ANOTHER Reverse Split !

Well folks… he did it again.  Yup… Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Places, Inc. did another reverse split of the stock.  300 to 1 this time… 3 times the size of the last reverse split on 3/27/2014.   WOW… lol, only 7 months after the last one, and 3 times the size.  Unbelievable !  Although we were way off on the date, we got the amount right (details here).  This action should really attract the investors, or, maybe not… lol.  Does anyone know… is this some kind of Guinness Book World Record maybe ???  (we did a search and it returned nothing… nominations anyone ?)


Many say how anyone could consider this company as part of their investment portfolio just boggles the mind.   Hopefully, anyone thinking about investing in this company will do at least 5-minutes on Google to research Mr. Steven Samblis, IC Places, Inc., and their history.  There are those that say IC Places, Inc is not a real company, simply a stock selling machine to keep Mr. Samblis in the lifestyle he is accustomed to, and it appears they may be correct.

So… rinse and repeat.   Mr. Samblis carries on with a little breathing room to attempt to sell some more stock.  The PPS will likely fall to .0001 even quicker than it did after the 3/27/2014 split.

Well, look on the bright side… long time investors probably were not hurt, because they were likely wiped out on the last reverse split just 7-months ago.  But… as the count on reverse splits climb… so does the count of burned investors, and every one will be following closely to warn any new potential investors of the history of this company.   One wonders what the future holds for Mr. Steven Samblis?

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