Great day… up 35% !

Yes. a great day today.  PNCH up 35% on about average volume.  Investors seem to be buying, in anticipation of the impending 10-K release, as well as the shareholder and up-front meeting this Sunday.   Still no news on the release of the 10-K.  We anticipate its release before the shareholder meeting, but time is running out.  If its not out tomorrow or Wednesday, then its likely to be released Friday after market close.  However, we would not rule out its release AT the shareholder meeting.  Releasing it during the shareholder meeting would allow for maximum impact on shareholders (who attend the meeting).  I can just hear the excitement and applause from the crowd as Steve reads the highlights from the “best 10-K he’s ever worked on“.   But remember, he has till the following Monday to release it and still be compliant with the extension filed, however we feel that would be extremely unlikely.

Hopefully, a gap up tomorrow and maybe we see the PPS break through a penny again tomorrow.  Remember, it reached a high of .016 just a little over 2-weeks ago.  Hopefully this week we can break through that resistance and set a new record in this overall recovery climb back up and through the 5-cent area set last June.  A great 10-K, and some good news released during the shareholder meeting… and its a real possibility !

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