Bashers getting desperate…

Like yesterday’s pleas for other people to post wasn’t enough to shake the trees lose for posts to delete and then bash… now they are asking for people to contact them on the down-low to file SEC complaints against the company and/or the CEO Steven Samblis.  Their efforts and motives are not only transparent, they are pathetic and growing increasingly desperate.  There is no lie, no tactic, no underhanded and deceiving action that is beneath them.   The hate is so great that they can’t control their actions.  They are like substance abusers who can’t come to grips with their addiction.

From accusations like dilution,  reverse splits, deception, and fraud… they offer not one shred of proof.  All they have is an opinion, but not one shred of supporting documentation or evidence to back any of their posts up.  They rehash the same old tired lies and innuendos hour after hour, day after day and month after month.  Then, when someone tries to post proof that their lies are just that… they delete them.

Folks… don’t fall for their lies and tactics.  Their actions are straight out of the Bashers Handbook.  Truthful and valid information will be supported with independent supporting documentation.  Trust nothing that isn’t backed up with independent verification.  And even if the post cites independent verification… research the subject matter yourself.  Like we posted here… even when bashers cite information they say supports their claim… if you do your research most times you will find they have misquoted the information, taken a passage out of context, withheld important information, or just simply added in something that the documentation never listed.  Again… these people think NOTHING about outright lying.  They have done it so often, they don’t know the difference between a truth and a lie… and they do it so often they even believe their own lies.

We have said it a thousand times now… do your own research !  Don’t believe the pumpers… and don’t believe the bashers.  Do your own homework !  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or, visit our website.  There you will find the most common issues the bashers like to harp on daily, debunked, using supporting documentation.  Read the issue, then follow the links, then make your own decision.