Happy Thanksgiving !


Things PNCH shareholders can be thankful for this Thanksgiving day:

  1. Mr. Samblis hasn’t taken PNCH into bankruptsy yet.
  2. Mr. Samblis hasn’t done a reverse split yet.
  3. Mr. Samblis hasn’t increased the authorized share count yet.
  4. Mr. Samblis hasn’t posted any embarrassing pictures of himself in the last few days.
  5. Mr. Samblis hasn’t posted on LieHub yet today.
  6. Mr. Samblis hasn’t made any announcements yet today of deals he will later rescind.
  7. The PPS has not moved into 4-zeros.
  8. The PPS has increased 100% from its recent lows of .0001
  9. The Outstanding Share count has not reached 4-billion yet.
  10. Major bashing of the stock has significantly reduced.  (Perhaps in accordance with Lesson #1 of the bashers handbook)

If you should know of any others, please feel free to use the comment link at the top-right of the article to add to the list.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !


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