ANOTHER failed Press Release ???

Has anyone seen any sponsorship evidence that this press release was anything other than another failed attempt to lure investors to waste more money on Imagine TV, or as its called now, Imagination TV? (click to enlarge)

ReedPR_2Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO or IC Places, Inc. appears to fancy press releases such as the Reed’s announcement to lure new investors into investing in his company.  Its been almost 4-months since that press release, and it appears the announcement was misleading at best, fraudulent at worst.  How does a company release a formal press release like that and the public never sees anything come from it.  We have not seen one add from Reed’s appearing on any of the IC Places, Inc, Imagine TV, Imagination TV, Drivein TV, or any other medium associated with Mr. Steven Samblis.

The press release touted Reeds as the “first official launch sponsor” of Imagine TV.  Given that Imagine TV has come and gone (no one seem to know why, but some think it was due to copyright infringement with the other Imagine TV’s) and now that Mr. Samblis is promoting Imagination TV, there is still no evidence of this sponsorship.

The Reeds press release is but one of many press releases that have never come to fruition.  Many would call that a pattern.  It would appear that his press releases are just about as reliable as his SEC filings.  There are multiple documented instances of misleading and inaccurate information contained within the SEC filings, now it appears Mr. Samblis’s press releases can be added to the pile of misleading and inaccurate documents.


Is the most recent press release touting the Uncommon Denominator going to succumb to the same fate as the Reeds announcement ?   It follows a long line of previous press releases that seem to have failed, or worse, been simply propaganda aimed at improving the dismal performance of the company’s stock ( PNCH ).   Perhaps one or two complete failures of the initiatives touted in previous press releases could be called bad luck, or a coincidence, but seemingly every one ???  Again, many would call that a pattern, and point to the extremely low  reliability rate of the information.

History can not be changed… and this company, as well as Mr. Steven Samblis, has plenty of history.  A simple Google search will support much of the history reported about this company.  If you are thinking about investing in this company… even if its just for “flipping”… take 5-minutes and do some research on the company before making any decisions.  It could be the best 5-minutes you ever spent.


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