CEO… in true form !

Well folks… did you catch it?  You had to be quick because it was deleted quickly, and rightfully so as you will see here just below.

So… you are likely aware Meadow2009 has been peppering Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Places, Inc (ticker PNCH) with numerous facts excerpted straight from Mr. Samblis’s SEC legal filings.  For weeks Meadow2009 had done some outstanding work pulling together facts, and presenting such in a very straightforward manor on Investors Hub.  Facts, figures, and straightforward questions about some very serious shortcomings related to Mr. Samblis, and his submission of legal documents to the SEC.  Everyone should be thanking Meadow2009 for his efforts.  Not that most didn’t know about some of the information provided, but what was amazing was the effort put forth, the extent of information, and the straightforward presentation of such.

So… it seems Mr. Samblis had taken all he could take and decided to respond last night.  The post, although deleted by Investors Hub, we suspect because it contained what appeared to be personal information, is displayed below. (click to enlarge) [and BTW… who ever re-posted this personal information on another board, should remove it.]

Bzippy_Deflection1Now… notice the response.  In light of the voluminous amount of information posted by Meadow2009 over the past several weeks… did Mr. Samblis respond to even 1 piece of information put into question by Meadow2009?  Meadow2009 probably posted over 50 pieces of information that needed to be addressed by Mr. Samblis… and although Mr. Samblis found the time to reply, and engage in a “shoot the messenger” type response… he couldn’t find the time to address any, not even 1, of the issues raised by Meadow2009.

And, not only does Mr. Samblis make attempts to disparage Meadow2009, he then concludes the post with what Mr. Samblis thinks is Meadow2009 personal home phone number.  Now the phone number may be valid, may not be valid, that is not the point.  The point is… Mr. Samblis, in true form, attempts to divert the reader away from the real issues by attempting to shoot the messenger.  Mr. Samblis, it appears, would rather spend time and resources attacking his critics, instead of addressing the issues, and or, resolving the situation that caused the controversy in the first place.  Apparently, those that would “dare” to post unflattering information, revealing Mr. Samblis and his shortcomings, are then subjected to ridicule, disrespect, and threatened with legal action.  Some would call this “thug” mentality.  Apparently Mr. Samblis thinks that by shooting the messenger, it diminishes the information’s value and readers/investors will think less of it and/or forget about it.

Here is a post we did on the subject a short time ago, and below is an excerpt from that post.  It appears Mr. Samblis hit ALL 4 tactics in how to spot those that intend to deceive.

Excerpt_AdvoidenceNotice also in the post by Mr. Samblis, his reference to blaming others for the disaster of the IC Places and PunchTV merger.  Here is a question for you Mr. Samblis… have you EVER accepted responsibility for anything that went wrong with one of your decisions?  The merger/purchase was YOUR decision, right?  YOU had the final say on consummating the deal or walking away, right?  YOU authorized the expenditure of the investor funds, right?  Because you appear to be saying the PunchTV purchase was someone else’s fault.  As CEO doesn’t the buck stop with YOU ???

And lastly… isn’t it true irony when Bzippy gets frustrated when he thinks someone appears to use a bogus alias !   WOW… now who would do that ???  Maybe HollywoodFastLane, mighttrade, zurich, or dotd could answer that !

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