Boring day…

Today was uneventful so to speak.  PNCH gained about 4% on almost 23 million in volume.  Still no 10-K yet.  Everyone is on watch for its release.

Here is the exciting news… the High of the Day (HOD) was .0059.  We closed at .0045, which was where we opened at.  The gain was a slight gap up from yesterdays close.  However, some say this is a good sign that there was huge volume.  Called a “gravestone doji”… it could be a good sign.  Tomorrow we may be in for a bullish reversal.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the terminology of candlesticks… that means if you’re an investor, you may make some money tomorrow.  And if the 10-K appears during this run back up to previous highs of last Monday, investors may make a lot of money.

Most investors (and in fact the bashers also) are eagerly awaiting the release of the 10-K.  For the investors, if the K is good, as is anticipated, they believe the stock will take off.  The bashers are eagerly awaiting also, and if its good, their bashing becomes laughable, and if its bad, they get to say I told you so and continue to bash the stock. 

So… everyone waits ! 


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