money via the purchase of shares.  Well the truth is… that’s correct.  However, the dirty little secret is… many of the shares that hit the open market were Asher shares, as we detailed in this post here, and also detail in this post here.

Mr. Samblis would leverage the company shares to secure loans by Asher, that fitting the Asher business model, would never be paid back, and therefore Asher turned the pledged shares into retail shares, and unloaded them on the open market to unsuspecting buyers.  Mr. Samblis would in turn use the cash secured with these loans (called “convertible loans”) to do whatever he wanted.  So… using the creative word choice allows him to say such a ridiculous statement.  Its a ridiculous statement but he calls those that understand what went on… “dim witted”.  This is another very favorite tactic of Mr. Samblis.  He doesn’t like the message, so he attacks the messenger, something Friends knows well.

Folks… if you think this is a real poster, with the vast amount of evidence available everywhere, then perhaps you are just going to learn a hard lesson with your hard earned cash.  But, the wise move here would be to heed the advice of many who have traveled this road before you, and learned the hard way about IMTV, and Mr. Steven Samblis.

AND… the poster goes to great lengths to convince you Mr. Samblis has nothing to do with the public company, but all that is needed to convince everyone, would be to release the “Private Sale” contract.  It should have been filed with the 8K, but late is better than never.  Until you see the actual “Private Sale” contract, you would be well advised to be skeptical, like everyone else is.  Talk is cheap, but the contract will tell the truth.  We suspect that will never happen, and you would be wise to ask yourself… what is being hidden from you???