ANOTHER new alias ???

Yet another new alias has recently shown up on Investors Hub…”WORRIOR Days“.  This alias born 12/10/2016, and has had 8 posts… 6 of them slamming Joseph Collins, and 2 initiating questions some would characterize as soliciting interest in the stock again.   Now… 3 guesses who this might be, and the first 2 don’t count !

Looks like there may be a new pump in the works.  It’s been a while, and likely enough time for many of those previous investors to have moved on, and therefore perhaps less resistance from those who have vast experience with Mr. Steven Samblis, to tell others about their experiences with Mr. Steven Samblis and his business dealings.

This tactic of promoting the notion that Mr. Samblis has sold the company and moved on… is simply not supported by the facts.  The critical fact is that no one has seen the contract of sale.  Mr. Samblis, OR, Mr. Joseph Sirriani has not made it public, or, filed it with the SEC.  This is a HUGE RED FLAG !!!  What are they hiding???

Don’t be fooled by what you can’t see, and judge what you can’t see on the history of Mr. Steven Samblis.  The only reasonable conclusion one could come to is BEWARE !!!

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