Censorship on PunchTV Facebook page !

Well… as can be seen by the below graphics… there is obviously blatant censorship being perpetrated on the viewers of this PunchTV Facebook page (purposely did not provide a link to a site as deceitful as the subject site).  You might keep that in mind if/when you visit there.    If you can’t trust some of the content… can you trust any of it ???    AND… how can you trust something you can’t see… i.e. deleted because someone didn’t want you to see it.  If you’re like us, when you go to a site like this, it is to get information… ALL the information, not just what someone allows you to see.  It seems apparent that when that someone can not defend the truth, the next best thing to do is… DELETE it !

( HERE is the link to the official PunchTV Facebook page)

As can be seen in graphic #1, Cassandra Cooper says the board is “for and about Punch TV“.   To most readers this means if its Punch TV related, it has a place on their site.  And most reasonable people would believe that the turmoil between Mr. Samblis and Mr. Collins is related to Punch TV.  Also, most reasonable people would believe questions and comments from Shareholders of PunchTV stock would be related also.

So, any reasonable person would be concerned if their comments were deleted and not available for other interested parties to see, and comment on.  And in one reported case, the ability to post anything has been denied.  Actions like these should cause concern for any interested parties.

As can be seen in (the differences between) graphics # 1 and 2, there has obviously been some degree of censorship practiced here.  As you can clearly see, our post has been removed.  We used no profanity, nothing derogatory, nothing disrespectful… just (what we believe to be) a fair question given the current turmoil.   These screen shots were taken a few hours apart, today.  The difference is obvious, and speaks volumes toward the frame of mind the people in control of this site have.  As we stated above… when you can’t defend the truth… the next best action to take is… DELETE it !  What a shame… and what a disservice to the readers of the site.  It seems apparent the censors have no respect for their readers, and are attempting to insult their intelligence by spoon-feeding them information.  Shameful… just simply shameful.

Graphic #1


Graphic #2


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