Censorship is alive and well on the Hangout !

WOW… censorship is alive and well over on the Investors Hangout (PNCH) board, and some even say the practice is rampant.  Take a look at the graphic below.  We received this as a result of a request to the poster.  The original post was deleted very shortly after it was posted.  In addition to reading and giving thought to the content of the post, take a look at the last line.  As the writer states, he has written about the issues outlined within the post before, so apparently there was really noting new in the post, and certainly the events referred to are public knowledge.  However… take a look at the last line, where in response to our request for the text of the post, the writer indicated the reason he was given as to why the post was deleted.  AND… equally as disturbing is that someone with deletion power complied !   One would think that if the post was within the guidelines of the TOS (with reference to others that are allowed to stand), any MOD, Asst MOD, or Admin would have declined the request by the CEO to delete the post.

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Now, here is another post that was deleted.  Read this post and ask yourself should this post have been deleted.


We suspect this post was deleted on direction of the CEO also.  Again, in our opinion, this post should not have been deleted.  Did it contain unflattering information, yes, was it someones opinion, yes, but slanderous, no.  In fact, the MOD of the board responded, as can be seen in the graphic below, indicating “Lots you said true.”.  Normal TOS guidlines call for the deletion of any reply posts to a post that was deleted, yet this reply post stands.  Why ???


Maybe those quick to hit the delete button might want to understand the difference between a bashing post, and a post that contains opinion from dissatisfied investors.  Just because a post is unflattering to the stock, doesn’t mean its bashing the stock.  If you want to see bashing, take a look at the post below.  These posters are prolific bashers.  They make up lies, negatively twist valid information to suite their own personal agenda, use profanity, and slander the CEO in just about every post.  They profess loudly that they do it because they like it, and they think its their civic duty to destroy Mr. Samblis and his company.  Posts (and posters) like these post for no other reason then to destroy the stock.  They have no compassion for the investors that are currently invested in the stock, and became investors because they wanted to.  There is plenty of DD on this company if you care to look, so it must be assumed that these investors knew what they were doing when they invested.  That should be respected, not ridiculed as bashers do.


Now the above post is certainly far different from a dissatisfied investor.  Dissatisfied investors are simply expressing their opinion, albeit negative, but none the less they express their opinion just like the supporters do.  Its fair to assume that readers know the difference between a bashing post and a post from an upset investor.  Most are adults, way past 21 and can decide for themselves what they want to read and what they don’t want to read.  There is a function on the board called ignore also.  If readers didn’t want to read posts from those THEY consider to be bashers… they can put that poster on ignore.  It should be the readers decision… not the Admin, Mod, or Asst Mod making that decision for all members.  And certainly NOT the CEO !

Readers need to know that apparently Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media is deciding what readers are able to see.  Mr. Samblis has posted earlier that he will not be posting on message boards any longer because of what he alluded to was an inability to control the content, so he stated he would be posting only on his Facebook page… apparently because he CAN control the content.  Mr. Samblis’s practice of attempting to control the content the investors sees, only adds to his creditability issues.

So… if/when you read the Investors Hangout (PNCH) board… just know you are likely reading censored information.  Check the numerical post numbers on the left hand side of the page to see if posts have been deleted because someone decided for you that it wasn’t something you needed to see.  Shameful… just plain shameful !



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