A RED day… oh no !

Yes, its true, the bashers can now say the bull run is over for PNCH.   LOL… closed down today 1.4% (.0002).  Oh my… the sky is falling, run for cover !

Really folks… this was actually a good day for PNCH.  We tested a High-of-day (HOD) of .0161, that’s a good thing.  We had a swing today from .0131 to .0161, settling in at the end of day at .014 on almost 7-million shares traded.

Remember… this recent activity is in preparation for the [expected] good news being reported on 3/29 when the year-end report is released.  However, keep in mind that the shareholder meeting is being held shortly thereafter (see here)… and then not long after that the 1st. quarter results will be reported.  We think… if you like what you see on the YTD reporting, you will love what you may see on the 1st. quarter report.  Keep in mind that as time moves forward, so does PNCH.  We anticipate better and better quarterly reports from here on out.  PNCH is growing like gangbusters and the revenue will show it.

And finally… we wanted to leave you with this tweet that was posted today.  We think its one of the greatest tweets (and slogans) we have seen in quite a while.


Although the link in the tweet does not link you to the PunchTV site, (we think) it should have.  So here is the link to the PunchTV “How to Invest in Punch TV” page.

Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow and Friday.

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