ANOTHER extension ???

Yes folks that’s right… Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Places, Inc. files yet another extension to the quarterly reporting.  Seems like this is a pattern now also.

One thing we did see by the extension, they changed their corporate address (click to enlarge).  Here is their new corporate headquarters, nestled right between the CVS Pharmacy, and the detailing shop (courtesy of Google maps).  Is that Mr. Samblis’s  Yukon there in the parking lot, or is it a detailing job ?  Where’s the Bentley?   Is this where Mr. Samblis operates the “servers” that power his vast ImaginationTV empire?   Is this the hub of all financial activity?

ICPLA_CorporateThis (address listed in the extension)  is actually the studios of Empire Media Center, one of IC Places “partners”.  There are several pictures of the inside of the Studio on their website, but none of the outside.  Is that not a selling point?  And, in the picture below, one needs to ask… which of the 2 offices does Mr. Samblis call his?  One wonders how he runs the TV and broadcast empire from either of these offices.

ICPLA_Corporate2From their website they boast of “2000 square feet of studio space”.  That’s about the size of a strip shopping center store.  Does that include the detailing shop space also?  By looking at the exterior of the building it seems hard to believe this quote from the IC Places press release announcing the partnership.

Empire Media Center, located at 3915 San Fernando Rd.  Glendale, California features one of LA’s largest permanent green screens which has been used in the production of TV shows, music videos, commercials, and photo shoots.  The studios offer full time news sets, fully furnished interview sets, office spaces and large event facilities.

We are not sure which office Mr. Samblis occupied at his old address, but at least that location had better curb appeal, AND indoor parking.

ICPLA_Corporate3Oh well… it will be interesting to see what the filing says when it finally gets published.  Stay tuned.

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