China deal – another disappointment!

Yes folks… apparently the China deal is off the table !  This was one of the most hyped achievements ever presented by Mr. Steve Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media.  See the press release here.  Now, investors learn about the failed deal in an off the cuff post on Investors Hub.  See the post below.


Really… the CEO decides to release this news in a Private Message to a poster on a message board.  After all the hype, investors need to find out about it in a thinly worded message board re-post, that some could characterize as an inadvertent disclosure, given that the CEO disclosed the information in a Private Message to a single poster.  This action is way beyond insulting to investors, and some may question its legality.  Given the previous promotional effort surrounding this initiative… to have the information only provided to 1 investor, in a Private Message, leaves all other investors to question what other insider information is being provided outside of the general investor’s knowledge.

Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media and/or VU Television Network has been asked about the China deal countless times since the initial announcement, and there was little (if any) pertinent information provided.  The questions about the China deal recently, simply went unanswered, only to say information would be released when appropriate.  Well… when would it have been appropriate to release the news the deal fell through ???  Likely never we suspect.   Seems that Mr. Samblis is quick to release good news to all investors, however apparently you need to be on the insider list to get the important news… the kind of news investors need when they are making investment decisions.

And Mr. Samblis wonders (perhaps, although likely not) why investors feel (and post) that he has no creditability.  This news, and the method in which general investor’s learned of it… is just shameful.  Its likely that if this company had a real Board of Directors… Mr. Samblis would likely been shown the door long ago.


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