Back on track !

A gain of 7.14% today… we’ll take it !   We had a bit of a gap-down this morning, but we recovered nicely to close at .015.  Looks like the steady increase leading up to the release of the K report at the end of the month is still intact.  Go PNCH !

Tomorrow should be an exciting day.  Investors will be positioning for next week.  Hopefully the YTD K report will be released before next week ends.  And, just maybe we may see it early.  Who knows, Steve has released filings early before… he just may do it again.

So ask yourself this… IF you want to be a PNCH investor… do you want to be an investor Before, or After, the report is released.  All speculation points to this report being really good.  Yes, you will be able to buy (or buy more) after the report is released… but at what price.  We think… the sale prices will end either tomorrow, or early next week.  YOU make the call !

In closing, here is something that was posted on Investors Hangout today.  We liked it, so we are posting it here also in case you missed it.  Other than the questionable spelling of “Thursty”, we thought it was a classy poster.  No one seems to know if the spelling was intentional or not… whatever, we get the point !


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