CEO breaks silence… well, not really.

Yes, the CEO Steven Samblis did break his silence today, with a little blurb on Investors Hangout.  See it here, and here.

Basically, as we see it, the post indicates investors should wait.  Exciting things are coming… but you need to be patient, and wait.  New frontiers are being forged… but investors need to wait for the announcement.  Wait, wait, and wait some more.  Trust him… but wait.  How long should investors wait… don’t know… just wait.  Trust him… the waiting will be worth it… but investors need to wait to see it unfold.  This will be huge… just wait and see.  Did we say investors needed to wait… oh, we said that already.

Well, investors are getting real tired of waiting.  They have been waiting for over a year now and are being asked to wait even longer again.  The timetable for launch of the new network, company and perhaps ticker symbol appears to be sometime in the fall, however investors need to wait for the formal announcement.  Yup… just wait… its gonna be big… but you gotta wait !

Now, the problem with waiting is… investors will not simply be waiting till fall… if/when all this gets launched, investors will need to wait some more for the advertising revenue to start generating deposits to the bottom line.  Grandiose plans are great, and slick press releases are great, but its sales revenue and profits that drive the PPS.  If there are any press releases (which investors are still waiting on based on the CEO’s previous posts saying news will be PR’ed “shortly”… here, and here.) such could possibly give a short-term boost to the PPS, but without revenue the increases will be short lived.

Mr. Samblis… its seems hard to believe you can’t announce ANYTHING yet.  Surely there must be SOMETHING you can announce.  Yes, you did announce the appointment of the new president of the company, but there is yet-to-be explained controversy surrounding her past, and the announcement made it no further than the IC Places website.  That announcement needs some explanation.

Mr. Samblis… you are missing a short-lived time window to make some announcements.  If this silence goes on for much longer, you will be playing catch up trying to defend the delay, and the intended impact of any positive news will be diminished.  Evidence of investor frustration and exodus are already evident, and some might say widespread.   Your window of opportunity to announce some plans and recent achievements is closing fast.


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