An interview with Mr. Collins CEO of Punch TV.

Hello folks.  Mr. Collins has graciously taken the time to do another on-the-record interview with Friends.  We thank Mr. Collins for taking the time to answer some questions that may be on investor’s minds as he embarks on building the company he thought he was going to have the opportunity to build with his association with Mr. Steven Samblis.   See the verbatim questions/answers here.  (and by the way… we have offered the opportunity for Mr. Samblis to interview several times, however he has yet to agree)

We think the most important piece to understand about the new company, is the closing text Mr. Collins added in answer to question #7.  To paraphrase…. it’s important to understand that Mr. Collins never had the opportunity (i.e. power) to execute his vision and ideas when he was associated with Mr. Steven Samblis.  As many of you know, Mr. Samblis went to great lengths to maintain his absolute control over the company.  Given that Mr. Samblis had provided for himself majority control over all aspects of the company, the buck stopped with him, and him alone.  Mr. Collins could not make anything happen unless Mr. Samblis agreed, and approved.  Regardless of what you may believe about the defunct Samblis-controlled IC Punch Media, it appears Mr. Samblis called all the shots, not Mr. Collins.

We also think it’s important to understand that, unlike Mr. Samblis, Mr. Collins does not appear to dodge hard questions, and as he was aware he was on-the-record, he did not appear to parse his words like many of you believe Mr. Samblis did and still does.  Many think, that is certainly a refreshing change from Mr. Samblis.

Additionally, it appears Mr. Collins makes himself available to answer questions on message boards also… and he does so AS HIMSELF !   Again, many believe a refreshing change from Mr. Samblis.  Now there are some who see this as a negative, i.e. a CEO posting (pumping) information about his company’s stock, and we would agree to the extent pumping was involved.  However, when the CEO of the company comes on a message board to face his investors questions, for the purpose of addressing those questions… this is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, it can be a good thing for current investors, as well as prospective investors.  For it takes straightforward answers, straight from the CEO, to impress prospective investor’s to become current investors… and that’s a good thing for current investors.

Folks… read Mr. Collins’s responses to the questions put to him and decide for yourself if you believe they are sincere and have merit.   Also keep in mind that what he says about not having control over implementing his ideas when he was with Mr. Samblis, we all know to be accurate.  So… now that the buck stops with Mr. Collins, investors will be able to see the possibilities that could have existed had there been no association with Mr. Samblis.  It is now time for Mr. Collins to show investors what could have been had Mr. Samblis not stifled his creativity and energy.  It will be interesting to see once and for all, who is the proven leader, and who is the proven loser.

An interview with Mr. Joseph Collins !

We had an opportunity to interview Mr. Joseph Collins, President of Punch TV.  As can be seen by the introduction to the questioning, Mr. Collins was advised that his responses would be on the record, and likely published for all to see.  One would think that given your comments would be on the record, and you had sufficient time to prepare your responses… you would make sure your responses were truthful and accurate.  It is working under this concept that we make the following observations and comments.  And again, we thank Mr. Collins for his time to respond, and his directness in his responses.

See the interview verbatim text here.

We think many would agree that the central issue that caused the breakup of Collins and Samblis was the issue of viewership.  Mr. Samblis has seemed to maintain that Mr. Collins misrepresented the level of potential viewers/homes their signal would be available to.  In Mr. Collins’s response to question #1 he seems to be saying Mr. Samblis’s assertion is incorrect.  Now, this is question #1, and since this, according to Mr. Samblis, was the central issue that caused the problems between the two, one would need to make a determination as to which man is more creditable, and therefore more believable with respect to the central issue.  There are more questions to follow, and if you don’t think Mr. Collins is creditable on this issue, than you are unlikely to believe his responses to the rest of the questions.  We suspect the avid believers in Mr. Samblis will likely disbelieve anything Mr. Collins says, however keep in mind that Mr. Collins is on the record here with his responses, and, appears to have (previously) provided documentation to support his positions.  Mr. Samblis on the other hand has not really provided much detail on any issues surrounding the breakup, or the cause thereof.  We are confident investors would welcome a response by Mr. Samblis, accompanied with supporting documents to validate his responses.  As the accuser, Mr. Samblis should be required to prove his case.

The second, and likely related, issue is that of control of the company.  Mr. Collins states in his response to question #1 that Mr. Samblis was “not going to yield control of the company under any circumstances, even though the contract clearly stipulated differently“.   As we referenced in our recent blog post here, Mr. Collins provided documentation that appears to support his position that Mr. Collins was to “step up” as CEO.  Additionally as we pointed out, there appears to be no preconditions to this specific clause in the contract.  Lacking rebuttal documents from Mr. Samblis it would appear the document Mr. Collins provided is accurate.

If one were to look logically at the contract agreement overall, and then ask themselves what would be the inducement for Mr. Collins to have his company acquired by Mr. Samblis and his public company IC Places… it could seem reasonable that this CEO clause is believable, and likely valid.  It would just seem to be common sense to think that Mr. Collins would have been asking… what’s in it for me?  Mr. Collins had been in business for some 15 years building Punch TV, and one would need to ask themselves why he would turn over his baby to Mr. Samblis without some assurances that he would still be in control over what he worked so hard building.  Likewise its believable that Mr. Samblis would offer such in order to make the deal happen.  Specifically if he knew, as Mr. Collins states, he had an ace in the hole so to speak in that there was an employment contract in force providing that Mr. Samblis would always maintain majority control of the stock, and therefore the company.  IF, as Mr. Collins states, this document was requested, and not provided (under the guise of no such document existed) Mr. Samblis would feel protected in allowing the specific takeover language be included in the contract.  We will leave it to the courts to decide the legality of this action.

Another interesting point, again of central issue, is the return of the shares exchanged as a result of the agreement.  Mr. Collins states (question #3) that upon acceptance of the rescind agreement, Mr. Samblis cancelled the shares.  If in fact Mr. Samblis “cancelled” the shares, and in effect rendering them worthless, 1) what was the point of returning them, and 2) if the shares were indeed worthless why did Mr. Samblis make such a spectacle of calling and waiting for their return?

Feel free to read the verbatim text of the interview and make your own decision and conclusions.  Many reading such, coupled with Mr. Samblis’s creditability issues, may find Mr. Collins’s responses valid and accurate when not looked at through a self serving bias in favor of Mr. Samblis.  In addition to looking at the information logically, let your gut be your guide.

Mr. Samblis… you are encouraged to air any rebuttal facts in support of your previously stated position.  We would be happy to publish such here.  Given that there are many who question your creditability, supporting documentation would be extremely helpful at rebuilding your creditability.



Is PunchTV going public ???

A visit to the newly designed PunchTV website (see below)  might indicate that it is.  After a nasty and bitter breakup, what better way to get back at ” The X” than to beat them at their own game.

It appears that in the brief relationship between Steven Samblis and Joseph Collins, Collins  taught Samblis a little bit of how to start and operate a television broadcast company, so its only reasonable to assume that Samblis taught Collins a little bit of how to start and run a publically traded company.

Won’t that be a hoot if Collins takes his company public and competes head to head with Samblis !  Its fun to speculate who would come out on top.  Lets see… Collins has been at it much longer.  Collins has all the infrastructure in place.  Collins has years of contacts to call on.  Collins is currently broadcasting.  Collins currently has advertisers.  Collins has a niche audience.  AND… Collins has a brand new reason to crush his newest competition.

Now, put the above up against a new company, with a name that will be lost in the mix of the vast number of other companies trading off the “VU” (View) terminology (and there are even one or more Television broadcast companies with that name already).  A company that has yet to broadcast its first show on the new network.  A company that really all it has is an idea, and some limited knowledge gained from a short relationship that turned sour.  In addition to the reasons stated publically for the breakup… could there also have been tension building with differences in creative direction?  If so, it will be interesting to see which creative ideas will be successful.

So.. even IF PunchTV stays private, it will be interesting to watch these 2 companies battle it out for viewers (and advertising dollars), and interesting to see which creative design wins out in the long run.

PunchTV appears to continue to operate as usual, in fact one might not know there was an issue, however VU Television Network (still IC Punch Media) appears to be struggling to get off the ground.  PunchTV has completely revamped its website, while VU is still displaying default template content on its new website.  PunchTV has a full roster of shows, while VU has announced only 5.

We don’t know folks… the underdog could pull it out… but he sure has his work cut out for himself.  The ultimate show of investor confidence will be in the PPS.  IF PunchTV goes public, keeping score will be easy.  We suspect a PunchTV IPO will launch at a higher PPS than the current PPS of VU, which as of this writing is .0017.

Would YOU invest in PunchTV if it went public?


Poor judgement… or illegal ???

The following information has been brought to our attention by readers of this blog regarding the “Shareholder’s Meeting” on 4/14/2013.  YOU be the judge…

1)      There was a closed door meeting facilitated by the company CEO and President, and in attendance were “substantial shareholders” of PNCH.

2)      This meeting transpired nearly 24 hours before the public release of the 2012 10-K financial reporting.

3)      A full trading day transpired between this meeting, and the public release of the financial reporting (10-K).

4)      Leaked information indicates that there were discussions:  including, but not necessarily limited to, yet to be released financial information, aspects of current and future advertising activities, and overall corporate direction.

5)      Some, or all, participants discussed and decided to, keep this information to themselves, family members, and close acquaintances.

6)      As of this writing (and to the best of our knowledge) there has been no public release of the above discussed information in any public forum or formal press release.

7)      It is currently unknown if any of the participants used this information to make PNCH stock trades during or after the next trading session(s).

Now, we will let you decide if this is simply poor judgment by the parties involved, or something more sinister like conspiracy, or, even illegal activities regarding insider trading as defined by the SEC.

We understand, and are saddened by, the likelihood that this information will be fuel for bashers of the company.  It is abundantly clear that Friends of PNCH are supporters of the company.   However… we also want to make it clear that we do not support any actions of those that would conspire to withhold information from other shareholders, nor will we be complicit in such by not releasing the information we have been provided.  Any scorn should be directed to the participants involved, not the messenger.   We feel it is sad that a select few of the so called supporters, made a decision to withhold vital company information from other, perhaps less “substantial” shareholders.   There are many more shareholders that have their hard earned money (whatever amount large or small) invested in this company, and for whatever reason could not attend the meeting.   Its shameful that the company executives would allow this activity to transpire, and our sincere hope that they did not sanction this action.   We urge the company to release the privately discussed  information to their other investors, and/or the general public.

Looks like quite a few didn’t like the K…

WOW… PNCH down almost 40% today !   Looks like more than a few didn’t think the K was as great as Steve thought it was.  Volume was over 3 times normal today, with over 27 million traded.

So, as we mentioned in an earlier post, a “sell the news” sell-off was expected, and with not much “buying the news” leading up to the K, that left the PPS to close at .0052.  Now the good news here is… that is still higher than the months leading up to today.  As you know, the PPs hovered around the .003 area for several months prior to today (excepting of course the occasional spike during that period).

Hopefully we see some sort of PR release shortly regarding the successful Upfront party.  Perhaps something else might be released also… that would be great.  Some sort of PR could help stabilize, and perhaps even increase the PPS in the short term.

If you have some time we thought this piece of video was interesting.  While it showed the overall buzz surrounding the event, we would draw your attention to Joseph and Steve who show up at about the 2-minute mark.  We found it interesting that of all the things they could have said during that short segment… Joseph made a point to highlight the fact that they are a public company now, and people could invest in the company by buying stock.  This, we think, demonstrates Joseph and Steve’s awareness of their role in promoting the company as a viable investment.  And, if you haven’t seen it yet, they promote the investment aspect of the company prominently in the PunchTV website.  See that here.

So… we shall see what tomorrow holds.  Hopefully today’s shakeout was simply a buying opportunity for those who… A) have some cash…and B) have the vision to see that PNCH is growing more everyday, and in due time will reward its investors handsomely.

Bashers are desperate !

After a quick peek over on LieHub I see that the bashers have wiped their tears away and caught a second breath.  They are back at it again… just like a rash you can never seem to kick.   The bashers are just pathetic at their efforts to smear PNCH and anyone affiliated with PNCH.   They will stop at nothing in their efforts to bring down the company… including lies, repetition of old lies, repetition of older lies, fabrications of unsupported accusations and distortions of truthful data.   We all wonder what skeletons are in their closets, but who really cares about these idiots… their motives are glaringly evident.   But, here is the positive benefit of their shameful actions… for every bashing post on what is the most deceitful message board of all time… there are 5 to10 positive posts demonstrating the trash they post is just that… trash. (we offer a big Thank You to those that consistently fight the basher’s futile efforts).   Its apparent they are now desperate given the increase in PPS of late.  Their efforts were effective early on, but now they have become irrelevant.  PNCH’s growth cannot be stopped !

An example of how transparent the bashers efforts are… there is one basher over there that tells so many lies he/she/it can’t keep them straight.   Months ago they posted they lost big on their investment, so they got out (hence the spewing of venom).  Then they said they were flipping the stock to gain back some of their loss.  Then they were saying they were shorting the stock (even while the PPS was raising… lol).  Then of late they say they are making a “ton” of money on the stock by buying the dips and selling the highs.  Yet they continue to bash the stock and CEO by telling readers that the company is a POS.  So, let us get this straight… the pathetic basher buys the stock then proceeds to bash it even though in order for his investment to make money he needs to have an increasing PPS to make any money.   Also, on days when volume was low, the basher states he made an amount of money that day that was mathematically impossible to make.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.   There is an old saying… if you think everyone in the world is stupid… then maybe its you that is the stupid one.  I suspect the basher seriously thinks readers are so stupid that they believe the lies he posts.  Look up the definition of pathetic in the dictionary and you will find this basher’s picture.

Bashers can be effective on weak companies, or companies with inexperienced investors, however with PNCH, it’s a strong company with a viable product and a niche market, and a dedicated management team, as well as intelligent investors.  Intelligent because they are able to do their own Due Diligence and determine the potential of this company.   Bashing will no longer hold this company back,  as the long time investors are more influenced by real DD over unsupported trash posted by disgruntled bad investors that could not see the potential, and sold too early, for a loss.   The bashers made a stupid move and now they are looking for someone to blame for their stupidity.  Our suggestion… look in the mirror and they will find the source of all their problems.

Back on track !

A gain of 7.14% today… we’ll take it !   We had a bit of a gap-down this morning, but we recovered nicely to close at .015.  Looks like the steady increase leading up to the release of the K report at the end of the month is still intact.  Go PNCH !

Tomorrow should be an exciting day.  Investors will be positioning for next week.  Hopefully the YTD K report will be released before next week ends.  And, just maybe we may see it early.  Who knows, Steve has released filings early before… he just may do it again.

So ask yourself this… IF you want to be a PNCH investor… do you want to be an investor Before, or After, the report is released.  All speculation points to this report being really good.  Yes, you will be able to buy (or buy more) after the report is released… but at what price.  We think… the sale prices will end either tomorrow, or early next week.  YOU make the call !

In closing, here is something that was posted on Investors Hangout today.  We liked it, so we are posting it here also in case you missed it.  Other than the questionable spelling of “Thursty”, we thought it was a classy poster.  No one seems to know if the spelling was intentional or not… whatever, we get the point !


A RED day… oh no !

Yes, its true, the bashers can now say the bull run is over for PNCH.   LOL… closed down today 1.4% (.0002).  Oh my… the sky is falling, run for cover !

Really folks… this was actually a good day for PNCH.  We tested a High-of-day (HOD) of .0161, that’s a good thing.  We had a swing today from .0131 to .0161, settling in at the end of day at .014 on almost 7-million shares traded.

Remember… this recent activity is in preparation for the [expected] good news being reported on 3/29 when the year-end report is released.  However, keep in mind that the shareholder meeting is being held shortly thereafter (see here)… and then not long after that the 1st. quarter results will be reported.  We think… if you like what you see on the YTD reporting, you will love what you may see on the 1st. quarter report.  Keep in mind that as time moves forward, so does PNCH.  We anticipate better and better quarterly reports from here on out.  PNCH is growing like gangbusters and the revenue will show it.

And finally… we wanted to leave you with this tweet that was posted today.  We think its one of the greatest tweets (and slogans) we have seen in quite a while.


Although the link in the tweet does not link you to the PunchTV site, (we think) it should have.  So here is the link to the PunchTV “How to Invest in Punch TV” page.

Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow and Friday.

Tremendous day for PNCH !

WOW… PNCH up 35% today.  This is one of the best days since back in the day  One day back in January the PPS rose 85%, but quickly fell back to normal levels of .002’s in a matter of a few days.  Today however, was the best one-day increase in this run up beginning around the 1st. of March.  And when we mean run up, we mean only one down day (losing only .0003), and one even day.  The rest were all advances ! (take a look at the chart at the bottom of this post)

The best aspect of this run-up is… the bashers have all but disappeared.  I guess they just can’t fight the truth of the recent history !  The chart proves everything they have been saying as wrong.  Many said their day would come… and we believe it has !

Of course there are many who have arrived on the scene predicting advances into 5-cents, 10-cents-25-cents and so on.  Many more who have said they have been holding all this time are now showing up on the scene saying they have been “longs” all this time, but just haven’t been posting.  OK, that could be possible, we will let you be the judge.  No matter though, even if they did nothing to support the company during the time it needed it most, they are still able to buy into (opps, we mean cash in) on the great progress the company and stock have made recently.

What does the future hold for PNCH… who knows.  Anybody that boasts they know, are simply guessing.  If they really knew, they would be working for some large hedge fund or brokerage house making a ton of money, not playing penny stocks.  Our thoughts are, if you’re in, stay in, and ride the wave till it gets near the beach.  If you’re still thinking about getting in, or getting in deeper… do your DD and we think you will find your answers there.  A good place to start is our website.  There you will find a lot of good information to get you started.

Again, expect pullbacks along the way up.  Flippers are in and out often causing downward spikes.  Today the PPS ran up to .0149, then backed off substantially, only to return to close at almost the high of the day.  Don’t be fooled by these pullbacks.  Remember… the trend is your friend !  And the trend (right now) is UP !

If you’re a shareholder, do whatever you can to tell others about the company.  Tweet, post it on your Facebook page (ours is here by the way, although not very active with it), message boards, email, whatever.  We think the company is doing great things and is making huge progress at being a bigger and better company every day.  When the company gets bigger and better… so does the PPS.  When the PPS grows… investors make money.

That’s it for today.  We can’t wait to see what PNCH holds for us tomorrow, and in the future.  This sure is exciting !


PNCH appears to have found its legs !

Up another 15% today (Thursday 3/14), on decent volume, closing at .0081.  This uptrend started on 2/25 at .0028, and if our calculations are correct, that’s almost 300%.  WOW !

Do we still think there is room for more… of course.  Will there be dips along the way… of course.  We think that given the growth this company has made up to this point, and the growth potential in the future, coupled with the anticipated good news within the pending YTD and 1st quarter reports due out shortly… there is PLENTY of room for improvement in shareholder value.

Also, there is news out that PNCH will be moving their corporate HQ to Sunset Grower Studios in Los Angeles, CA (see graphic below from Steve’s Facebook page).  Check out Sunset Grower Studios website here.  This will be an exciting move for the fast moving and constantly expanding IC Punch Media, Inc.

PNCH is on the move !   This is a company that is breaking the stereotype of pennystocks !

(click on graphic to enlarge)


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