Misleading… or outright lie ???

So folks… many have likely seen this before, however it bears revisiting given the recent public comments of Mr. Steven Samblis concerning the loss of his namesake website, StevenSamblis.com.

One aspect of the Friends successful defense of the UDRP action brought by Mr. Samblis in his failed effort to forcefully obtain his site back, was his attempt to play the victim (most will agree, a tactic Mr. Samblis uses often).  Mr. Steven Samblis attempts to convince the judge that it was not his fault that he failed to renew the site because he was just so busy it “fell through the cracks“.  Now he tries to convince the public at large, and most likely the investing public, via his social media accounts. (see graphic below)


Well, here is the real truth, supported with documentation.  The full transcript, with documents, are located here, but below is the main excerpt from the Friends response submitted to the UDRP review board concerning this topic. (click to enlarge)


As one can see, the notion that the renewal simply “fell through the cracks” is ludicrous at best, and more than likely meant entirely to mislead.  Mr. Steven Samblis is a seasoned expert at playing the victim.  As many have pointed out numerous time before… nothing is ever his fault !

And now on to the next issue that could be considered misleading, or an outright lie… the sale of the ICPlaces website.

Mr. QueFine indicates in one of his recent posts, that because there is no evidence of the sale, such never took place.


Well… here is the actual post from Mr. Samblis on or about May 12, 2015:


And here is the graphic of the ICPlaces website page footer after the sale:


So… who you going to believe, Mr. QueFine, or your lying eyes when you view the documentation?

Folks, this is one more failed press release in the long line of previous failed press releases, that given the history of such, and the eventual outcome, most would conclude they were designed for no other purpose other then to mislead the investing public into buying stock in what has turned out to be a worthless company, headed by a CEO that has been proven (documented) to mislead readers.  See documented examples of such here.

And finally… you will enjoy this post from Mr. QueFine over on the High Performance Beverages Comp. (TBEV) board.  Classic, just classic when you consider the alias !


Mr. Samblis a “victim” ???

So folks… please see the attached post by Mr. Samblis (opps, we mean Bzippy)(click to enlarge).

Samblis_Victim_1Although it remains to be proven, but for the sake of clarity, it will be assumed here that “Bzippy” IS Mr. Steven Samblis.  We have previously commented on ( here ) what many believe is the fraud perpetrated on the investing public by Mr. Samblis using bogus aliases to post hype surrounding his company, and to surreptitiously respond to unflattering comments made about his company.  Many believe it is glaringly obvious that Mr. Samblis uses bogus aliases in an attempt to avoid being held accountable for his statements.

In his posts, Meadow2009 has cited some very important questions surrounding Mr. Samblis, CEO of IC Place, Inc, and, documented numerous inconsistencies in the SEC Quarterly/Yearly filings of the company.  Meadow2009 has done a excellent job at providing facts and figures, as well as what many would describe as some highly educated commentary on the subject of material accounting principles that seem to have been discarded when Mr. Samblis files (or causes to be filed on his behalf), SEC documents purporting to represent an accurate picture of the company’s financial state.

Referencing the above graphic, representing Mr. Samblis’s response to Meadow2009’s work/postings… Mr. Samblis appears to play the victim role.  In addition to his attempts at playing the victim, he also attempts to subtly shoot the messenger.  This is classic avoidance of the issue(s) at hand.  Meadow2009 brings numerous facts to the forefront, and Mr. Samblis, instead of addressing the questions, chooses to respond by, in effect saying, that lies can be posted because he is the CEO of a public company i.e. “fair game“.   If these issues weren’t so serious, so apparently blatant, and so inexcusable, Mr. Samblis’s attempt at playing the victim would be laughable.  However, Mr. Samblis’s apparent disregard for honesty, and disrespect for the SEC is no laughing matter.  Mr. Samblis seems to think that if he can draw the readers off the subject matter, and facts, readers will lose sight of the questions he is not answering.

Here is an excerpt from one of our previous posts regarding how to easily spot a respondents attempt to deflect focus from unflattering subjects.

Excerpt_AdvoidenceSo… Meadow2009… keep up the good work.  Many potential investors will thank you for your efforts at shining a light on the information that Mr. Samblis would apparently like to keep hidden from the investing public’s view.  Its likely current (and past) investors will thank you also in bringing to light things they wished they had known prior to losing their hard earned money on this company.  And,  its likely the SEC will thank you for assembling a lot of the information they will need should they decide to take a closer look at this company.  If the SEC wanted to set an example of what NOT to do when running a public company, this might be a good case to pursue. They seemed to have perused other companies for a lot less.