Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…

Yes… that’s what many are asking… where’s the buzz over the (new) Launch.  Its like the famous scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Only now its… Samblis…Samblis…Samblis !

Here we go again, right.  A little over 3-weeks to go before the newest Launch of VU Televison Network, and where’s the buzz?  Where’s the promo’s.  Where’s the PR’s.  Where’s the CEO Steven Samblis shouting info about the launch from the rooftops?   One would think he would be doing interviews like he did for Stock Traders Talk Radio, doing ad spots on FilmOn informing the viewing public about the new network and where and when viewers can find the content.  How many times do you see promos on TV telling you about a new show debuting.  They give you a teaser glimpse of the content, tell you when it will be aired, and how great its going to be…. and they air the spot over and over.  Where is ANY such promotion from Samblis.

Could it be he has no confidence he can meet the latest launch date?  Could it be that he already knows he will need to postpone again and doesn’t want to be embarrassed at having to delay once again after a promotional effort?  IF he addressed any possible delay this time, he would likely say the same thing he said the last time – right up to the very last possible minute, and that is… we are on track.

Most know that Mr. Samblis has experience at stock promotion.  There are several articles around that reference his previous experience at stock promotion, such as this one.  In fact that appeared to be how he put food on the table at one point in his life via the “New Stock” publication.   Granted, that article is somewhat dated, but history doesn’t go away just because of its age.  Mr. Samblis knows how to promote a company, and its stock.   Now, we don’t reference his past stock promotion activities as a bad thing, even though he had some challenges with such.  There is nothing illegal or sinister about promoting… in fact its done everyday by many.  We point it out to draw attention to the fact he has experience in promoting companies and stocks… why isn’t he promoting his own company ???  There is a need, he has the skills… where’s the action ?

Meanwhile, disgusted and frustrated investors who have lost a lot of money betting on Samblis, are sitting on the sidelines just hoping and praying Samblis will start embracing his responsibilities of running a public company and take action to increase the PPS for shareholders.  They originally had faith and confidence in his words, however that faith and confidence has deteriorated significantly due to Mr. Samblis’s actions, inactions, and overall mishandling of so many opportunities to promote and improve the company and its return on their investment.

Investors don’t have too much longer to wait until either the launch happens, or the next big disappointment surfaces.  And… even if the launch happens as scheduled this time, as we wrote here, its likely to have little impact on the PPS.  In most cases there is a run-up of the PPS just before good news is released, however there have been several opportunities for investors to buy-up the PPS in the recent past… and they have not.  It seems as though there is no speculating on this stock any longer… investors have been burned so many times before, they will not buy until they see results… i.e. revenue and profits.


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