Tripps are here…

Yes, sadly, PNCH stock saw tripps today.   The PPS dipped briefly into .0009 today with a 12.1 million share purchase late in the day.  Someone followed that up with a 1k share purchase at .0011 to close the day (yes folks, that’s a $1.10 buy), with volume ending at 23.8 million.   It could be said that almost 1/2 the volume today was at .0009 because of the 12.1-million share buy.

The blame game is in full force regarding the PPS.  The blame for some is largely assigned to the bashers, while still others blame the CEO, Steven Samblis.   However overall it appears most blame Steven Samblis.

Mr. Samblis did come on the Investor Hangout board in an attempt to defend himself against accusations of lying, however little was accomplished except to regurgitate old accusations.  Mr. Samblis, rightfully so, requested specifics on the accusations of lying that were being levied against him, however the posts became nasty, and by the time the posters calmed down enough to posts specifics… Mr. Samblis had either left the board, or simply choose not to respond.   In short, noting was accomplished except to make it easier for those not familiar with the lying accusations to find them now in recent posts.

Its a shame… both sides need to calm down, post thoughtful and coherent posts, and forgo the personal insults.  Mr. Samblis needs to understand that investors are extremely frustrated at the falling PPS, and are seeking straightforward sincere answers to their questions.  For the most part, the questions the investors are asking are fair questions (albeit not respectfully worded).  Investors are not unlike most people in general, in that, they can be understanding and forgiving if they are given the information straightforwardly and honestly.   And yes, there have been times Mr. Samblis has been unequivocal  with his answers, and still some investors don’t believe him.  Could Mr. Samblis be lying in some of his answers… its possible, but unlikely.  Mr. Samblis, as CEO of a public company, can not be caught misleading investors by giving known false information.  The negative ramifications of doing so could be disastrous for both the company, and him personally.

The bashers over on LieHub are likely smiling and high-fiving one another over their self-assigned successful efforts at driving the stock into tripps.  In fact one rather prolific basher has single handily claimed sole credit for costing the company millions of dollars in worth by driving down the PPS with his scare tactics.   Also, another basher (who has now found a second vacation home so to speak over on Investors Hangout) today continues his unsupported accusations of dilution.  This brain donor calls all trades dilution, yet today states ” … and the TA being gagged its impossible to know how many shares are being diluted.”  Well, which is it… either you know the trades are dilution, or, its impossible to tell because of the gagged TA ?   But… that’s how bashers work their magic… they make unsupported accusations, and low information investors think its fact.  Well… don’t be fooled – do you own research.

Now, there appears to be a new group of bashers… the frustrated longs on Investors Hangout.  Their frustrations are understandable… but their bashing a stock they are supposedly invested in, is not.  It is just crazy to bash a stock you are invested in unless you are shorting the stock.  Their concept for their new found bashing posts appear to be an effort to force Mr. Samblis to make changes on how he runs the company, and to prompt Mr. Samblis to address the many open issues he has not addressed.  While their concept may have merit, its unlikely that tactic will be successful.  Such has not proven successful over on LieHub, in spite of several attempts by Mr. Samblis to address their concerns previously… and, the bashing doesn’t seem to help the PPS.  Thus, history demonstrates that bashing the stock, and Mr. Samblis, is not a successful method for getting him to address the issues.  Time to try another approach don’t you think ?

Now to be fair and balanced… its also time for Mr. Samblis to try another approach also.  Although frustrated posters can be very disrespectful in their questions… Mr. Samblis needs to get past that frustration and focus on the underlying root question.  Being rude and disrespectful in response to someone being rude and disrespectful to you, has not proven to be useful or productive either.  Mr. Samblis also needs to understand that anything he says will be twisted around by the hard-core bashers over on LieHub.  He also needs to understand that his silence and vague answers will also be twisted by the bashers.  He can not let the thought of those that don’t like him cloud his judgment on informing the hard-core investors in his company.  If he does his job as CEO and keeps his investors informed… they will set the record straight when bashers get out of line.   Loyal investors will carry the message forward if they are given the ammunition to do so.  However, no one can win a war with blanks.  Without useful information… the battle, and war, will be lost !

Growing increasingly concerned…

The “launch” (or debut) of VU Television Network is only about 2 months away.  One would think there would be more activity surrounding the big event.  To date, the only public information put forth is the announcements about their Chinese affiliation, and press releases announcing a few shows they plan to air.  One would think there would be more of a buildup to one of the largest business ventures of the company.  Given that its nemesis boasts “70% original programming”, one would think that with only 60 some days from the world launch, there would have been more public news or information concerning such things as a roster of programming to fill the time slots, perhaps a programming schedule, news of a planned public awareness event (such as the recent “Up Front”) that was held to announce and promote the previous network, planned promotional ad spots to promote the new network, etc., etc., etc.

Given that there appears to be little or no planning taking place… should investors anticipate a delay in the launch date?  Although we are certainly not experts in television network creation and operation, it just seems reasonable to expect there would be more public activity given the closeness of the previously announced launch date.  Most businesses vigorously promote their pending launch or opening with advertising, press releases, social media releases, etc. in order to create anticipation and therefore demand for their product.  There appears to be alarmingly little of that going on with VU Television given the proximity of the launch date.

Also… will VU Television launch using the company name of IC Punch Media?  One would think that would not only be confusing to the viewing public, but in essence free advertising for the company’s previous business partner, Punch TV.  VU Television, it would seem, would want to distance itself from that company, and network, given the history there.  Now would be a prudent time to change the company name… not after money is spent promoting the launch under a name they are trying to distance themselves from, and will change eventually.

Also, referencing networks like Punch TV… they have marketing slogans to complement the company name… where is VU Television’s ?  Slogan’s such as Punch TV… “Are you thirsty yet”, and a host of other business use slogans to enable the public to connect with their offerings (products).  Just watch any TV commercial and you will notice the slogans that accompany the business names.  Where is the VU Television slogan???

And one more very important issue… the web site.  There appears to have been nothing done to the web site since its inception.  It still displays boiler plate template text supplied by the template designer/supplier.  People (potential viewers, potential investors, etc) will navigate there to learn more about the network/company.  Will they find a representation of the company that will instill confidence, or will they find a representation that will cause concern that VU Television is a real company?  In today’s world, it is unacceptable for a company not to have an impressive web site that answers the many questions that viewers may have.  Like them, or hate them, Punch TV has a good web site (as do many other broadcasters).  If VU Television is to appear to be anything more than a kid with a smartphone video camera broadcasting on a YouTube type channel, they need to devote some energies to the web site… and quickly !

What could be worse than a delayed launch… a launch that no one knows about, and/or is a failure and an embarrassment due to lack of proper planning and follow through.  If these issues are already being addressed, great… let the world know about them, if not, Steven Samblis might consider delaying the launch until all the ducks are in a row.

Bashers… revisited !

Just some thoughts… If you follow the message boards you undoubtedly have seen 2 extremes in opinions being posted (the “Pumpers” and the “Bashers”).  You will likely have also seen the more logical and sensible middle of the road posters that simply ask prudent and reasonable questions, and give reasonable and thoughtful opinions.  Also, much more difficult to spot, are the majority of investors that you never see… the “lurkers” as they are called.  Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  And just because they don’t post, doesn’t mean they are not investors (perhaps substantial investors), and/or, it doesn’t mean they are unintelligent or too illiterate to post their opinion.

To illustrate our point, next time you visit a message board, check out the “views” and “followers” of that board, as most boards will display these stats.  These numbers represent the activity on the board.  On some days you will notice tens of thousands of views, yet you will see maybe only posts numbered in the hundreds.  Just a rough calculation on various days we have checked, it appears there is about a 10 to 1 ratio of posters, to readers.  In other words, for every poster, there is likely 10 “lurkers”.  The lurkers read the material, and make judgments on the material.

Bashers… this is a post mostly about the bashers.  We have posted previously about basheres, here, here, and here to list a few.   In these links we believe it will be apparent about our opinions on bashing.  Bashing for profit, although disgusting because of the harm it does to real “investors”, it could be justified to some extent, if all you care about in life is money.  However, to bash for fun, or vindictiveness… is just plan sick.  There is something really psychologically wrong with you if you get a thrill out of causing someone else pain or financial hardship.

The bashers over on LieHub, for the most part, appear to be in the latter group referenced above, namely they find joy in causing others pain and financial hardship.  We guess in some sick and twisted way it makes them feel superior to others.

Although there are many unanswered questions about IC Punch Media, now (or soon to be) VU Media Corporation, they are just that, unanswered questions.  Bashers LOVE unanswered questions.  Why… because if there are no answers they are free to make something up and call such an answer.  Its easy, because there are no facts (answers) to prove them wrong.  Bashers HATE facts !  Its like kryptonite to superman.  Present them with facts and they run away as fast as they can, i.e. change the subject.  Its called deflection.  If you want to see professionals “deflect”… just watch any news conference with a politician , or of course, watch a basher when confronted with real facts.

Now, there is an well know concept in the investing world… bashers don’t bash a bad stock (company).  See the Bashers Handbook here.  You will notice this is “Lesson #1” in the Bashers Handbook.  Why… what’s the use…what good will it do, the company is already dead.

There was a time, just after the crash of IC Punch Media (the divestiture caused by infighting between company executives) that the stock was falling like a rock.  Bashers were almost non-existent at that time.  Yes, there were a few hard core bashers gloating over their perceived superior intelligence about the company being no good, and a lot of “I told you so’s”… but for the most part they were quiet.

Now… the bashers are back at it… and hard !  They see the company is starting to recover from the devastating events of late, and they are back to their same old tired bag of tricks to drive the PPS down, by bashing the company, and anything and everything about it.  Don’t fall for it.  Their actions and motives are transparent.  They exist, and post, with a sole effort and mindset to cause you, the real investor, harm and financial hardship.

Some will think… they can fight the bashers.  You can fight the bashers, but you can never win, because they don’t fight fair.  They are willing to outright lie, slander, make up “facts”, assassinate characters,  and use foul language to make their point (are you???).  AND… they have the advantage over on LieHub because the site operator supports their behavior.  When YOU try to rebut their unsupported lies… they delete your post.  YOUR post is never seen, and they are laughing all the way to the bank because the viewers only see their bashing posts, and nothing positive, and factual, about the stock or company.  Trying to fight the bashers would be like taking a knife to a gun fight.  You don’t stand a chance !   In fact, when you try to fight them it only makes their job easier because you give them opportunities to rebut a ghost opinion (remember… your post will get deleted, but they can still respond to it).  They can even quote you for something you never said, because your post is not there to be viewed.

The best way to combat the bashing… is to do your own due diligence (DD).  If you read something the bashers write… go check it out yourself.  The Internet is a wonderful thing for research.  Within minutes you can uncover the truth about whatever issue you search for.  Can you believe everything you find on the internet, of course not, but in most cases any valid and truthful  information that you find will be supported by independent documentation.  Here is an example of such research.  Click this link to the News page on our website, and navigate down to the date 2/15/2013.  Click the link that says see the report here.  When the report loads, navigate to what is listed as page #9 in the report.  You will see what the bashers failed to post, or mention in their bashing posts on the subject.  This issue is from February, but the bashers still reference this almost daily in their posts.  They think readers are too stupid, or lazy, to investigate the trash and lies they post.  This is just one example of how doing your own DD will reveal the truth about trash the bashers post.

And remember what we stated at the beginning of the post… bashers LOVE unanswered questions.  You will not be able to find any direct response research information on an unanswered question.  So… if you see a known basher answer the question… you know its simply their unsupported biased opinion, based entirely on the thoughts and wishes in their sick and twisted minds.  Depending on the question, you can still do research, and based on other supported documentation, draw your own opinion on possible answers to the question.

Wow… a long post for us… if you got this far, thanks for hanging in there.  In short, the post is simply trying to help you understand that there is no substitute for doing your own DD.  Don’t believe anything the bashers OR the pumpers say… investigate the issue on your own and draw your own conclusions… then invest accordingly.

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Finally… a Press Release !

Yes folks… a formal press release has been released.  See it here.  Now, for those of you who follow the Investors Hangout message board, there is not much new in this press release that we already didn’t know.  But the great news is… the world can see the news now.

As we write this post, (10:00a), the PPS is already up almost 15%.  We hope this trend continues, however only time will tell.  The release was sometime just after market close yesterday, so it possible this morning’s bump could be current investors buying more in anticipation of an increasing PPS once the general investing public sees the article.

Now, if you’re reading this, and you do not follow the Hangout board, you might want to get on over there and read the posting activity starting around 7:00p last night.  The Q&A with the CEO started right after he posted the news (and link) of the article.  There are still unanswered questions (like we posted here), however there were some important questions Steve Samblis did answer.  Hopefully, he will continue to answer questions in order to give investors a better picture of what’s to come, and then perhaps… he might address some of the tougher questions also.

One more thing… if this is the first of many PR’s (which would be great)… we do however have some concern that the company name has not changed yet.  The press releases still tout IC Punch Media.  Perhaps its no big deal, but it seems as though the more press releases VU Media Corp.  has, using the old company name, the more PR we bring to the real Punch TV (our nemesis Joseph Collins that caused this recent turmoil).  Seems to us that the names will cause confusion among any new investors that may be interested in investing in the new (yet to be formal) VU Media Corp.

So… stay tuned… we will see how the day unfolds, and hopefully this press release is the first of many that will follow soon.



All Punched out !

Yes, its true… after weeks of IC Punch Media, Inc. CEO Steven Samblis saying he would never lose the PunchTV assets he purchased… he agreed to rescind the Asset Purchase Agreement and divest his company of all Punch assets.  See the Collins “Letter to Rescind the Asset Purchase Agreement” here

Many were struggling to understand the WHY behind the sudden turnaround in his previous stance that he would never lose the assets.  Mr. Samblis responded here, to the question here.  Also, here is the 8-K SEC filing which notifies the public of the action, and company name change.

Needless to say, this action took many by surprise.  The surprise wasn’t so much about the divestiture action itself, given the turmoil between the company principals… it was the that the action took place in such a short period of time between the demand for such by Collins, and the numerous previous vehement denials of Samblis that he would ever do so. 

Months since the original purchase of PunchTV had been spent extolling the benefits of the asset purchase to the then IC Places, Inc company.  Great emphasis and attention was placed on the increase in the asset value of the business, and great plans were envisioned for the promotion of the newly formed company.  Just when everything looked as though the plans were paying dividends, in the form of increased revenue from the broadcasting division… news of the turmoil surfaced.

At first, many were clamoring for information on what was going on between the owners, for it was just a few days earlier that they had both appeared together at the very successful UpFront  promotional gala for the company.  Accusations surfaced, asserted by Mr. Collins, that Mr. Samblis had been less than forthright with Mr. Collins compensation.  Rebuttal accusations then surfaced by Mr. Samblis about Mr. Collins having been less then forthright about running the broadcasting side of the business.  Shortly thereafter came the above referenced demand letter to rescind the original asset purchase agreement.

When Mr. Collins posted the demand letter on the PunchTV website, many, including Mr. Samblis thought Mr. Collins had simply lost his mind.  That is about the time Mr. Samblis began his vehement denials that he would ever let those assets be returned to Mr. Collins.  You can follow many of those assertions by reviewing the posts outlined in the post referenced above (here).

So… here we are.  The Asset Purchase Agreement for PunchTV has been rescinded.  Mr. Samblis has already taken actions to start his own broadcast network, entitled VU Television.  He has, or is in the process of, divesting himself from anything and everything PunchTV related.  He has started on a new website here.  There is not much material on the site yet as it has just been created from a template, so you may need to disregard much of the template text you see at this time.  As far as any other plans, they are sketchy at this early stage, but the concept is, Mr. Samblis will build a better broadcast network than PunchTV and Mr. Collins could provide, and there will be no negative connotations of being associated with Mr. Collins in the future.  

We understand that if you are new to this news you may have many questions that were not answered in this recap type post.  However you can find more complete details on our website here.  There you will find information, complete with documents and links as far back as September of 2012.  

Stay tuned… this journey into the new VU Media broadcasting company has just begun.  Hang on for a wild ride.  Its too early to tell how these events will effect the PPS.  We do know that the turmoil was not kind to the PPS, however only time will tell if the progress form here on out will be accepted or rejected by investors.