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Folks… we did a little research on one of the recent posters on Investors Hub, who has several recent posts promoting Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of Imagination TV (IMTV).  The poster gives the appearance of a personal poster, however according to our research, the poster appears to be a professional promoter.  By professional we mean this poster appears to make money from trading stocks he/she promotes and/or bashes.  I.e. it appears to be a for-profit business endeavor.  (Google is indeed your friend !)

Take a look at the below graphic, captured from the website of what we believe is  the above referenced poster’s website:  (click to enlarge):


This is about the funniest thing we have ever seen.  This poster is promoting IMTV as a great buy within the message board post, yet their website has the above when visited.  It would appear from the graphic they post, that they are indicating the stock is in a severe decline, yet they go on a message board and promote buying the stock as a great buy.  Also notice the message box at the lower-right.  The highlighted sections states “… our specialist have done extensive due diligence…”.  Really ?  “Extensive ?   Even 2-minutes on Google would provide enough documented information to tell a prospective investor that this company is a huge risk based on it’s previous history and performance.  ALL indications are that you will likely lose your investment, as numerous others already have.

Also… here is another excerpt from their disclosures/disclaimer page (again, click to enlarge):


Notice the highlighted section which states: “…Beware that Internet posters, not only on the original message board where this disclaimer was discovered, but other message boards not limited to the originating website may be increasing or decreasing their share positions in a security regardless of what they are posting and/or may be compensated in some way from a company or 3rd party investor in the company mentioned in the post.”  Translated that means… don’t believe a word we post on a message board because we could be flat-out lying to you in order to line our own wallets.

So… bottom line is, it is VERY likely that the new posters you currently see on the message boards, posting extremely favorable information about IMTV, and Mr. Steven Samblis, are doing so to make a buck.  AND… there is a high likelihood they are being paid to do so.  Putting it another way…  it’s likely they think you are too stupid to do your own research and find out they are lying to you.

 Folks… you have seen it said many times – DO YOUR OWN DD before investing !  There are folks out there that will con you out of your hard-earned money, and some of those folks are CEO’s of companies !   There is also a high degree of probability these type of posters, attempting to mislead you into thinking they are personal posters, are being compensated by convertible loan companies like Asher.  Investing in penny stocks is risky enough, don’t be mislead into lining the pockets of folks who could care less about you.

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