Good news… Bad news…

Well… do you want the good news first, or the bad news first… lol.

OK… here is the good news… The PPS shot up 30% today !  That’s a good day any day !

The bad news… its 11:30p on the east coast and no 10-K yet.  Some investors are upset, some are frustrated, some are trying to justify it, and still others are saying its a good thing.  In fact, there is even disagreement over what the CEO meant when he said “end of the week”.  Some say today (being Friday) is the last [business] day of the week, while others argue its Saturday, and still others argue its Sunday.  Its the classic scenario of the more people you put in the room, the less chance you will have any agreement on anything.

Then there is the group that says they don’t care when the K is released as long as its good.  There is the group that thinks the CEO has strategically timed the release for maximum benefit on the PPS.   There are also those that are now boasting they have “secrete” information about what will be in the K… but of course they can’t reveal anything because its confidential.  Our question is… if its so confidential, how did THEY get the info???   AND… even if you did have confidential info, why would you show up on a message board, boast about having the info, but then say you can’t tell anyone.  Please… do everyone a favor… if you have confidential information, keep it to yourself unless you are prepared to release it.  Otherwise it has a reverse effect, in that no one envies you… everyone is angry with you for the shameful tease.  

So… we all wait for the release of the report.  Could it be released over the weekend… perhaps, but unlikely.  It looks now like its Monday or later at this point.  And also keep in mind that the stockholders meeting is scheduled for Saturday next week.  Technically Steve has until the 15th to release the K, but its highly unlikely he will release the K after the shareholder meeting.  Maybe he’s planning to release the report AT the meeting. 

Who knows… its just speculation all around on when it will be released.  But here is one thing that is not speculation… all the delay, secrecy, and false release date information is not doing anyone any good.  If the report is a great one, much of the frustration leading up to the release will be largely forgotten, however all of what has transpired leading up to the release of this report has chipped away at the creditability factor for the CEO.  You can better believe the next time he posts any information about release dates, they will likely be taken with a grain of salt.  That is a shame.  As a CEO your word should be beyond reproach.  Accomplishments come and go, but a man’s reputation can be very easily tarnished, and is the most difficult to rebuild.  

And so we wait… and we wait…. and we wait some more. 

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