Are you being “Gruber’ed” ???

If you are not familiar with the term “Gruber’ed”, a short YouTube video here will provide a little refresher of what the term means.

We are reminded of late about this Obama Administration scandal over health care.  Remember… when they said Obama care was the best thing since sliced bread, AND… every American would see their health care costs go down by $2500.00, and, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor… period, etc., etc., etc. !  The American public got “Gruber’ed”.

Well folks… many believe Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Places, and founder of Imagination TV,  seems to be in high gear pumping his company up via bogus aliases and press releases regarding the fantastic initiatives with his company.  On the surface the press releases sound fantastic, however, when we read the press releases closely, they appear to be cleverly worded to sound more fantastic then they appear on the surface.   Are investors being “Gruber’ed” ???

We touched on this subject here, and again here.  Mr. Samblis is excellent at creative word choice.  Words have meaning, and many times could have several meanings.  Using tactics like this allows for wiggle room, and of course deception.  Don’t be fooled, i.e. don’t be Gruber’ed.

Keep in mind when you read these press releases… according to the SEC, “material events” must be accompanied with a form 8K.  Mr. Samblis has said many times that he complies with the SEC regulations.  So… if some company event is “material”, it stands to reason Mr. Samblis would follow SEC regulations and file a form 8K detailing the initiative.  So… given that Mr. Samblis has not filed any 8K’s over these recent press releases… it also stands to reason… the initiatives are not “material”, i.e they are not important, or Mr. Samblis would have filed an 8K.

Folks… it appears, (just like Mr. Gruber), that Mr. Samblis may think the public investor is stupid.  Mr. Samblis may think you are too stupid to know the difference between a valid initiative, and one consisting of a press release that was creatively worded, and primarily designed to deceive investors into buying stock, in the belief that the initiative is real and will be fruitful for the company.

Don’t let yourself be Gruber’ed.  Do your DD.  Research the web to see what percentage of Mr. Samblis’s previous fantastic press releases actually turned into what they said they were going to do.  Keep in mind also… if the initiative being pumped was “material”, it would need to be accompanied by an SEC 8K filing, and to date, none of the most recent have.  So… even Mr. Samblis apparently doesn’t think these new initiatives are “material”… then why should you !

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